AoS: Blightwar Spotlight: Neave Blacktalon

Nurgle is bringing the Blightwar – but the champions of Sigmar are answering the call! Meet Neave Blacktalon!

There is a new kind of Stormcast Eternal on the prowl – the Knights Zephyros and their Hero: Neave Blacktalon.

Where other Stormcast Eternals are a hammer, the Knights-Zephyros are a scalpel, pursuing the champions of Chaos with single-minded ferocity. While these warriors are assassins first and foremost, their way is not to blend with the shadows but to instead carve a bloody path to their unfortunate charges by force.

Neave Blacktalon is a mysterious figure, who speaks little of her exploits, motivated only by duty and a furious sense of justice.

As a lone warrior Neave has some pretty good abilities to go Hero-Hunting. If you’re looking for a way to assassinate those pesky back-line support characters then read-up on her Windrider ability. It pairs perfectly with a Lord-Aquilor or Wanguard-Pallador. Use those units to quickly move her across the battlefield and put the pressure on your opponent.

She has the added threat of having the Nemesis ability – each attack that targets a Hero does 2 damage instead of 1. That’s going to be an issue when she can pump out 7 attacks in one go! Oh and don’t forget her Boltstorm Pistol, either! That’s another two attacks and the Nemesis ability applies to those as well.

Neave also has the Tireless Hunter ability – you can run and shoot in the same turn. That’s going to open-up her threat range a bit and really allow her to stay back and then blaze across the board and pick off an unaware target…clever girl! Her last ability is Lightning-fast Strikes. Each time you get a 6 or more to hit with her attacks, she immediately gets another attack. Again, she has 7 attacks! On average You should get at least 1 additional swing, more if you’re lucky.

The Stormcast are set to do battle with the Forces of Nurgle, led by Horticulous Slimux, in the new Blightwar Box Set coming this weekend. Are you ready for a new kind of war in the 8 Realms?



Cover your mouth when you cough!

  • Oggthrok

    Dear GW – love it. Love the female Liberator in Shadespire too. Please, please, more female Stormcast. Don’t care if they’re single pose, or forgeworld resin. But if I could make a Stormcast army that was half male, half female, I’d actually purchase and collect a Stormcast army.

    • luke-vdv

      So the only deciding factor for your decision is if an army has some units with long hair and slender bodies? Huh…

      • Mathew G. Smith

        That’s what elves are for.

      • Oggthrok

        Not for a lot of armies – I’ve got loads of all-male Empire, Space marine, Astra Militarum, Khorne Bloodbound, World Eaters, etc. Heck, my ork army consists entirely of a unit literally called “Boyz” in the rules.

        But, through a stroke of luck, I’m actually surrounded by women. I have daughters, and spend most of my time with them and my wife.

        Traditionally, when you introduce people to Warhammer, you set them up with one of the small model count, high toughness good-guy armies, like Space Marines.

        But, when my oldest shows an interest in daddy’s miniatures, she can’t help but notice a total lack of girls. I could try to get some Sisters of Battle, but they’re wicked expensive and twenty years old.

        There are a few exceptions, like Inquisitor Greyfax in 40k, but the girl miniatures also tend to be the scantily clad sex-appeal miniatures. Which, I trust, you can understand why that would be awkward to present to your own young daughter.

        So, I love the idea of female miniatures that are integrated with the males. That way it’s not the “girls” army, but a female player is less likely to feel like this isn’t about her.

        So, yeah, I hope GW makes more of these. Female miniatures who are about hitting things with axes who actually cover their midriff are rare and wonderful things for the fathers and husbands who wish to share these things with the women in their life.

  • blair

    holy her stats are nuts, is the snails stats up yet?

    • Derek

      PDF in the store page. Was out since last week.

  • DeliciousBishop

    “Wanguard” I need to wear one of these when playing sports.

  • zeno666

    Points for effort.
    Something went horribly wrong during the transition from art to miniature though.

    • ZeeLobby

      “If she’s female her dome must be blindingly big!”

  • Cameron

    Confirmed Sigmarines aren’t marines at all, cos there’s a guuurl.

  • Ben

    Yawn…. man I miss the Old World… Characters like Vlad, Tyrion, Karl Franz, Arkhan the Black, these characters had depth, and were both heroic (in their individual ways) and tragic in their failings.. so much depth was lost.. now we have uber duper super friends! Yawn… models look nice though…

    • Mathew G. Smith

      Odd you include Vlad and Arkhan in that list. They’re great characters, but GW never really did anything with them beyond backstory until The End Times. In all seriousness, I think Arkhan has already had as many or more lore appearances in AOS than he did in the pre-end times old world.

      • Ben

        He was more interesting in the old World Series. It was more nuanced than the super duper friends of sigmar when you learn his back story and shifting motivations over his various appearances. From his rogueish first appearance; to his hunger for power under Natasha and eventual unrequited love for Neferata and then his subsequent multiple ressurections… i

        • Mathew G. Smith

          IDK, “Nagash the Undying King” is pretty good. The new world just made him slightly more sarcastic.

    • Matthew Hoag

      Nice try, but those characters we love from the world that was had decades worth of support to build their lore. Most did not even exist during the first 2 years of WFB. AoS is doing very well building the lore of the setting and characters for only 2 years work so far. Plus all of that old world lore still counts as AoS lore since it is the origin story for Sigmar, Nagash, and the other gods.

      • Ben

        Opinions are worth what you paid for it. I think that AOS fluff is shallow and is a stark shift from the grim dark I enjoyed.

  • Bran D

    So…Knee-Ah-Vay? Would that be the correct pronunciation?