FFG: Runewars: Outland Scouts Expansion Announced

The Outland Scouts are coming to Runewars. Come take a look at the vital intel these forces bring to the tabletop!

via Fantasy Flight Games

As dangers grow in the East, the lords of Terrinoth’s baronies must call in their forces from even the most distant villages. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release the Outland Scouts Unit Expansion for the Daqan of Runewars Miniatures Game!!

These soldiers don’t come from the fancy castle halls of the Daqan Lords, no they are from distant villages from the back country. Still, they play a vital role in defending the realm! These brave folk are risen up in time of need to do their part against the evil forces of the Waiqar!

They are made up of loose bands of soldiers who work fairly independently. That is reflected in their special ability: Scout. This allows them to setup after all the other forces have setup – perhaps they were waiting in ambush…or they might have just been late to the fight!

The Outland Scouts also rely on surges for their attacks to be effective. Luckily, with two blue dice, they have decent odds at getting the prerequisite 2 surges to gain a bonus hit! They also fight in smaller sizes than more “standard” troops with only options for 2, 4, or 6 stands of troopers. That keeps them light and mobile, just the way they like it.

Their dial makes them fairly hardy in a fight. Their Green shift one and rally options means they can ditch bane markers. That makes them tough for undead units like the Reanimate Archers or even the Carrion Lancers to pin down with blight attacks. Initiative wise, they tend to favor towards the early to mid timing, with 3, 4s’ and 6 but can go late with that 7. That should keep the enemy guessing as to when they are going to move.

Outland Scouts also have a couple of buffs they bring to the table as well. They have the ability to inspire nearby friendly troops. Know Your Enemy allows a player to spend one inspiration token to get a reroll during a melee. Plus, the attached unit can take an inspiration token as a unique action surge, too!

Forged in Battle allows for some later game hi-jinks. On round 4 and after they gain Precise 1, and on round 6 and after, they gain Brutal 1. The longer these units stick around, the meaner they get!

The Outland Scouts Unit Expansion is slated for a Q4 release in 2017 – keep an eye out for these reinforcements on the horizon!

Outland Scouts Unit Expansion $24.95


Hailing from the furthest outskirts of Terrinoth, the Outland Scouts defend villages from the dangers that lurk beyond the edges of the baronies. Now, as the Daqan lords call their banners, these determined troops take to the battlefield to inspire the armies of Terrinoth!

The Outland Scouts Unit Expansion includes eight figurines and two Plastic Infantry Trays to house them, as well as a collection of tokens and five available upgrade cards to strengthen your Daqan forces.


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  • marxlives

    Glad to see this game still gets releases. Has anyone played this AND KoW to offer an opinion on how they compare?

    • ZeeLobby

      I tried out KoW for a bit when fantasy bit the dust. It was pretty good, but I really didn’t like the units are really just a giant unit approach. RW on the other hand I’ve played several games of the starter with, and I have to say it’s the most refreshing rank and file mechanics I’ve ever experienced. Sure it’s FFG, so there’s status tokens, and runes you flip, and a deck of cards you draw randomly from, etc. But over all the game seems pretty balanced, and the units fit unique roles on the battlefield.

      My (and my groups) only hesitation so far has been the lack of factions. Once all 4 are released, I”m sure it’ll see a lot more play locally. It’s just hard to get gaming groups to buy in when there’s only 2.5 choices.

      The RW background is also rather light (though there are several other games based in the setting). That said, reading the short lore pamphlet with the starter gave me nostalgic little flash backs to picking up my first Warhammer rulebook. The writing is solid, for generic fantasy, and the factions play and are described uniquely. I just hope they add more and keep it going.

      Star Wars Legion might also cause some hiccups if RW doesn’t take off.

      (Sorry for the multiple responses and edits. Comments needed approval for some reason…)

  • euansmith

    They are quite nice looking minis.

    • ZeeLobby

      I have to say a lot of the range looks pretty good for their first stab at a fantasy tabletop game. Not that FFG isn’t a big dog, but they were easy to put together so far, and enjoyable to paint. It made me realize how much I missed painting rank and file, not overly-designed models.

      • euansmith

        Cool. How do the scale against say GW Warhammer Fantasy Battle minis?

        • ZeeLobby

          I’d say they’re a little more simplistic. I don’t want to say less detailed, cause the detail is there, but the quantity of bits is definitely reminiscent of the hand-sculpted days (a bag or two on the belt, etc.). It makes painting them fun. There’s enough room for free hand, or wet blending, etc. I found myself not doing the usually GW inking to get depth, but actually painting it on again. Was pretty cool. The golem was a blast to paint.

          Sadly with FFG and the game being new, it’s future may not be 100% certain. Their second waves (after the 4 factions are flushed out) would probably get even better with time, but who knows how dedicated they are to supporting it. A lot of people from X-Wing and other systems flocked to it (FFG fans), but they’ll be heading to legion when it drops.