Lustria LIVES: Total War Warhammer 2 Mazdamundi Gameplay

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Watch Mazdamundi and the lizardmen defend a choke point in Total War: Warhammer 2.

In this game play preview, the team at Creative Assembly show off Lord Mazdamundi and his army from the city of the sun. Featured in this video are the stealthy Chameleon Skinks, the heavily armored Temple Guard, and the destructive Kroxigors. These units rank up in a choke point battle, which is available in both the main game and in custom maps.

As you might expect, the choke point scenario revolves around a hotly contested choke point where massive armies clash in close quarters.

You can see how deployment, target prioritization, flanking, and other concepts from the tabletop translate over to the video game. All are in play, and necessary for the Lizardmen to hold their ground against the numberless hordes of the Skaven. It’s neat to see how the game brings character to the little moments in the game. Things like the frenetic shuffling of the rats, or the stoic gait of the Saurus warriors with shields really add to that sense of immersion in the game.

Today we join Mazdamundi. Defending the Amaxon Plain in a chokepoint battle on the Eastern Coasts of Lustria against a Warlord and his Skaven hordes.

Ever since the arrival of the rat-spawn in Lustria, the Lizardmen have vowed to wipe this race and their foul presence from the face of the new world.

On the Skaven side of things, the we see some Warp Lightning Cannons, Rat Ogres, and A Hellpit Abomination in action. Disgustingly effective.

At anybrate, you can catch a glimpse of more game play from Creative Assembly, including a sample of what campaign play will look like, as well as demos of the other major factions: High Elves, Dark Elves, and Skaven.

The game releases soon, so get ready to dive in! What faction will you play?

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    That thumbnail looks like its from a new FNaF game

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  • Rob brown

    Can’t wait for this game. The first was amazing and perfectly captured my idea of empire building in Warhammer’s Old World. Great to see the setting come to life after being ditched by GW. ironic that other companies have so much more respect for the IP than GW did.