40K Breaking: Eldar Bonesinger Rules Arrive

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The Eldar’s new unit is here, and we just want to sing its praises. And also bones.

As we’ve previously talked about, the only thing scarier than a skeleton is a skeleton with a ghost jammed inside of it–and so, with American Hallowe’en around the corner (you can tell it’s close because Canadian Halloween was about a month or so ago) it seems somehow fitting that GW should release the rules for a model that is responsible for singing to the magical ghost skeletons of the Eldar.

Seriously though, this model is pretty sweet. It offers some much needed support for your Wraith constructs and vehicles, keeping them in the fight well past the point that you’d need them. Or, if you don’t need to fix your vehicles because you’re playing Alaitoc and have managed to make your vehicles -2 to hit on top of everything else, you can still Smite with these guys. Eldar psychics: cheating your way to victory since 1987.

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The Bonesinger is back! First seen as a direct-only model, this miniature has long been one of the rarest and most coveted in the Aeldari range. It’s not hard to see why. Wraithbone is one of the most unusual and interesting aspects of the Craftworlds lore, and Bonesingers have existed in the background of Warhammer 40,000 for a long time, and were even represented in the Dawn of War series as the builder unit of the Aeldari. It’s also just a great looking miniature.

The re-release of the Bonesinger was the perfect opportunity to flesh out this fascinating figure with a datasheet of their own. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to represent Bonesingers on the tabletop, meaning it’s not just a great piece for collectors, but for gaming, too.

With a 4+ invulnerable save, the protection of being a character, and weighing in at 70 points, this is a great elite choice to offer up support for your jetbikes, Fire Prisms, Falcons, and/or Wraithknights. Okay, so mostly they’re there to help keep your Wraithknights going because you have a problem. At any rate, this is an awesome model, it basically gives you a psychic Techmarine for Eldar units.

Bonesinger–the elf, the elf with the wraithbone touch–a psyker’s touch.

  • So he does the same as any other repair character but with a bit of psychic power in his back pocket. As unexciting as it was expected.

    • phobosftw

      unexciting? – maybe, much needed? hell YASS. srsly can`t believe it took them that long to throw this thing together.

    • Defenestratus

      I’ve been starving for an Eldar techmarine for decades dude. I’m pretty pumped.

      • Karru

        As a Il-Kaithe player, I approve of the rules for Bonesingers!

    • LankTank

      Oh god a space marine wearing armour. Boring. Oh a tyranid with a bio weapon. Snore. Sorry we will excuse you while you eat kale and roll your eyes at everything

  • Spade McTrowel

    Are jetbike vehicles?
    I plan to have one travel with my wraithguard/blades.

    • zeno666

      Spam, Spam, Spam!

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        1. Find the mold for your old miniature
        2. Release rules that make players want to spam it
        3. Do a limited run where players have to decide quickly if/how many they want
        4. Profit.

        • zeno666

          Easy money before christmas.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Nice model but 70 points? I wouldn’t field him for 35…

    • Iggynous

      35 pts? Wherever you’re pulling that from, it stinks.
      A Techpriest is 42pts. This ‘Bonesinger’ thing is essentially an Eldar Techpriest, with a few extras, i.e.: 4+ invuln, SMITE and deny, can ply it’s repair ability to a wider variety of units, and some nice Eldar abilities. All those extras for only 28pts?
      Seems to have parity with the wider WH40k points scheme to me.

      • Heinz Fiction

        A warlock is ~35 points and the superior choice. So I wouldn’t pay more than 30. The healing ability is laughable (less than 1 lascannon hit on average) and mutally exklusive with his sole psycic power. Whoever assigned the points must have been high.

        • Ari Varey

          Superior choice? You must not use any vehicles or wraith.

  • majbjörn

    Now that!

    Is a low value unit! 🙂

  • SilentPony

    Makes me wonder what Grey Knight Techmarines are gonna be like in the Codex…

    • euansmith

      It will be an angry, confused psyker staring at a vox caster, on hold to tech support.

      Roll 1D6
      1: Cut off. LD-1D3
      2-3: Your call is important to us. LD-1
      4-5: You are currently number D6 in a queue. LD-1
      5: Have you tried switching it off and on again? LD-1.
      6: Your call has been escalated to [indecipherable] and will be actioned within 6 to (6+1D6) working days. Next Smite attack scores double Mortal Wounds

      • EnTyme

        Your forgot “Is the device plugged in?”

        P.S. as someone who works in tech supports, you seriously see that at least twice a day. We don’t ask because we think you’re stupid. We ask because we know someone out there is.

        • Marcus Clark

          Same thing, and you know ironically when we have technical issues which we cant fix ourselves, our tech support ask the exact same thing.

          • euansmith

            “Er… Huston… we have a problem…”

            “Have you tried switching it off and on again, Captain Lovell?”

      • If this is the case, the smite will play the song from the 90’s they play when you want to talk that you can never remember the name of.

