Shadespire: Three New Factions Teased by GW

Shadespire is coming soon, and it looks like even more factions from the 8 Realms are coming with it.

We’ve already taken a peek inside the boxed starter set comes with Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound.

Then we saw the IronJawz unveiled at NOVA:

…and we had previously seen undead artwork and pics of the Sepulchral Guard:

New Factions

Today we see this image via GW of the four known factions.

A MUCH better looking take on a skeleton than the previous Warhammer Fantasy range.

Then THIS image gives away the next two factions:

I spy with my little eye:

  • Fyreslayers
  • Skaven
  • Alternative Stormcast Eternals & Khorne Blood Warriors

I think Shadespire is going to have a lot of legs in it for competitive skirmish-deck building play.

Watch A Full Game of Shadespire

Here is our gameplay tutorial with Phil Kelly from GENCON50


~ You bet we will be playing Shadespire regularly once it’s out.

  • DoctorBored

    Instead of adding any kind of elves, Sylvaneth, Lizardmen, or any other faction, they doubled up on Khorne and Stormcast… C’mon guys.

    I’m mostly curious about the different options and models you’ll be able to bring to the game. So, ok, you’ve got some Skeletons, but are those the only 5 you can bring? If you wanted to change up your ‘deck’, could you add any other skeleton characters from other sets? If not, I don’t see how much deck building you could do.

    • So far every indication is that you build the decks of abilities and special options but not the warband itself. If you watch the demos, the decks are not the characters but things they can do/achieve during play. I have watched a number of them now and not a single figure has died in a 1 round setup (a game is 3 rounds in rapid succession and I have seen the entire game go by without one death… its won by objectives).

    • marxlives

      I disagree, AoS needs MORE Stormcast and Khorne. Those factions have been ignored for too long.

      • Shadowstrife

        Exactly. I can’t remember the last Stormcast model that was released, it must have been years ago. 😀

  • >A MUCH better looking take on a skeleton than the previous Warhammer Fantasy range.

    You mean because this one’s a skirmish-scaled hero rather than a, you know, rigidly-posed unit from a battallion? The Vampire Counts skeletons GW did around 10 years ago still hold up, are scaled well and form up nicely. They’re, like basically everything else in WHFB, designed to be formed up though, not to look bombastic in skirmish formation in a small-scale boardgame like this one.
    Does it look good? Sure, but the two designs filled very different purposes and *both* look great for what they are intended for.

    • Carey_Mahoney

      Apart from that, this one here looks a bit too purposeful for a skeleton. A bit too heroically posed for a mindless undead.

      • Exactly, they’re going for a heroic style with Shadespire and AoS in general, whereas WHFB was more down to the ground militaristic. Fantasy military, sure, but still. There was something that just clicked about having soulless skeletons marching in lock-step. The Necrons had the same feel despite the skirmish movement, but we all know how that got retconned.

      • ZeeLobby

        Well now that Stormcast are rife with emotions I’m sure the Undead will soon follow.

        • euansmith

          “I would cry, but I have but empty eye sockets and my tears would be but dust!”

          “Oh, get over yourself, Yorick!”

          • palaeomerus

            euansmith is Steven Erickson confirmed.

          • euansmith

            I had to Google, “Steven Erickson”, but now I know his real name is Steve Rune Lundin. Surely “Rune Lundin” would have made a fantastic pen name.

        • thereturnofsuppuppers

          Longhorn stood looking over the ruined parapet. The chill wind ruffled his surcoat, whistling eerily between his ribs.

          ‘Still coming?’ the voice belonged to Screamer, one of his companions-at-arms.

          ‘See for yourself.’ A black column stretched frorn the horizon to a mile away. like an army of ants one the move.

          ‘Here,’ said Screamer, struck by a sudden thought, ‘We can talk, right?’

          ‘Yes.’ sighed Longhorn. He hated it when Screamer had one of his sudden thoughts.

          ‘And we can see them, right?’ Longhorn nodded.



          ‘We’re Skeletons. right? No eyes, no eardrums, no vocal cords – but we can see, heat and talk. -Makes you think, doesn’t it?’

          ‘I try not to think. There’s too damn many contradictions to being Undead. Let’s see what Morbius is up to.’ Anything was better than Screamer waxing philosophical.

          They found their leader in one of the larger chambers, which was fitted out as a workroom. Books, scrolls and spell ingredients littered the floor and several tables, and the Liche was poring over a mouldering parchment.

          ‘Yes, I know they’re getting closer, and yes, I know there’s lots and lots of them: he said without looking up. ‘I’m working on it. So why don’t you get to your units and make sure your side of things is ready eh? They should be here in about an hour.’

          Precisely an hour later, the mortal army was drawn up before the fortress. Longhorn and Screamer stood in the courtyard with their units, along with Reaper and Hellblade, the other two captains. The gates had begun to quiver under the impact of a ram.

