Goatboy’s Favorite Forgeworld Unit

Everyone has a favorite unit from Forgeworld – come take a look inside the twisted mind of Goatboy!

Goatboy here today with a quick bit of chatter on my favorite Forgeworld model/unit.  I just recently completed 3 of them for myself and have had one chance to throw down with the models.  They did most excellent! Throwing out a ton of soul burning wounds, moving fast, and even getting a chance to punch a thing or two.  In fact, it is this mixture of things that make it one of my new “go-to units” when building a Chaos Space Marine list.  The model in question is the Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought and ever since I first laid eyes on the model all those years ago I knew I would find a use for it at some point.

To give you an idea – I initially got 2 of them when they were first released.  One was given to me as a Birthday gift from good friend Nick. The other was purchased for me by my wife, then girlfriend.  I remember when we were excited to play with them during the heyday of 5th edition.  They were not very good then but… I still liked how they looked.  They were graceful, ancient-looking, and felt like they should kick a ton of butt.  Of course, during that time a single gun could randomly penetrate their “armor” and set off a nuclear reaction. I’d watch as my poor, expensive piece of resin died in the fires of gameplay.

This meant I only built one of those guys. I did converted it to have a Butcher Cannon! I also added some horns to its chest, and a buzzsaw arm because I obviously have a condition that demands more chaotic cowbell.  The few games I played it in showed me that while it was neat model – it wasn’t something I needed to bring out.  You could say I was much more competitive during that time frame… It wasn’t some “counts as piece of nonsense” that would “fly” in my mean list.

Fast forward to a few years of getting battered and being a part of “the Deathstar problem” in 6th/7th. Now you’ve got a newer Goatboy who is looking for more “interesting” models to try and ply my butt-kicking skillz with. This brings me to now, trying to find an interesting, powerful, and overall decent choice for my burgeoning Chaos Space Marine fleet.

Word Bearers Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought Probably the closest “Hellforged” Contemptor currently available

The new Helforged Contemptor is similar to the good guy version – it moves 9″, hits on 2+’s, has an Invulnerable save and seems pretty decent in combat.  The Forge World FAQ gave it the Helbrute keyword. That means just like the good guy version, it does benefit from Legion Tactics.  It has a ton of weapons that have “Death” and other evil words attached to it.  The Hellforged Contemptor even gains wounds back if it causes wounds in combat/shooting – so it can somewhat take care of itself.

Overall it is an expensive toy that does a few things pretty well.  The Hellforged Contemptor does have one of the more interesting gun options in the game right now – the Soul Burner.  If you don’t have the book to look at – it is a 24″ Assault D3 weapon that for every hit causes a Mortal wound.  It replaces the Combi-Bolter on the Deathfist.  This is pretty dang awesome as it doesn’t remove any combat viability from the Contemptor and still gives it one of the best “problem” solver type guns in the game.  And it hits on a  2+ which is something pretty dang good, especially with a friendly Legion Daemon Prince flying around.

The Hellforged Contemptor is a good answer to things and while it is a bit expensive it doesn’t feel completely “broken”.  Sure, Mortal Wounds are good at killing elite options – but when your 240+ point zombie robot is shooting at a brimstone horror or a conscript.. it’s going to take a lot to earn those points back.  I look at them as extra Daemon Princes that don’t need Smite to be effective.  Plus, it lets me play with giant murderous zombie robots.  Here are the ones I worked on myself – with the twin to the initial one purchased being used, abused, and converted to the will of the Goat.

This is the initial one based of the original Contemptor body.  This Resin is like 8 years old and while different from the other, newer kits that are plastic – it has its own charm.  It is pretty interesting in that the legs seem to be not as wide.  The arms are of course Helbrute arms. I think it looks cool with glowing bits –  to look more Soul Burner-like.  The chest piece is an extra bit in a Bloodthirster kit. Well, extra if you didn’t want to make the Bloodthirster all heavily armored.  The same goes for the head.

This is the initial one based off the Plastic kit.  The double fists from the Helbrute and make him look bro-like with the whole – “You talking to me” vibe. I normally use them in a Renegades army so they normally move, advance, shoot and charge. It helps explain the whole “come at more bro” posture in my head.

With this one I had more run out of Bloodthirster armor chest pieces… so I went with the whole “way too much skull” action.  He is very dedicated to Khorne in this set up with the Juggernaut shoulder pads, the “loin cloth” from some other Khorne kit, and a major “Skulls for the Skull Throne” vibe.

Putting it All Together

Currently the list I am goofing around with has 3 of these guys, 3 Daemon Princes, Huron, Exalted/Dark Apostle, 16+ Berserkers, and some Cultists to round out the Battalion – with Friends.  It feels pretty fun, is super aggressive, and should be able to handle most stuff.  This army is on the list of stuff to bring to an event in two weeks, so who knows!?  But hey that is my current favorite unit/model from Forge World.


What is your favorite mode/unit – it doesn’t have to be FW! Let us know in the comments below!

  • World eater

    Anngrath the unbound (best cc character in the game)

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Personally, it’s a 3-way tie between Renegade Ogryn Packmasters, Hellwrights on Dark Abeyant, and Nurgle Toad Daemons. Corbax is also an auto-include in any list that plans to summon. BTW: Machina Malefica only works in the Fight Phase.

  • Valeli

    Me? Phantom and Warlord. Both are pretty awe-inspiring.

    I’d buy neither (see cash, better uses), but they blow me away 100+ times over what I get from the other neat customization models.

  • Diagoras

    The Osiron Pattern Contemptor and the Iron Circle are my favorite Forgeworld models.

    Both of which I would enjoy 40k variants of.

  • Sleeplessknight

    The now out of production Kroot bird. It’s got no rules but it’s so cute!

  • Fergie0044

    Got to be the 30k Mechanicum Scyllax Guardian-automata. Just everything I think an ad-mech unit should look like. Currently planning on kit-bashing something similar for my infiltrators.

  • Rainthezangoose

    I just love the renegade and heretics command squad, or the Death death korps of krieg, any death korps model.
    ♫ If i was a rich man ♫

  • Krizzab

    shadow specters and their phoenix lord.

  • Marco Marantz

    The contemptor is good but its not the most effective use of points. Its machina malifca rule is only good if you’ve decked it out as a melee type. There are better options if you want to spew out mortal wounds (which is cool but exploitable). With the droids in IA:Chaos it depends on what you want to do. Blood Slaughterers are excellent vs infantry but also decent against vehicles. The good ol’ Helbrute with a fist and scourge is the best by the numbers.

  • Justin Pettett

    Decimator siege engines with 2 soul burner petards each will just laugh at these and they’re cheaper too.

  • Marcet

    Doesn’t the Machina Malifica ability only go off from melee attacks?

    I do use my hellforged contemptor a lot as it’s pretty strong when it makes it to the enemy lines.

  • LankTank

    Plague hulk! Pricey but almost unkillable, especially with a healing herald nearby