Chaos Legionary Maces – WHACK

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Kromlech has some devastating new maces to add just a little more chaos to the battlefield.

Kromlech has some daemonic maces in their arsenal, and you can add them to yours. These maces would look at home in a fantasy or sci-fi type game, and feature a few different varieties including flanged maces and grinning demonic skull heads. They’re scaled to 28mm, like everything else these days, so if you’re looking for some unique weapons bits, here’s a great start for all your savage evil mace needs.

Chaos Legionary Maces 6,99 €

This set contains three highest quality resin Chaos Legionary Maces (1 of each design) for use with 28mm heroic scale miniatures.

~What minis would these look great on?

  • piglette

    No Mace of Molag Bal!?