Meet the Biologus Putrifier: 40K’s MASTER of Grenades

The Death Guard RULE grenades in 40K. Meet the man who makes it all possible.

Today we are talking to talk about the miniature and the rules combo that will get everyone quaking in their boots, from Imperial guard Conscripts all the way up to Knights.

Today we are talking about the undisputed MASTER OF GRENADES – the Biologus Putrifier.

What is the Biologus Putrifier

So what are we talking about, and why is this guy so important? On first glance, the Putrifier doesn’t look so hot.

Stat-wise – he’s nothing to write home about.  He’s a standard 4W Elite support character, like the Tallyman, or a Marine LT. Why you are really taking him is his Blight Racks special rule. This makes the Blight Grenades of any Death guard units within 3″ +1S, +1D. His own weapons aren’t particularly dangerous, aside from his Hyper Blight Grenade which he apparently likes to hand out to his buddies. Then note that the Grenade attacks by his buddies also get a bonus Mortal Wound on a to-wound roll of 6. Neat, but still nothing to write home about.


Meet the Grenadestorm

Now that you know what the Biologus can do – let’s put it all together…

First we are going to place him right behind, of bubble wrapped by a large squad of Plague Marines. Let’s say 20 of them.

These guys are going to do whatever it takes to get within 6″ of a target. This is easier than you think in 8th by advancing early game, then moving up, while rapid firing, then finally getting in grenade range. Also remember to keep this squad under the Cloud of Flies stratagem early game to keep them alive.

Now you got them within 6″ of the badguys – you will spend 2 command points on these two stratagems:

Now let’s think about what this does:

  • This is 20d6 Blight Grenade attacks!
  • These Grenades are: S4, AP -, D2, Plague Weapon (rerolls 1’s to wound)
  • These Grenades hit on a 3+
  • These Grenades do a BONUS Mortal Wound on top of everything else on each To-wound roll of 6 (THANK YOU Biologus Putrifier)
  • You get a +1 on the To-Wound rolls due to Veterans of the Long War. (so effectively 5,6s on your to-wound rolls, trigger the bonus Mortal Wounds)


We have seen it go off in a couple of our TWITCH Death Guard games with beat up, whittled down Plague Marine squads – and it was still amazing.  In one game only 7 marines throwing grenades with the full combo took down a fully intact Redemptor Dread in one shooting phase.  In another, a giant squad of Termagants under Venomthrope protection was almost wiped out.  This attack in extreme cases can take down an intact Impeiral Knight.

So be ready for it and expect it. Grenades have generally been ignored by most armies in the game, but watch out, because the Death Guard are a whole different animal and the Biologus Putrifier is a nasty piece of business. Just as Grandfather Nurgle demands.

~What do you guys think of the guy?


  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    And it’s an Elite Character, so you can have your summoning and CPs too. DG is now set to be a Strictly Better Summoning Chapter simply by virtue of having more Characters to throw down without going full Chaos Soup.

    • Countdiscount

      I think the Plague Pact Strategem is going to make DG the only army so far, that can utilize summoning reliably.

  • Will Evans

    Keep in mind that Blight Bombardment only works for firing overwatch.

    Also, in matched play, you won’t be able to use both stratagems at the same time.

    • Antonello Ceci

      no, dude. I was also mistaken…. It says shoots OR fires overwatch…

    • rtheom

      Antonello is right. It’s written very poorly and seems to suggest it’s only Overwatch based on the sentence structure, but it makes no logical sense to say “shoots or fires Overwatch” because the two words mean the same thing. They should really start capitalizing/italicizing game terms, so that it says “You can use this Stratagem just before a friendly Death Guard unit Shoots or fires Overwatch;”

      • Luca Lacchini

        Even just a simple comma will do. But capitalizing to mark different phases/actions would be best, I agree.

      • wibbling

        Eh? That’s just desperate. The rule is quite clear. When the unit shoots or fires overwatch. Shooting referring to the shooting phase, overwatch to, well, obviously overwatch, as distinct from shooting.

        • ZeeLobby

          Well of course. In the world of wibbling were all just simpletons begging for a suckle at the flawless rules writing that is GW’ teet.

          • Fergie0044

            I got to say I actually agree with wibbling – I don’t see the confusion here at all.

            They could have just left it as s’unit shoots’ since that technically includes overwatch but they decided to make it clear.

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh. I agree its not that hard either, I’m just not going to pull a wibbling and berate people because they’d like the rule to be clearer. It’s one thing to think the rule is fine as written. It’s another to be a jerk about it. Personally I think rtheom’s suggestion is a good one. The whole “desperate” comment wasn’t really necessary.

          • Randy Randalman

            Well, the alternative is always berating GW because of perfectly clear writing that they want to twist to mean something else.

            Have you read the FAQ’s? 95% of the questions are people trying to over complicate and twist an otherwise clear rule to mean something else. They aren’t even about vague or missing rules.

          • ZeeLobby

            I’ve read the FAQs, and again, have no issue understanding the rules. I still don’t feel the need to insult people who don’t see them as being as clear as they could be. I would never insult anyone for wanting clearer rules, or a better system to understanding them.

            But it also doesn’t shock me that you replied, lol.

          • Fergie0044

            Ah right – my apologies then.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. No worries. It just gets old, and it’s all he does really. Gives fans of GW a bad name.

          • rtheom

            It largely depends upon how you read the sentence. If you approach it from a strictly technical standpoint, then no, it works fine. If you, however, attempt to read it with a more casual mindset, you may assume that “shoot or fire” is a redundant statement, but a common way of speaking for many people.

