Privateer Press: Man-o-War takes the Spotlight

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Check out Khador’s Warriors of the World as we look at the Man-O-War theme force.

Featured in a very recent Privateer Press Insider, there’s a new Theme Force out for Khador featuring everyone’s favorite heavily armored solos who are almost, but not quite, Warjacks in their own right.

via Privateer Press

Armored Korps is made up of all the different Khadoran warcasters and their non-character ’jacks. Allowing for any and all Man-O-War models is a no-brainer—after all, it is their home! Battle Mechaniks are a given to keep things running in tip-top shape, and then of course, there’s the War Dog. Can’t let the Gravediggers have all the fun! If you’re feeling rather ambitious, you can also include one mercenary solo or unit in your list.

You earn additional free models by bringing 20 points of Man-O-War models, which include the existing units but also the new releases coming down the line: the battle engines and Tanker solos! Your options for free models include any and all command attachments, Man-O-War Tanker solos, and the mighty Man-O-War Kovnik.

Those mechaniks who are crazy enough to follow Man-O-War into battle become quite adept at repairing their armored brethren, thus adding +1 to any repair roll made in this theme force, but more important, all Man-O-War battle engines and Tanker solos gain Advance Move.

I’ve built a list to showcase this theme force and included a few of the new releases that I will spill juicy rules about! Oh, and Butcher 1 and I go way, way back . . .

  • Orsus Zoktavir, The Butcher of Khardov [+28]
    • – Destroyer [14]
    • – Destroyer [14]
  • Man-O-War Kovnik [0]
  • Man-O-War Kovnik [0]
  • Saxon Orrik [4]
  • Man-O-War Bombardiers (5) [16]
  • Man-O-War Bombardier Officer [0]
  • Man-O-War Shocktroopers (5) [16]
    • Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer [4]
  • Man-O-War Shocktroopers (5) [16]
    • Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer [4]
  • Man-O-War Assault Chariot [15]

First of all, Butcher 1’s feat is amazing with Man-O-War Shocktroopers. With Assault, the troopers can massacre almost any quantity of armor, and combined with Fury, even the Bombardiers can crush through armor with their melee attacks.

Speaking of Bombardiers, we’ve got some great stuff in the works for them. A proposed CID change for when this list gets tested would increase their base range to 12˝. Oh, and you may have noticed the free Bombardier Officer in my list above—he gives his forces some pretty cool rules as well. Granting them the special rule Clear Cut, which grants Pathfinder while the unit is performing a full advance, lets them move through forests and other rough terrain when not charging or running and can help them occupy a space of the board where other Man-O-War rarely want to go. Tactics: Quick Work lets Bombardiers utilize both Fury and the Butcher’s feat well by essentially doubling the amount of attacks they can output in a turn. But wait! Why not introduce our first Man-O-War mini-feat? Support Fire: Models in this unit gain Dual Shot. To reward players for excellent positioning, on a turn the Bombardiers aim they can each fire their Grenade Cannon twice. With Butcher 1’s feat, these are effectively RAT 8, RNG 12, POW 14, additional-damage-dice cannons that will shred infantry and ’jacks alike with a total of 12 shots, should the whole unit survive to the frontlines. That’s why I always put Iron Flesh on the unit as they advance up the board following in the wake of destruction caused by the Assault Chariot.

The Assault Chariot itself is a mobile gun platform designed to allow Man-O-War a flanking option. Clocking in at 15 points, it’s on the cheaper side for a battle engine. Its Volley Gun unloads bullets as the horses trample forward, spraying out d3+1 shots per turn at RNG 10, POW 12. And thanks to its special rules, it always receives an additional die on all attack rolls made with this fire hose of mayhem! Plus, Advanced Move from the theme force sees this SPD 7 chariot race up the field at a surprising pace, threatening your opponent’s frontlines very early in the game.

Of course, we cannot forget our old friends the Shocktroopers. Tough as nails, these slow-plodding troops will hold the line. With either Iron Flesh or Fury, they can be molded to fit whichever situation you may need, offensive or defensive. Threatening in both melee and ranged battles, this unit will always be a mainstay of this theme force. With the Kovnik’s special action Desperate Pace, these troopers may surprise people with how quickly they can move up the board and hold down objective zones.

Stay tuned for the new Cygnar Theme Force: AC/DC

  • miniwar monger

    I really wonder if Privateer Press will go the way of the dodo in a not so far future.

    They just feel so stagnant in in some areas they even are degenerating in others.

    Its hard to pinpoint but here in germany at least the are loosing ground big time.

    • Calgar

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. I enjoy Warmahordes, but haven’t played in over a year, because I cant find people to play against. Now with GW killing it with 8th edition 40k, I imagine it will get even worse.

