Wyrd: Hinamatsu – Beautiful & Deadly

Check out this gorgeous new art for Broken Promises!

Broken Promises debuted at GenCon this year. The update to Malifaux 2e adds new lore, upgrades for all of the Masters in the game, and fantastic new models. Wyrd has started to give fans a look at the concept art for those models recently. This week we take a look at Hinamatsu.

I’ve always liked the art coming out of Wyrd’s studio. This is now one of may favorites, and I can’t wait to see the model.

Hinamatsu is an old puppet.  Given life only a short time after Collodi itself, Hinamatsu was created to perform in theater productions opposite living actors.  It grew jealous of the attention heaped upon the other performers, however, and murdered one of them out of spite.  Fearing further incidents, Hinamatsu’s master lured it into entering an underground vault near Debtor’s Delve and sealed the puppet inside.  Locked away in that hidden place for over a century, Hinamatsu swore that it would never again follow another’s instructions.

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  • Apocryphus

    Very excited for this one, less excited for the built in anti-synergy with Collodi.

    • Stonewall

      She is a puppet so it is kind of a given. I don’t know enough about her to know if she slots in with anyone else though.

      • Apocryphus

        IIRC at the end of the beta test, it had an ability that prevented it and enemy models within 6″(?) from taking actions outside of activation, so Collodi can’t use My Will on it and it can’t be Obeyed and Vasalisa can’t use Twist on it. It’s a hefty beater and has a ranged pull ability though, and I think it’s a henchmen. It’s still going to be in my Collodi crews, I’ll just be sad Collodi can’t boss it around.

        • Stonewall

          At least it fits the fluff 🙂 Should be good for henchmen hardcore though. So does that stop walk lures too?

          • Apocryphus

            I think so. I don’t remember exactly who else the aura affects, but I know Hinamatsu is for sure, so no Obey, Lure, or any other control abilities. I think this one will see a lot of play, I also see strong potential with Lynch to drag enemies in to Huggy or Illuminated range. 😉

    • zeno666

      Oh crap, I was hoping she would make a nice addition to my small Collodi crew :