Next Week’s 40K – AoS Prices & Products CONFIRMED


This week more Death Guard arrive with a helping of the Age of Sigmar. Get your wallet ready for a glorious month!

Here’s what’s headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:

Week 3 of the Death Guard and a Campaign supplement for Age of Sigmar players looking for a narrative setting.

Warhammer 40,000

Death Guard Blightlord Terminators £35 $60


Death Guard Foul Blightspawn £15 $25

Death Guard Typhus – Herald of Plague £25 $40


Age of Sigmar

Season of War – Firestorm £35 $65

Age of Sigmar: Anvilgard $170

Age of Sigmar: Hammerhal $170

Age of Sigmar: Tempest’s Eye $170

Black Library

Cadia Stands (Paperback) £18 $27

Under almost constant besiegement by the hosts pouring from the Eye of Terror, Cadia acts as a bulwark against tyranny and death. Its fortresses and armies have held back the hordes of Chaos for centuries, but that grim defiance is about to reach its end. As Abaddon’s Thirteenth Black Crusade batters Cadia’s defences, and armies of the Imperium flock to reinforce this crucial world, a terrible ritual long n the making comes to fruition and the delicate balance of this brutal war shifts… From the darkness, a hero rises to lead the beleaguered defenders, Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed, but even with the armoured might of the Astra Militarum and the strength of the Adeptus Astartes, will it be enough to avert disaster and prevent the fall of Cadia? While Creed lives, there is hope. While there is breath in the body of a single defender, Cadia stands… but for how much longer?

Written by Justin D Hill


Blackshields: The False War (audiobook) £12 $17.50

Renouncing fealty to all masters or driven mad by the rigours of war, the Blackshields are a stain upon any Legion they once served. Regarded as little better than pirates, their loyalty is only to themselves. Infamous among their mercenary ranks is Endryd Haar, a former World Eater, driven by hatred, his blade pledged to no banner but his own. But estranged from his Legion and surrounded by a battered warband of warriors, how long can Haar and his Blackshields hope to endure?

Written by Josh Reynolds

~What are you picking up?

  • RocketScience80

    Just release them Plaguemarines already! Sigh…

    • Godlir

      Dem tanks doh..

      • RocketScience80

        And Tankses… yessss…

  • AEZ

    So those boxes do they give discount or not?

    • Luca Lacchini

      Doing some very approximate evaluation, about 33%-34% discount (Anvilgard box).

  • Shendu

    around 50 dollar us discount for the boxes

  • ZeeLobby

    All these “character” models has gotten pretty ridiculous. Can’t understand why they aren’t just regular death guard or upgrades for a unit. (Well I’m sure the $25 price per model has something to do with it, but still)

    • Fergie0044

      Conversion time! I have no intention of buying any DG characters outside of dark imperium box set but will happily dive into my chaos bits and ‘coming soon’ DG bits to have a go at them.

      • ZeeLobby

        Oh, I totally agree. Another reasoning I think it’s just silly. I don’t know anyone who would actually buy all of them. Maybe 1 or 2. Just a waste of resources at GW imo. Would have rather seen it focused elsewhere.

  • Jack Biddo

    Typhus’s pokemon game is strong. “Nurgling! I choose you!”

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Reminds me more of a different Ash…. One who may state, “this is my boom stick!”

  • Balor

    Man $40 for Typhus for a model that still does not feel like an improvement over the old Typhus, this makes me even more hesitant to buy it. Thank goodness I can simply use the old model. Just a little disappointing when GW did a great job on updating Ahriman and Khran.

    • BadMrPumpkin

      I actually really disliked Kharn and Ahriman when I first saw them online but seeing them in person makes all the difference. Same will go for typhus, especially with a different paintjob.

      • 415Native

        I feel this way about a lot of the new DG stuff. The preview pics often make the models look really bad. In person, esp. with a better paint job, they are solid.

    • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

      I get this vibe that if the scythe arm is rotated down it may look better but without seeing the sprue and with how the shoulderpads are that may be a hard (and $40 price tag if it goes wrong) conversion.

  • DeliciousBishop

    What model is that empire solider standing on his own in the front with a hammer in the hammerhal box set?

  • marxlives

    These are some VERY reasonable prices here.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Anvilgard? Lol. Do they also have Stormcastville? Does Sigmar live in Sigmaropolis?

    But seriously, i love the “Brundlefly” nurgle termie. He’s adorable!

  • Dooms Day

    happily surprised at blightlords being £35, meaning I can get them at £28 and happy to see the foul blight spawn.. should be able to get him at £12

  • euansmith

    The Foul Blightspawn’s PEZ dispenser seems like an odd detail to model.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      I love PEZ 😀

  • Thomas

    Really like the Blightlords, but I’ll save money for now and just use my old Power Axe Terminators. Totally WYSIWYG so I don’t feel the need to get another unit right now. More money for Plague Marines.

  • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

    Hmm are the Blightlords $60 for all 5? Or box of 3 with variations? Just trying to wrap my head around why they’re 5 for $60 while Deathshroud are only 3 at the same price point.

    • Dooms Day

      $60 for 5. Deathshroud are $60 because there big models.

  • Karl Andre

    WTH man really 35 GBP is only $47 USD and they are going to charge us an extra $15 USD here in the USA!!! Damn it might be cheaper to buy if FROM the UK even with the shipping!

  • Karl Andre

    Heck its like $48 USD in Poland from GW I wonder what the price is from indie retailer there subtract another 15% is $40.80 on what they are charging us $60 here in the USA damn I might have my wife’s cousin in Poland buy me a bunch of stuff there and send it over on the slow boat here (it may take 6 weeks but shipping will be dirt cheap)

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    Am I the only one or does it seem that anvilgard and tempest eye should be swapped around?