    • Cergorach

      I don’t have the stats for it, but I feel that FFG is racing ahead of PP in miniature battles land compared to PP. Most of the PP line is a decade plus behind on production values:
      – Using bad PVC at premium prices
      – Using metal/resin hybrid kits
      – MK.3 card clust F!

      I got myself two boxes of the Widowers Wood miniatures from the KS, those are priced pretty good for assembled PVC (~$1.5/mini)during the KS, better quality PVC then the The Underecity!

      They are introducing plastic kits for some of their larger kits that looks pretty good. But they are imho doing that too slow with too few new releases… And honestly the reason why I pretty much stopped buying warmahordes products.

      Got some pretty cheap old metal Cygnar kits from France to fill out my all metal Cygnar force (which someone else had already assembled for me).

      The new Trollbloods looked so cool and actually got me to consider buying them later this year, until I found out they are resin/metal hybrids. Hell NO!

      I do think that the free rules and virtual cards are a great move on the part of PP, but it might be a little late…

      Curious how Company of Iron will do for them…

      • zeno666

        Racing ahead of PP? Sure they are. FFG is selling better than GW is.

        • Cergorach

          I don’t think FFG is generating a revenue of $200 million yet, those icv2 charts are inaccurate as hell.

          • zeno666

            Of course they are… Gw can’t be beat 😉

          • Cergorach

            Well, finding actual revenue numbers of FFG is quite difficult, the last concrete info is from 2011, $21.1 million. A source says over $30 million in 2013. A quote from 2015 is that FFG finds it difficult to maintain it’s yearly 30% growth. Using those numbers, they’ve reached maybe half of the GW revenue. You have better numbers?

            icv2 only talks to independent retailers that don’t use actual sales figures, but more gut feeling. Also keep in mind that GW has a ton of their own stores and that 2/3rd of revenue is generated in Europe, where icv2 doesn’t poll. FFG is just as expensive in the EU as GW is in the US.

    • JN7

      I was just at a tournament with 50+ people in attendance. It wasn’t a big name event, either. The last 40K event drew eight dudes. I think it’s safe to say participation varies by area.

      • marxlives

        I was going to say the same thing, it really varies on your area. 8th drew a huge crowd for the first month….that was when 8th was “killing it” but with all the core rule issues attendance has dropped off to worse than 7th in my area as most people who didn’t want to play Warmahordes have moved into Infinity. Warmahordes now draws more people for tournaments and regular play than 8th, and the amount of new players have doubled in the past 2 months.

        It does not surprise me that PP is not big in Europe, there are variety of factors involving culture and cost that affect it. However you can’t say Warmahordes is dying when Warmachine is the 5th best selling wargame (and that doesn’t even take into account Hordes sells even though they all are the same game). If we accounted for that the system Warmahordes would probably make 4th.

        AoS (which doesn’t play with 40k) didn’t even make the top 5 list. The fact that people compare 40k to Warmahordes is weird to me since 1) They do not participate in the same genre and 2) They are not the same game type. AoS is a fantasy genre game and it markets itself as a skirmish game that expands to a bigger game. AoS is a more adept competitor against Warmahordes and Warmahordes murders it every year.

        Now there are competitors for 40k and this is Warlords sci-fi game and Mantic’s. What will really hurt 40k (especially in America) is Star Wars Legions. They already have space battles and dog fight battles for Armada and X-Wing. They put more money into their development team than marketing with 40k and it shows since X-Wing is the number 1 game and Armada is number 4 in the top 5. FFG has been controlling the pace of the game market for 5 years so far and prepare for that not to stop.

        I know hard core 40k fans who have never played any other games are very excited about the 40k rules, despite a top tournament player at Nova forfeiting his game on a “who goes first” roll just because of his opponents list (which doesn’t happen in any other wargame I have played such as Warmachine, Infinity, CMoN Dark AGe, Malifaux, Deadzone). But just because GW threw sugar on a turd doesn’t mean that they have the best rules in the market. One could argue their rules are slightly worse than what is used by Mantic’s Warpath and their pocket books are smaller than GW’s by many factors. In the end the rules are still a turd, they just taste better than the last turd.

        • zeno666

          Exactly the same here.
          When 8th was released people where dusting off their old 40k stuff. And there was a hype for about a month.
          But now there are only a couple of guys left who still struggle with it.
          The rest got invigorated with PP.
          Because, sure the Mk3 stumbled out into the world.
          The card thing was a horror to watch.
          Their old plastic isn’t that good. The new kits (since a year or so back?) are great though.
          But the rules… Man, after playing 40k for a couple of weeks and now returning to Mk3.
          The rules are great!

    • zeno666

      They are becoming more like GW, its quite sad to watch.
      Still love their game though.