Geekery: What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?

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Here comes the Sun, and I say it’s alright. Depending.

Ah, the Sun. That massive radiant orb that looms over our everyday lives like a silent, judging doom that both warms our planet enabling life, but also would kill us if it had the chance.

And yet, in spite of its best efforts (and ours too, if we’re being objective) humanity continues its slow ascension of the Kardaschev scale. Which means that we’ll need to understand questions like those posed in the video below.

And while there is one result that is “exactly what you’d expect,” the whole thing is a pretty cool look at the different layers of the sun and their effects on our world. Check it out!

  • Bran D

    That was pretty cool

  • dave long island

    The video makes mention of a ‘white dwarf’, so no one need question it’s relevance here.. lol

  • Iconoc1ast

    Kurzgesagt is one of my favourite YT channels…

    • petrow84

      And my new one too. Went to see video about sun, now trying to understand human genome research results 😀

      • Iconoc1ast

        The crispr video is awesome!

        Watch the vacuum decay one… scary…..

        • petrow84

          did it, worrying less about inaccuracies in my tax report 🙂