  • Doug Olson

    So the obvious firearm in his hand is just for decoration.

    • electricsheep89

      It’s not a firearm dude… it’s literally the only item on his datasheet. You can see it more clearly here http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_PH1CD61Ox3k/S79K06XMwSI/AAAAAAAAAFA/zeUEztc687s/s1600/bonesinger.jpg

      • stickmonkey

        Well that is a much better view of it. The image above looks like a pistol

        • euansmith

          Its a doohickey or a doodad.

          • Spade McTrowel

            I like, “Bonebrush”. 🙂

          • euansmith

            A Bonebrush to stroke his bone?

          • phobosftw

            ITS AN INSTRUMENT NOT A BRUSH Lol what a bunch of n00bs, do you even eldar?

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            I hate to correct you but if you look closely it’s obviously a whatchmacallit.

        • electricsheep89

          I will confess the image on the article is at a very unfortunate angle when it comes to his psytronome shaper*


          • barry sadler

            I still read Pastrami shaper

      • phobosftw

        “my music will shape the wraithbone”

  • Thrawn

    So Canadian Halloween is the same time as the American one, I think he meant Thanksgiving . . . easy to mix up.

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    Wow, man. Bonesinger. It’s been so long since that was a thing that some people might legitimately think Dawn of War created them.

    • zeno666

      I think I have a really old copy of the Citadel Journal with rules for the Bonesinger for 2nd edition 😉

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        Glorious days indeed!

      • Arthfael

        Oh, did not know about this. Which issue was it?

    • Arthfael

      This mini is actually very close to the original Jes Goodwin sketch (without the mouthgrid, which had ceased to be an Eldar thing by the time the mini was made). The Dawn of War model is cool too, could be a nice inspiration for a conversion.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Well. Damn. They did exactly what I wanted them to do: take a nice existing but useless model and make it useful. This may seem uninteresting to non-Eldar players but to us having the ability to heal up our fragile tanks and wraiths is HUGE. Plus…apparently…this guy is also a Warlock. And the price will help keep the usual anti-Eldar bitching down.

    • Defenestratus

      No it won’t. Eldar bitching is about as ubiquitous as STD’s at a burning man festival.

      • GiftoftheMagi

        Reduce, not eliminate.

      • Aurion Shidhe

        Nothing penicillin won’t cure.

        • euansmith

          If you’ve got a burning man, it might be too late for penicillin.

    • Tyr

      Not really a warlock though… it doesnt have access to any powers besides smite. Still, could be useful on occasion. Might even get a second one now… <.<

      • GiftoftheMagi

        I got one unassembled I got in a trade a few years, and I ordered one from the online store before these rules were released. I may get a third.

  • Bhazakhain

    Maybe a tad expensive points-wise but so glad we have this now. Have ordered mine for Ulthwe!

  • The_Illusionist

    I used to have one of those models, from the first time it was released. Most beauttiful thing I ever painted, used it for years as a Farseer and finally sent it to a new home when I moved on from Eldar to another army.

    I’ve kind of regretted it ever since. I don’t care about these rules in the slightest, but it’s STILL a beautiful model.

  • Arthfael

    6 years ago, I bought this model. Now it finally has rules. And I like them. Balanced, useful. Now we need to all use the model so it gets included in the next codex. Not going to complain there!

  • Drpx

    The Eldar worker unit from DoW. Sure was fun teleporting them into the back of people’s bases and setting up invisible webway gates.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    As an FYI, they are making and selling these models until noon Saturday CST. I highly suggest (and this is likely the reason for the rules in the first place) ordering one right now or at least by Friday if you are even remotely interested. I highly doubt they will ever do a plastic.

  • Will Frank

    One of the things people complaining about his limits should remember is, a Bonesinger isn’t a warrior in Eldar society – or even a Seer. He’s an automechanic/automotive engineer, that in times of war, will occasionally take the field to support the Aspect Warriors, but crafting & repairing wraithbone constructs, such as weapons, armory, Wraiths, and vehicles.

    So these rules are perfect. You can argue for and against his costs, but his rules are perfect.

  • Huntard


  • Spacefrisian

    So they can put points in the rules…Amazing, now who said they coulnt, dont be shy now, admit you were wrong.

    • Spade McTrowel

      Of course they can, but changing the points down the road is more problematic when the points are embedded in the datasheet.


    Seriously, I don’t play Eldar, or even own a Techmarine for my Marine army, but an “Eldar Techmarine” is what I would get as a start model, after a 5-pack of Guardians.

  • Jimmy van der Poel

    Hopefully wraith units ( lord/knight, not sure about the guard ) get the wraith construct keywords instead of Spirit Host, he’s going to be useless healing them otherwise. Or maybe I’m overthinking it. Maybe his/her Smite power can be switched for another ( usefull ) power with cp’s, kinda like the chaos familiar strat.