          ‘You know,’ remarked Reaper to no-one in particular, ‘Being dead already doesn’t make this any easier. And where’s Morbius? That gate looks like giving any minute.’

          ‘Yes, but how can we see it giving?’ asked Screamer.

          ‘Give it a rest, will you? sneered Hellblade, hefting his runesword. ‘Just be happy we can and concentrate on keeping your bones together.’

          As he spoke, the gates collapsed. Screamer and Hellblade broke into a charge, moving their units to block the gateway while Longhorn’s troops covered the flanks and Reaper’s held the parapet, pouring arrows and rocks onto the mortal heads beneath.The battle was deadlocked for nearly an hour. The Undead forces were almost halved, but for each Skeleton destroyed four mortals had run screaming away. Then a robed figure appeared from the inner fortress.

          ‘Ah, Morbius.’ Yelled Reaper from atop a pile of Elven heads, ‘So glad you could drop in. Have a nice kip, did you?’

          Ignoring him, the Cache chanted over a pile or shattered bones. and a grey-white mist rose from the ground. When it cleared. the bones fused weirdly into some kind of catapult.Three armoured Skeletons began to work the machine furiously, loading it with skulls. As the skulls hailed down, the mortals broke, trampling their fellows underfoot in their panic.

          ‘I must admit,’ remarked Longhorn as they pursued the fleeing mortals, ‘That was one of Morbius’ better ideas.’

          ‘And here comes another one of his better ideas,’ said Screamer, pointing behind with his spear. A two-horse chariot of fused Dragon-bone had driven out of the fortress, and was gaining on them rapidly.

          ‘Here Morbius,’ called Screamer as the chariot passed, ‘How is it we can see and hear and…’

          ‘Not now, Screamer.’

          • ZeeLobby

            lol. Did you write this? It’s pretty awesome! It’s true I can only really imagine skeleton dialogue to be comical though.

          • Carey_Mahoney


            Tl;dr: cool pic.

    • BrassWitch

      I agree on this so much. I love the old skellies, the entire old range is super cool.

      • And let’s not forget just how much better the VC ones were over the old Khemri blokes. They were worlds apart and actually attempted to get the anatomy right, rather than having oversized fists and all.
        Nice Hanekawa, by the by.

    • Raven Jax

      Agreed. Skeletons are pretty much the only ones I DON’T want dynamic poses in. They should look like a rigid shambling hoard.

      • Daniel

        Nah. The old stuff don’t fit AoS. They are boring, not standing out.

        • Carey_Mahoney

          Maybe they introduce a Jack Skellington knock-off to AoS…

      • euansmith

        Shambling is good, though I have a soft spot the ones in “Jason and the Argonauts” that look mean and focused.

        • palaeomerus

          This makes me all Wargames Factory nostalgic.

          • euansmith

            I wonder if Warlord will release the Wargames Factory fantasy sprues? They done the zombies, survivors and samurai.

          • palaeomerus

            And those weird orcs with reversible torsos. They carry some Frostgrave stuff in the US store; you’d think they’d pair them with those. And the sci-fi greatcoats would make good lumpy Antares pirates.

          • euansmith

            That’s a neat idea. I’m looking at ways of making an all plastic Freeborn army for BtGoA. I was thinking of maybe using a GW elf body as the basis for a NuHu to commant them, but now you’ve got me thinking about maybe using a Frostgrave Cultist of something.

  • Killer Bee

    that looks like $280 – $300 AUD right there…

    But man those undead minis could suck me in.

  • Luca Lacchini

    Just release the damn game GW, I need those Stormcast Liberators to complement the ones I got in Storm of Sigmar. ;-D

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Coming in October. So not long now. Potentially as soon as two and a half weeks on the 7th October (so preorders on 30th September). Although I’d hazard it may well be a week later on the 14th October.

  • Pcm979

    Where. Are. The. Vampires?

    • palaeomerus

      That would be a great debut album title for a band called the Vampires.

  • Jamie Martin

    news battletomes news battletomes news battletomes

  • Sonic tooth

    said it before and ill say it again, that main shadespire art with the derpy looking bare headed sigmarine is THE worst art i have ever seen from gw. anyway, as to the game itself? no elves, no interest. i keep forgetting how much i hate the aos look/style, this has reminded me why. sigmarines, disco dwarves and beefcake steroid psychos. no thanks

    • Vicent MartĂ­n Bonet

      Ardboyz are from fantasy

      • Sonic tooth

        Talking bout the ironjawz for shadespire

        • Vicent MartĂ­n Bonet

          Yeah, and they are literally the same style of guys that the ones that came from fantasy, so the point still stands.

          • Sonic tooth

            It would appear you are correct. My.mistake. I thought ardboys were the old whfb black orc minis

    • bobrunnicles

      Dickon Tarly we shall remember you!