40K Deep Thought: How to Handle Ynnari

With Craftworld Eldar imminent, it’s time to ask the question – how should GW handle Ynnari?

Even before it arrives, we have a good idea how codex Craftworld Eldar will look. It’s going to follow the same pattern as all the previous 8th Edition codices.  It will have all the same units from the Index books, minus anything GW does not make a CURRENT model for, adjusted points-power level, faction traits, relics, psychic powers and warlord traits. There will probably be a new unit that uses an existing model.


That pattern will also work the Dark Eldar, and the Harlequins, but I really, really hope they throw in a handful of additional Harlequin units to flesh out the faction. Even a couple of clampack characters will help. Oh right, ignore my Harlequin daydreams… back to Ynnari.

Ynarri Issues

Then we hit Ynarri and there is trouble.  The “Eldar Soup” nature of the Ynnari faction leaves several options open for GW:

No Codex

They never get a stand alone codex.  You continue to use the Index rules and simply draw from the future Craftworld, Drukhari & Harlequin codexes as they are released.  I think this is the most unlikely.

Campaign Codex

GW waits until all three Eldar faction codex books are out, then releases the rules for building the Ynnari in a future campaign book.  This would be the 8th Edition continuation of the Gathering Storm theme and probably continue the tale of what the new Eldar faction has been up to. The individual unit rules would stay in the previous codexes.

Standalone Codex

Under this model, the Ynnari are treated as a full-fledged standalone army and get their own codex.  It would contain all the units in it, with no external books needed. As a standalone codex it would let the units get correct keywords, and let GW invent new relics, wargear and even new units if they desired for the faction.

But there is a teensy problem…

Either the Ynnari codex would be the largest codex ever printed by GW – easily out-sizing even the Space Marine codex…


The Ynnari grand alliance would need to have a lot of it’s currently legal units striped out of it.

I personally think the latter is exactly what GW should do.

It can easily be explained that the Ynnari faction took a bit of time to “settle into” Aeldari society and that eventually certain sects stayed with them or turned back to their previous alliances.

I think a trimmed down (but still large) range of units comprising the Ynnari – alongside a set of distinct army rules and relics would drive the narrative of Warhammer 40,000 forward – and give the game a more full fledged distinct army.  The only thing that would be lost was the chance to build some nutty min-maxxed armies using anything from the other 3 Aeldari factions – which I believe only cheapens and dilutes those codexes.

~How do you think GW should handle the Ynnari? Are there any units you think they should lose access to to give them a more distinct feel on the tabletop?

  • Alex Temple

    I believe the Warhammer Community article last week announcing the craftworld codex announced that Ynnari would get their updated rules with the reboxed triumvirate. Happy to be contradicted.

    • Odras

      The reboxed Triumvirate is only updating that box to have the rules for 8th edition rather than 7th. These rules are exactly the same as what is in the index. The warhammer 40k facebook page has stated this, there is no update to the index Ynnari rules in the box set.

      It stands to reason that the Ynnari should in someway get the benifits from a codex, warlord traits, psychic powers, stratagems etc. How this happens, no one is really sure right now.

      • ZeeLobby

        I’d imagine it’ll be a release on the heals of the codex push. Along with thousand sons most likely.

  • Well, I think GW created the opportunity and ground for an entirely new faction, so I’d say we will see new Ynnari cults and lose others of their original CWE/DE units over time. But not today and not tomorrow. Basically just like Primaris. I guess 40k will change. And it probably needs a change from a sales point of view to make old players buy new stuff. Although some cool plastic aspect boxes with 2ndary weapon options would probably also have sold like hot cakes.

    • Muninwing

      … but they’re not. it’s two already-existing factions, combined partially with another not-completely-independent not-actually-new faction that also dips into both.

      they have Gathering Storm characters that sell in their own set. past that, they just borrow from already existing lines.

      the units that need “ynnari” as a keyword get it, in this codex and the new DE one. with the HQs, have rules for fielding Ynnari. have all the codex info be in the Eldar/DE codexes.

      no need for a new book.

      honestly, they could do the same with the Harlequins — have them and the Ynnari appear in both codexes and just use the keyword system to round things out. or have the Harlequins in the Eldar book and the Ynnari in the DE book and assume players will buy both.

