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Come join the BoLS Crew as we take a look through the Age of Sigmar’s newest Campaign System.

AoS: Firestorm is really cool–just wanted to get that out of the way real quick. When Adam and I unboxed it, we were genuinely surprised and more than a little delighted by what was inside. Unfortunately, the original footage got eaten by wayward nurglings, but, we managed to redo it for you. Just a heads up for you guys. Alright, enough of that, on to the unboxing so you can see what we’re all gushing about.

As you can see, you get a LOT out of Firestorm. We thought it was going to be a poster-type map, but GW really flipped the script on us. Inside you get this amazingly crafted map that’s huge. It’s a great setpiece for the campaign, which makes me appreciate the effort they put into it–it’s a high quality board. It’s sturdy and the printing looks like it’d hold up well to repeated use.

Which, there’s another big surprise–the vinyl stickers representing your faction forces, control, and other things you’d want to represent on the map all mean you can replay the campaign after you’re through.

The system itself diverges from the Path to Glory. If Path to Glory is all about Warbands, Firestorm is about armies. Instead of one hero unit and a Warbands, the game centers around control of the myriad regions on the Flamescar Plateau. As players win battles they gain three kinds of points, glory, strategic, and build. All of these are used to upgrade your forces. You can erect buildings in your domain, buy upgrades for your units, or spend resources on stratagems to grant yourself an edge in upcoming skirmishes.

And the areas on the maps give you access to special abilities as well–this can range from extra units to extra damage to a solar laser you can unleash upon your enemies.

Add to that the various cards that give you secret objectives, special traps, etc. and there’s always something interesting in every battle. Firestorm adds purpose to each of your games. The campaign gives a framework, a goal,  and a narrative throughline to your games. This helps them mean a little more, and it’s what got us echoed about the possibility of playing this game (and of seeing something like this in 40k).

Firestorm is probably also a kind of weather phenomenon in the Flamescar plateau.

  • Rainthezangoose

    How reapplyable can stickers really be however, thats my only concern.

    • Dave

      According to the GW sites they are reusable vinyl stickers. I haven’t seen those since the 80’s though. It think they were called colorforms or something. Those lasted a while and were reusable

      • AEZ

        If it’s those plastic things that stick on windows etc then they can be reused like forever.

        • Dave

          I think that’s what they are referring to. I hope so at least

    • dave long island

      That’s why God invented chewing gum, my good man. That, and so your breath doesn’t smell of alcohol when you return to work after lunch… lol

  • AEZ

    So is this limited to a sort of campaign for 4 players? Or can it be used by more?

    • wesley570

      It’s set up for ‘up to four’ but if you had an extra set of cards I imagine you could add a few more. Won’t really know until release though.

      • AEZ

        ah good to know.. we have a small core of 4 people.. so no need to try and attract a few of the less active players if it’s optimized for 4 (they are likely to not play a lot or quit early anyway).

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    I really like the concept of this, I appreciate the effort behind it. That said, the choice of realms to do it in is not my thing, not a fan of the realm of fire. I just would like AoS to finally evolve into a better game than what it is today.

    • Jeffrey Egan

      What does the realm of fire lore have to do with the quality of the game? Or are you just talking about narrative here?
      Also, “Season of War” is the title and “Firestorm” is the subtitle. I imagine they will do other campaigns in future years. Maybe “Season of War: Shadowfall” (Realm of Shadow) or “Season of War: Prismatic Plains (Realm of Light).

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        narrative for that part, yeah I would hope for more variety, I was much more interested in what was going on with they ghyran area, the “realm of fire” just seems to much of a bloodbound v stormcast cuddle fest. Lore wise I thought the war between nurgle and the sylvaneth was much better done and terrain easier to make than having to deal with just lava, skulls, ad nauseaum.

        • Jeffrey Egan

          I see. Well, you still might want to check out this book. Some of the artwork in the video above indicates that the realm of fire has forests and other verdant locales. In fact, the Living City is something of a sylvaneth section of the realm. Apparently it’s not all fire and lava.

  • Koen Cambré

    Order completely dominated the summer campaign! So let’s give them 7 out of 10 allegiances now… That’ll ensure that it’ll be different next time!

    • Jeffrey Egan

      You know that they announced that the outcome of last summer’s campaign was going to affect future storylines, right? This is just the company keeping their word, not some scheme to improve the rules for order factions.

      • Koen Cambré

        I do know that. I even mention it as the reason to get all the fluffy be rules. That doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do for long term game balance.

        • Vicent Martín Bonet

          No. The long term balance is going to be affected by death getting a ton of focus in next year’s campaign.

  • euansmith

    Mmmm… vinyl stickers. The smell of vinyl really takes me back to my childhood. It took me years to grow in to that gimp suit.

    • bobrunnicles

      “Bring out the gimp.”
      “But the gimp’s sleeping…”
      “Well then I guess you’re going to have to go wake him up then.”

      • euansmith

        Nah, that guy wore leather; the freak!