30K: Horus Heresy “Gone Printing”

This isn’t a fisherman’s tall tale – The Horus Heresy Rulebook has gone to the printers!

The South Texas Horus Heresy 30k Facebook group had a post with some great news for all your Heresy Fans out there. The long awaited Warhammer 30K Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Rulebook has been sent to the printers.

South Texas Horus Heresy 30K Group (Facebook)


That’s Tony Conttrell in the photo by the way. He’s a long time Forge World employee that has been working on the Horus Heresy line. As you can see in the picture the book pretty much done. They are still working on the cover but the core contents are done and according to the post it’s at the printers. Hopefully we’ll see it out by next month.

We’re interested to see what changes GW has made to the ruleset. We’ve heard that it’s just been tweaks to the 7th edition core rules. But who knows what else they could have added. New Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers, Legion Traits? The field is wide open. Hopefully this will be a big boon for all the Horus Heresy Fans out there – I guess we’ll see next month.


What do you think about the news that The Horus Heresy book is finally at the printers? Let us know in the comments below!

  • I_am_Alpharius

    I believe he said earliest, maybe, in December and cautioned it may have to wait until Jan 2018.

    It was also mentioned during the WH-Tv twitch stream that Adeptus Titanicus is, currently, on track for first quarter 2018. FW were still working out some issue with details on models coming up clear on the scale being used. He said models that have been sorted look amazing and have to be seen to be believe – it was said in a photo, with no reference for scale, you could mistake the Knights for 40K ones!

    • ZeeLobby

      Man. I really hope titanicus turns into epic!

      • I_am_Alpharius

        From the way Tony was talking (and it was brief) in the first instance Ad-T will be solely Titans.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          People at Forge World said that if the line was successful, they would naturally expand outward from Titans.

      • Iconoc1ast

        It will hopefully be rereleased if AT gets a lot of attention. Wish i could support it but i need to plough pennies into necromunda :'(

        AT will get a big following though im sure

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. I def see Horus Heresy and 30K fans jumping on board. I’d love to recreate the HH Titan battles, and I’m not a millionaire. Haha.

        • ZeeLobby

          I also share your concern with playing both at the same time, haha.

  • Amber Sbriglio

    Any word on if it will contain the entries that were supposed to be in book 8 Angelus? I want my Dark Mechanicum

    • It won’t.
      This is just the core rulebook, not an army list book.

      basically its the orginal 7th edition rulebook, taking out the stuff 30k doesn’t use, add in the 30k rules and missions, and adding the 7th edition FAQs.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        That sounds really great. I’m glad to hear they have made some changes. It will be useful to have the 30k missions together. I hope they update and include Zone Mortalus and their various campaign and skirmish systems from the black books.

        Either way I’ll be buying it to show support for 30k using this ruleset. I don’t want it to move to 8th.

        • the expansions won’t be in this book. But I’d love to see a campaign book with all the various expansions and narrative missions in it like:

          -updated campaign system from conquest, could even throw in some basic rules for the major planets and locations.
          -complied and updated zone mortalis
          -shadow wars expansion from book 6
          -the two other expansions from book 4 (city fights and strikes)
          -update and expanded rules for the killteam style game from book 3. (can’t remember the name off hand)

  • Harry_Jamieson

    This isn’t Fires of Cyraxus then? Not an HH player (yet) but I thought that was the next book coming out? (waiting for the AdMech vehicles I can use in 40k)

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Tony Cottrell briefly talked about Cyraxus. Note it will be Ad-Mech and Red Scorpions vs Tau. I think he said it lined up to be first quarter 2018, in January. But, I have it in my head, for some reason, that late December was also mentioned. During the stream he also showed off the new Chapter Master of the Red Scorpion and Standard Bearer characters they’re getting; which come as a set on a scenic base. Along side showing the now mortally wounded Culln who has been enshirned in a Leviathan Dreadnought!