      • They aren’t *yet*. 40k is moving nowadays. They may become. GW will have a reason for introducing them. And that can’t be just to sell a single book. Imo it’s much more plausible to flesh them out as an own faction in the future. They have grinded on all their own old lore and forgotten factions deeply lately, they need new stuff to publish on.

        Sure there is no *need* to change Ynnari. But there is the *opportunity* and I’d be shocked if that’s not what GW will be going for.

      • LankTank

        That’s not a bad idea. Have Aeldari, Drukhari then a codex about the outlying factions such as Harlequins, Corsairs and Ynnari.

        • Muninwing

          yes — and expand Corsairs.

          any units that are shared among the three could appear in both books, it’s a simple copy-paste.

          but then, if you want to field Craftworld, you bring one book. if you want to field Comorragh forces, you bring one book. if you want to field Eldar Soup, you bring one book… or choose to suffer bringing more at your own peril due to detachments.

          that’s actual simplicity.

  • Quirijn van Dierendonck

    Boy, where do we start? Literally reading the information provided by GW seems a good starting point…

    I raise you the Warhammer Community article announcing the Eldar releases:

    “Next week also sees the Triumvirate of Ynnead repackaged for the new edition. As well as three awesome character models, this set contains full datasheets for everything inside, as well rules for fielding Ynnari detachments in your army, meaning you won’t need anything else to use them with your Craftworlds codex!”

    So, no Codex, but everything you need to play Ynnari is included in the reboxed Triumvirate of Ynnead set, where you then can use the Codex or Index rules for the Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlequins units you field. Easy.

    • el_tigre

      It’s just the rules from the index I think, so nothing new yet.

    • J Mad

      They are updating the Box from 7th to 8th, that is what they are doing…. they didnt answer anything other than that.

  • BrianDavion

    a new faction isn’t a bad idea but the problem is, would GW want to obselete all those ynnari armies? it’s a sticky situation. That said I’d be inclined to a new faction. the Yannari represent a “third path” to avoid the problem of slaanish, and many of theCWE and DE units refelect those two paths. with Ynnari there is, for example, ne need for soulstones so why would they have wraith units?

    • el_tigre

      Wraiths finally chasing a true death? Got to be pretty boring being a faceless statue after a millenia or two.

    • George

      The wraith constructs in the ynnari are a literal rebirth of the soul from the spirit stones. The soul is released and inhabits the construct as if it was its own body, unlike craftworld ones where the soul is simply activated and uses the construct temporarily then goes back to hibernation after the job is done.

      • majbjörn

        I like the craftworld lore better….. much better : /

  • Pete McGwire

    They need to be squatted.

    • Reasons being?

      • el_tigre

        Pete can’t beat them on the tabletop.

        • Pete McGwire

          I have played dozens of games against them against tournament winning builds. Lost many won a few. The level of cheese required to beat them is pathetic. The entire out of sequence soulburst mechanic is flawed on many levels.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Ynarri aren’t a faction. They are a marketing stunt to sell Dark Eldar kits to Eldar players and vice versa. And a dumb one on top. Just silently phase them out and pretend they never happend.

    • Daniel Bode

      That would make me sad as I love units from both factions and would hate not to use them as a single army with shared benefits

    • el_tigre

      Someone got tabled …..

      • ZeeLobby

        I mean he really didn’t say anything about playing them/against them. From a fluff perspective it’s pretty obvious why GW created them. I imagine they may eventually phase out DE/Eldar units until it all fits nicely in the Ynnari package.

        • Xodis

          I hope not. I think they make a perfect “in between” for the 2 factions. Make Eldar armies stay with Eldar, Make DEldar armies stay with DEldar, and anyone that likes some hybrid “we are family” armies can build a Ynnari army.