            I am simply saying that it would be easy for them to make all of their rules exceptionally clear, if they would just use common editing techniques. Likewise, enough other games use common editing conventions, like bold terms and italics that I am naturally inclined to read text with those conventions as rules, and text without those in a more casual fashion.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Agreed. There is nothing unclear about the structure of that sentence. No extra punctuation or formatting is needed.

    • PiotrekEtoo

      In matched play you can’t use the same strategem twice a phase, so you will be able to use them both at the same time. It doesn’t state you can use only one strategem overall.

  • onno ackema

    Where does it say the plaguemarines get d6 attacks per grenade? It appears they only get an extra S and damage per grenade plus extra mortal wounds. I dont see a mention of increasing number of attacks… Is it in the regular plagemarines entry?

  • Heinz Fiction

    With 6″ range it’s highly unlikely that all models of a unit of 20 (or even 10) will be in range for pure spatial reasons. I consider this as a rather situational gimmick.

    • Grandfathernurglescleanbrother

      Agreed, I’m more excited about combining walking pox and cloud of flies on a pox walker unit hiding behind a blob or two of cultists.

    • mrbleak

      Yeah, it is Gimmicky but the concept of driving up 3 rhinos droping out to move into range and just lobbing 30d6 graned at a bunch of units seems pretty fun.

    • DoctorBored

      It’s easier than you’d think, and because of split-firing rules, if you’re doing what you can to advance early game, even getting only 10 guys in range will still be 10d6 grenades coming your way. 60 chances to roll 5’s and 6’s for those mortal wounds ON TOP OF the damage that they do normally (and whatever wounds do go through are 2 damage a piece).

      Even with only 5 guys, you can knock out otherwise scary units with incredible ease.

    • LankTank

      Storm Eagle! 19 Plague Marines and Cpt Coolaid right up in their face.
      I mean it is about 800 pts but at least it’s 800 pts to fly up, absolutely devastate their most important unit then have 20 plague marines dancing right up there.

  • mrbleak

    why 20? with 9 Plague marines , this combo and mortarion´s auras you do 8 mortal wounds + 22 on marines, but still 8 mortal wounds on something like Swarmlord. don´t see why you would need 1 megablob, it´s just overkill and points wasted

  • ZeeLobby

    “Sigh… What is brother Plagasaurus wearing on his back?”

  • OctopusVolcano

    Eh. I appreciate this is a DG thing/tool to look out for, quite a faff to actually set up though. Yesterdays mars strategm for admech is arguably a more dangerous consideration: Allows any unit to do the same thing with any ranged weapon, albeit only on 6s, for the same number of cp but with zero setup.

    • banana raccoon

      It’s not really that hard to set up, Plague Marines in a Rhino or any Warptime shenanigans lets you push it on offense. Also the Mars stratagem is the same, but you’re almost always worst off wounding, and will usually get fewer shots than a bunch of Death Guard will. Watch some of the BatReps, it’s not a tactic that happens every turn, but it is something to have in your pocket and is absolutely absurd when you do pull it off.

  • LordKrungharr

    Kharybdis and a little Warptime would really make this almost a certain success.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    I like the idea of simply running forward with several Biologus Putrifers (would 7 be too much?) and letting them explode! Certainly not the best or cost effective way to use him, but, nonetheless, very funny!

  • Thrawn

    Am I mistaken, or can you not use two Strategems (or you cannot use CP twice) in the same phase?

    • DoctorBored

      Can’t use the same stratagem twice. Because it’s two different stratagems, you’re fine.

    • FCBullsht

      You cannot use the SAME stratagem TWICE within a single phase!

  • FCBullsht

    This sounds so great!
    For the very low investment of about 500 points
    and 2 command points you can nearly eradicate a whole squad of

    Some people might claim that you have to get within
    6″ with a unit that has neither a speedy transport and is f*cking slow
    on its own with a 5″ movement but what do they know… die conscripts die!

    • DoctorBored

      Combined with plenty of other things in the army, they’ll get there eventually. Armies that have blobs of Conscripts wont be able to deploy back far enough to avoid this if you’re advancing every turn. And with the other 3/4ths of your army, you’ll be doing lots of damage. Plus, those Plague Marines should still be able to fire their bolters and other weapons up until they get into range, which is excellent.

      Screen with poxwalkers and there really should be no reason you can’t get in with these guys.

      • FCBullsht

        Exactly, because expensive elite armies just rule supreme in the current meta and while poor conscripts just die and lose every game

        • mrbleak

          looks like somebody needs to stop being friends with a bunch of WAAC players and start having fun ;D

          • FCBullsht

            exactly, because it is the players fault who play by the rules and not the rules fault, that are just imbalanced as hell

          • mrbleak

            any and all competitive games will always have balancing issues. Some companies balance worse and other better but META exists in every system and game. You are not forced to play the most broken thing until it get´s changed, you can play things for fun. If you ONLY play meta you are by definition “Win At All Costs” that´s not a bad thing but it is monotonous and boring.
            Your statement is as misinformed and underthought as saying that you can only play 10 champions in League of legends cause they are unbalanced compared to the other 130 (or how many there are now)

      • Thomas Jackson

        and with the new melee weapons they can get, actually a decent threat in melee to either tarpits or tough single model units.

    • pokemastercube .

      forge world have the flying transports they can use

  • marxlives

    “This is easier than you think in 8th by advancing early game, then moving up, while rapid firing,” yep turn 1 wins off of the initiative roll is not broken…its advanced. Embrace the pain I guess.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Another Rumor Engine riddle resolved.

  • LankTank

    Anyone know how this model is being released?
    The Surgeon and Tallyman are obviously a one multipart kit but the position of the body for Cpt Coolaid and Stink fist don’t match. I was wondering if it would be a box with 3 of them, making either the Surgeon or the Tallyman. and then getting the other 2