Grymkin: The Wanderer is Tricksy

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We check out “The Wanderer” the all new Grymkin Warlock.

Grymkin have been out for a bit now and today we are looking at their warlock “The Wanderer”.  The Wanderer is all about getting his forces to targets.  He has defensive spells that can be used to cover the advance of his forces.  He can debuff the enemy or remove buffs so that when your models get there they have a fighting chance.  If you like a tricksy caster that can do out of the box kind of strats then The Wanderer is the warlock for you.

The Wanderer Toolkit:

The Wanderer places 3 markers around him during his turn.  They do multiple things.  They work with his Trump Arcana, they can move your models, and they look cool.

He can cast an animus from his battlegroup for free.  This is useful since there are some good ones like Lurker, Wraithbane, and Elusive.

The Wanderer’s gun is a lantern that literally lights up the enemy.  Models can charge a model hit with increased speed and they can hit it easier due to Flare!

Fog of War: Concealment for his army

Repudiate: Enemy upkeep removal!

Star-Crossed:  While there isn’t a lot of high defense models in Grymkin this spell can still wreck even some of the best plans.

Veil of Mist: Cloud that gives pathfinder!


The Wanderer Trump:

All Grymkin warlocks have a trump card and the Wanderer’s is extra shifty called the “Divergent Path”.  As soon as you damage the Wanderer he can transfer for free and be placed on one of his roadmarkers.  This is pretty strong since it can get him to relatively safety from most melee assassinations.

A List Build for a Wanderer:

This list uses a swarm of infantry to overwhelm the enemy while the Skin and Moans stay back waiting to mop up anything left alive.  The Wanderer can debuff the enemy with his gun giving increased threat range to targets.  While casting starcrossed will deter the enemy from doing anything really effective in melee.

Grymkin Army – 74 / 75 points
[Theme] Bump in the Night

!!! Your army contains a pre-release entry.

(Wanderer 1) The Wanderer [+28]
– Crabbits (2) [7]
– Skin & Moans [15]
– Skin & Moans [15]
Lord Longfellow [0(6)]
Trapperkin [0(3)]
Dread Rots (max) [12]
Dread Rots (max) [12]
Dread Rots (max) [12]
Hollowmen (max) [13]
– Lantern Man [0(3)]
Hollowmen (max) [13]
– Lantern Man [3]


Fighting VS The Wanderer:

Be sure to remember the Wanderer can remove your upkeeps with Repudiate and can remove stealth with his 10 Spray gun.  He can be tricky to kill , but if you can remove his roadmarkers by stepping on them you should be able to have a decent shot of killing him outside starcross preventing it.


~Tell us what you think of the new Grymkin warlock in the comments below.

  • Kevin Maloney
    • JN7

      In my head for days when I first saw him.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    “and they look cool.”
    do they?

  • BrassWitch

    I really….don’t understand this faction.

    • UnpluggedBeta

      I’ll bite; why is that?

      • BrassWitch

        It just seems strange to me, you have all these nightmarish creatures going around, but then you have rather tame and normal-looking humans too. It feels like they don’t match too much.

  • Damon Sherman

    He sounds fun. Looks like the army box is pretty much how you build most of your forces. Which is both convenient and boring.
    Eh, the joys of a limited faction.

  • JN7

    Neigh Slayers are super good with him. I wouldn’t run Bump without them.

  • UnpluggedBeta

    That model looks a lot better than I thought it would.