  • benn grimm

    Yes please! 🙂

  • Mandragola

    Is anyone else baffled by Forgeworld deciding to stick with 7th? I played a lot of 30k in the last couple of editions, but haven’t played a game since 8th dropped. It’s just a much better game, and going back would seem bizarre.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      For now, it is far quicker, and cheaper, to republish 7th ed with tweaks and Horus Heresy branding, rather than update to 8th. If FW updated HH to 8th that would completely invalidate all the Army lists and rules they have in the various HH books. It is simply impractical to re-do all those for 8th, along side all the “normal” 40K stuff they switched over. It would be very time consuming and expensive. GW only have some many writers working on FW books.

      I would imagine that in a year or two, FW will look at the state of the union and decide whether to switch to 8th. Something I, personally, imagine they will.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        I think because the 30k books are so much more expensive and generally stay current much longer changing to 8th would REALLY annoy lots of players who have spent $1000+ on books. I saw a lot of fear and rage about that when 8th was about to drop.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          Also true.

        • stinkoman

          IDK, i took a break since 5th and spent a couple hundred in 7th on books just to play my demons. I think i needed like 3-4 books plus the rule book to play the army properly. Then 2 months later 8th dropped and i had to buy books all over again. i know a few others (that got back in with me) that had the same experience. i know it’s all conjecture, but a lot of folks lost money on books.

          I dont play HH, but it seems that it HH 8th would be more balanced than 40k 8th since most of the armies are Space Marine chapters anyway. Do Xenos armies exist in 30k rules?

      • BrassWitch

        I really hope they don’t change it into 8th ed, I don’t want to drop another game.

        • zeno666

          30k actually looks more and more interesting since it doesn’t use those pile of crap rules called 8th edition.

          Just hope they’ll get some Xenos support soon

    • carlisimo

      30k tends to be played at higher points levels than 40k – I don’t think 8th works that well for games like that. Casualty rates are too high, and cover isn’t effective enough.

      With a layer of changes on top it could work, but FW apparently doesn’t have time for that if it’s taking them several months just to release 7th edition rules with (allegedly) minimal changes.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      8th wouldn’t work for HH. 7th allows more detail in the differences between units, like the difference between I4 and I5 for instance. That detail is really needed in HH where most of the base armies are very similar. When FW first talked about 8th and HH they said it lacked enough ‘granularity’.

      Also HH is mainly played by narrative players, has its own strict army building rules, scoring etc and plays much faster and more balanced than 7th ed 40k, so the problems that 8th was meant to fix don’t really apply to 30k.

      • Mandragola

        I do agree that 30 is in much better shape than 7th was. I don’t know what you (or FW) mean about granularity though.

        Yes, the initiative step has been removed in 8th. But a movement stat has replaced it, allowing for far more granularity in speed of units. We absolutely could have had some marines (such as emperor’s children) be faster than others (such as salamanders). Jetbikes could be faster than vindicators too.

        There’s also granularity in damage in 8th. This is a huge change and makes big units, and especially primarchs, and the really big vehicles, work much better. Rather than having 1 damage, or instant death, unless that’s countered by eternal warrior, which is itself countered by stomp, 8th has a system that just works.

        My club had a pretty good following of 30k before 8th dropped. In June we had a massive game against another club, using FW boards set out in a table 24′ long. It was very epic.

        Since then I haven’t seen a single game played. The narrative players prefer 8th and so do the competitive ones. We’ve even got a lot of former players coming back to the game because they’ve heard such good things about 8th, and they are sticking around once they’ve started.

        I honestly worry that FW is missing the boat here. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see their sales drop as a result.

        8th isn’t perfect. No game is. But if given a choice to play a game of 7th or 8th I’d always play 8th.

        • pad_uk

          “My club had a pretty good following of 30k before 8th dropped. In June we had a massive game against another club, using FW boards set out in a table 24′ long. It was very epic.”
          Hmmm. Same here. Do I know you?? 🙂

    • Eighth has too many problems, so the problems would need to be solved all over again for Horus Heresy.

  • Stephen Henry IV

    “Tony was happy to hold up the final copy” as he looks like he’s being blackmailed into doing it by someone kidnapping his children.

    • zeno666

      lol yeah!

  • Paul Bradley

    it includes the FAQ – So did anyone bother to ask the multiboming question?