Geekery: First look of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury

Call him Mr. Fahrenheit, Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Biopic on Queen.

The Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, is set to release Christmas 2018. The first images of Rami Malek as Freddie have begun to surface and he’s spot on.

Queen is one of the few bands that has gained renown worldwide. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy their musical sound, characterized most by Freddie Mercury’s iconic voice. Bryan Singer is directing this Freddie biopic which follow the years leading up to Queen’s legendary performance at the 1985 Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium.

Rami Malek will be playing Freddie. While I know Malek best as Ahkmenrah from Night at the Museum, most know him as the lead in Mr. Robot. Malek is aware of how influential Queen and how important it is to nail this role, including Freddie’s voice. “We’re going to use Freddie as much as possible and use myself as much as possible,” Malek says. “I’m in Abbey Road [Studios] right now if that should say anything to you. I’m not working on my acting.”

Malek is Mercury. Like, there’s no question about it–at the BoLS office there were no less than two doubletakes while we were pulling up pictures for this article. Definitely a good casting choice. With Hollywood level hair and makeup, it’s easy to make a spitting image of the immediately recognizable Freddie. “When you are able to open your eyes and see a different person staring back at you in the mirror, it’s a very affirming moment.”

Below is a first look of Malek in character miming along to a recorded track of the Live Aid performance and a comparison from the actual event. It shows Malek is pretty spot on with this impersonation. Because the studio is showing careful attention to detail, I’m hoping means it’ll be a great telling of Queen’s story.

I feel like my story with Queen is probably one a lot of people have. Growing up, I knew We Will Rock You from various sporting events, I knew We Are The Champions from Mighty Ducks and, of course, I knew Bohemian Rhapsody from Wayne’s World. When I grew up, I discovered more of their musical library, and came to know, love, and appreciate them even more.

Queen touches on so many different tones and feelings with their music. Cheery and fun with Bicycle Race, dark and passionate with The Show Must Go On, motivating and empowering with Can’t Stop Me Now. I’m a huge fan of Queen and I’m very excited to follow news for this biopic.

Now excuse me while I go listen to the entire Queen library loop for the next 15 months.

  • Purple-Stater

    ” It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy their musical sound, characterized most by Freddie Mercury’s iconic voice.”

    Allow me to save you some time, you can stop looking now.

    • kobalt60

      Oboy! A thread about a topic I don’t like! I can’t wait to open it and comment that I don’t like it! Nailed it!

      • Purple-Stater

        I suppose I could have put the proverbial frosting on the cake and asked what the story has to do with tabletop gaming? I didn’t want to push it though.

        • Xodis

          “Geekery” articles rarely if ever touch on actual gaming.

    • Marco Marantz

      While i believe people are entitled to their opinions and likes and dislikes, anyone who doesnt like or at least respect Queen is a philistine. Your post was unnecessary. Matt thanks for posting this info.

      • Purple-Stater

        Oh, I do respect their accomplishments. No problem there. My post is as necessary as any other on-topic opinion can be necessary.

    • Muninwing

      oh, sorry… it should be “it’s hard to find someone *with taste* who doesn’t enjoy their musical sound”

      • Purple-Stater

        Taste… is relative. It should be “with the same musical tastes as me” if you’re looking for validation.

  • Skeksis

    Should have been Sacha…

    • barry sadler

      Apparently he wanted the gritty parts to be in the film and Brian may disagreed

  • Heywood Jablowme

    I ain’t into that sort of thing, but was Mercury packing a spare mic in his pants?

  • scadugenga

    There will never be another like him.