Geekery: The Visual Effects of GoT Season 7

Game of Thrones wouldn’t be possible without the work of VFX artists – who turn parking lots into a sea full of ships.

Mackevision handled a lot of the sequences that required large armies be present and the Greyjoy armada…

Zoic Studios did a lot of the digital matte painting work – and the creepy Arya taking off Walther Frey’s face scene.

And if you really want to dig in here’s a behind the scenes of the Loot Train Attack that create a new record for number of stunt people on fire at once. Contains work from Image Engine, Iloura and Screen Scene VFX with the previs by The Third Floor. It was massive undertaking…

What was your favorite VFX shot from this season?

  • dave long island

    Ya if your story is a hot mess, then just whip some sweet visuals at em. Works pretty good, too… lol

    • wibbling

      And when the story is rather good, having superb graphics effects just brings it to life.