GW: Toy Story: The Paint App

The Games Workshop Paint App will take you to infinity and beyond…

In this video Games Workshop captures something that we all know happens when we aren’t around to see it. Unlike the mystery of the refrigerator light or a tree falling in the woods with no one around, now we know what really happens when we leave our miniatures alone:

I knew it wasn’t the cat messing with the things in my hobby room! I knew it the whole time!

Anyhow, if you aren’t aware Games Workshop is coming out with a Paint App that will be free to download on September 16th. If you want check out some of the actual functionality of the app you can check out a demo video as well:

Key Features:

  • Paint-by-Miniatures Guide
  • Step-by-step Painting Guides
  • Techniques and vidoes
  • Inventory and Wish-list tracker
  • Color Picker

The color picker might be the most important feature in my opinion. Not only will it allow you to choose what “type” of red/blue/green you’re going for, but it will show you which paints you need to get the best results. On top of that it can also assist you with choosing colors based off older models/paint jobs and even real-world objects!

The Citadel Paint App launches on September 16th – if you’re looking to keep your models inline and free from arguing about paint schemes then be sure to download this one – it’s FREE!


It’s free and useful? I’m making a note on my calendar right now. Also, adding a note to install a security camera in my hobby room…

  • rtheom

    Best part of this is definitely going to be the inventory tracker. So tired of discovering 4 Mechanicum Standard Grays burried at the bottom of my paint bin. :p

    • Gregorree

      So. Many. Nuln Oils… (before the big containers)

    • piglette

      I just found an unopened Wazdakka red, right after I bought one. WHOOPS

      • Rainthezangoose

        story of my life.

        • Khelban Blackstaff

          How’s this for old I am. I found 1990 something Glistening Green, and Amethyst Purple hidden like gems in my paint drawer. Wonder if I can track that in the inventory? Lol!

    • GrenAcid

      So true it pains me. Last week I went for some washes without checkin, got home, discovered I had half of the stuff I brought already. I have 3h drive to my paint shop, one way.

  • SilentPony

    …well Pixar needs a new hit movie…

  • euansmith

    Does it have an audio function reminding us to use “two thin coats” and exhorting us to “wet our tip”?

    • Jordan Holt

      He said tip…

      >Bevis and Butthead sniggering<

  • Vepr

    Looking forward to this app. I told my wife I wanted to be cremated and she said she was going to make a funeral pyre for me out of little paint bottles and plastic figurines. She said if I bring home anymore paint she will not wait for me to pass away…

  • Thomas

    Toy Story 40,000, the new hit movie from Pixar featuring Danny Devito as Duncan Rhodes, Gilbert Gottfried as Commissar Horst and Tom Hanks as Poxwalker #5619!

  • eMtoN

    Can’t wait.

    Funny thing, a couple weeks ago I went to the store to pick up Ahriman blue. The store was out and I was a little bitchy about it because I needed it for the Magnus model. Two days later one of my kids decided to pull all my paints out from my paint bag. As I was putting them up I noticed that I already had an unopened bottle of Ahriman Blue…. and about 10 duplicates of other paints.

    An inventory tracker is absolutely needed