Tabletop Gallery: Mortarion is BIG

I’m thinking Nightbringer is having adequacy issues…

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  • luke-vdv

    Guilliman looks like a bloody sigmarine cross with an action-figure. Terrible design. That Mortarion has a much nicer paint scheme then the official GW pictures. It actually makes the model look good.

  • Mike mad cow

    GW seems to have gone off the scaling range. I know he’s a deamon primarch and all but seems too big. Guess he’s Magnus sized. Poor lil Rowboat Gilly Man doesn’t really stack up .

    • UltimateCrimson

      Perhaps they are scaling it based on how much they want to charge for the mini, theoretically, Guilliman was at most 70-80 dollars CAD nearly half as expensive as Magnus

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. It reached action figure battles a little while ago. Now I just expect the range to catch up.

  • Tushan

    Dont like. Scale is too absurd.

    I shudder to think of the future reaver titan sized angron primarch at 10 ibs of plastic.

    • EmperorOfMankind

      You should see the Epic model according to that he is still too small.

      • Tushan

        True but this game is supposed to actually fit on a table. 10 marines wont fit in a rhino because it is downscaled for example.

  • Snord

    I think these character models are crossing the line from practical wargaming figures to elaborate display pieces. Mortarion will be a nightmare to transport, and easily damaged in the heat of battle. I’m still not really sold on the look of him either.

  • Vepr

    Can’t say that I like it, too weedy and undersized. I was expecting warlord titan scale and all we got was this spindly little fellow.

  • jonow83

    Mortarion is using a haevy plasma gun as his plasma pistol

  • euansmith

    Of the three “minis”, Nightbringer is my favourite.

    • petrow84

      Well, recently, it was apparently proven, that what was unleashed, wasn’t even the Nightbringer at all.

    • Tushan

      Imagine if they released nightbringer today..the damned thing would be bigger then a warhound.

      I really dont like this absurd up-scaling of models. soon the standard tabletop will have to be enlarged by two feet just so all the reaver sized angron primarchs and primaris tractors can fit comfortably.

      Then there is the transportation issue..

      • euansmith

        “That’s not a table! That’s a rhino!”

  • Krev_Grazl

    They really need scale indicators on the GW site (they do it on FW). I thought Mortarion was about half that size until I saw this image. There was just no indication of scale in the promotional images, and I thought it was a bit of a rip off.

  • Dhalgren Schroeder

    Wow he is huge! Still not sure about his wings though. He is meant to be all stealthy and least in 30k. I’d think some of that would carry over. Perhaps just have made the wings like a tattered shroud and have him ground bound..would suit the slow, methodical DG more.
    Gully does look tiny now though. Also, given HOW huge Morty is (and assuming say..Demon Angron is similar) how the hell did a Grey Knight captain (or whoever it was, I forget the exact story) beat him in a fight?

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Groin Shots. Hammerhand-assisted Groin Shots.

  • Philip Estabrook

    He is no larger than the old pewter Nurgle Demon Prince would be if you floated him up in the air and slapped wings on him. People lamenting the size creep or saying he is out of scale must be mentally locked into the old Azazel model as the norm for demon princes.