          • Richard Mitchell

            If anything the trend show that GW is going to double down on the soup approach.

          • Xodis

            Thats sad….. Would go a long way to fix a lot of problems IMO.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            is it really Soup when Ynari are given specific bonuses?

            Imperium just gets a wide selection of models to choose from but none of the special army rules.

          • Xodis

            I would say so. Soup is usually a bunch of different things simmering in the same sauce, probably fits the definition better than Imperials do.

            That being said, I would like to see better restrictions placed on Imperials anyways. Between every faction Im sure it could be argued they have an answer or equivalent for every other unit, every other army has…..with no limitations, thats just insane.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yup. A fluff reason to combine the two.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Is in’t every new release a marketing ploy to sell more models?, old or new……just saying……

  • I_am_Alpharius

    I would hazard that they will become a fully fledged army in their own right. What I mean by this is GW will do away with them having access to pretty much all the units in the Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlequin codices; I would imagine the only units they may retain will be the more specialised units. I can envision a premise where the Yncarne brings back ancient souls placed in soulstones, and we get a range of units designed in line with the aesthetic of the Visarch. They Ynnead buddies are still seeking the other two (I think thats correct) Crone Swords; so thats two more characters that can be added to the army. I can even see justification for Ynnead to coax the Exodites out of hiding, as they may well see the Yncarne as a return to the Eldar of the past that they continue to emulate.

  • Junior Mitac

    ynnari shouldnt even be a thing to begin with

    • Steve Wilson

      Agree with this. Just to powerful that you rarely see stand alone craftworld armies these days as why not make them ynnari for no extra points and get the soulburst action

      • Muninwing

        soulburst could be fixed though…

        since GW has taken prior action to eliminate unnecessary books that could fuse with existing ones — to the annoyance of the Black Templars players out there — they might do the same here.

        They’d be better off fusing Yncarne with Harlequins though… the Harley book is already so sparse that it could take the inclusion of the HW and relics and special missions for Yncarne stuff, and still be the smallest codex.

  • Rich

    I think that they should merge the Ynarri and Harlequins as a faction. It makes both “half armies” into a whole and also leaves room for exodites someday.

    • Muninwing


      though i doubt Exodites will ever be more than a conversion faction, since they don’t venture off-world.

  • majbjörn

    Maybe Ynnari should just be units that all “Aeldari” factions can use and thats it. (Abit like the old dogs of war? but restrikted to only “Aeldari”) But the part that makes them an army with the entire “Aeldari” assortment and Strength from Death just has to go : /

  • Primarch Vulkan

    Personally Im not a fan of the Ynari faction nor its rules. The out of turn actions are way more powerful than Battle Focus or Power from Pain. There really is no reason to go craftworld or dark eldar. I think GW screwed the pooch in creating this unnecessary faction making balance even more difficult in the game.

  • Dioscuri

    My ideal would be for GW to combine Ynnari with Harlequins and Corsairs into a single “Outcasts and Rogues” book. This would allow you to field armies composed of just one of three subfactions, or a joint army comprising all three, with special rules for Craftworld/Drukhari allies. Hell, if they really wanted to make people happy, they could even include Exodites in there, too.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Aeldari, Chaos, and Imperium each need an Ur-Codex, that gives you options for macro-faction play, while making those soup lists both less broken on the surface and less one-trick in reality. And in those Codices, we need to stable the game’s cross-faction units, like Inquisition, Ynnari, and others.

    Don’t exactly know if the other 5-6 factions need an Ur-codex per se, but it’d probably be where Kroot Mercs and smaller Xenos Factions could potentially live.

  • I think we’re ignoring the BEST “way to handle the Ynarri”:

    Ret-con them out of existence.

    Soulburst is game breaking on a good day. On a bad one, it’s downright retardedly broken. Say good-bye and good riddance to that abortion of game design and move on.

  • Just a player

    Silently release a FAQ that gives them keyword and when the new daemons book comes out seems to be the way to handle them.

  • J Mad

    They are a new Faction and should be treated as so, a Mini dex is required IMO.