Tabletop-Art’s Cobblestone Bases Look Smooth

Dress up your fantasy miniatures with some old world charm.  These bases are just the thing!

Tabletop-Art is expanding their resin Cobblesone base collection with new sizes:

These sets all clock in at roughly 15 € for sets of the smaller ones up to the big guys.

Tabletop-Art’s Cobblestone Range – Online Store

~ I bet you have an army that would like to move up to these.


  • marxlives

    Very cool very cool

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    There seems to be a real misunderstanding about what cobblestones actually are judging by mat and base manufacturers.

    Cobbles are rounded beach stones between fist sized and loaf sized, cemented into place so the rounded tops stick out.

    These bases seem to show crazy paving, random flagstones tessalated together. Nothing like cobblestones.