40K: New Deathguard Releases – Plague Marines & Putrefiers

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Take a look at what’s coming next week for the Death Guard, Plague Marines and their Biologous Putrefier.

Time to take those antibiotics, because a new batch of bile and pus-filled minis are squishing their way onto the scene. Check out what’s coming next week–the multipart Plague Marines and the Biologous Putrefier, Nurgles Bubotic Bombardier.

via Warhammer Community

Plague Marines are perhaps one of the most diverse infantry units in the 41st Millennium, armed with a vast range of weapons from the Horus Heresy and beyond. Using the new Plague Marines kit, you’ll be able to arm yours for a range of battlefield roles, from diving into the thick of close combat with bubotic axes and plague knives to hosing the enemy down with the heavy plaguespewer. Naturally, the Plague Marines come in a 7-man squad – in honour of the sacred number of Nurgle – but both the Easy to Build Plague Marines and the Plague Brethren set are perfect for bringing the squad up to an even 10.

They have options on-sprue for a Plague Champion, though GW does mention that they’ll have some more kits coming soon to help you customize your cyst-covered champion in the way you’d like. The whole thing is probably worth it for this helmeted Nurgling here.

I guess it’s true what they say, the head matches the shoulder pads. Also why is one fist so big and the other so tiny? Ah, plague corruption.

Speaking of corruption, the Biologous Putrefier is slap coming out next week with his array of gross grenades.

The Biologus Putrifier is dedicated to making your blight grenades as powerful as possible, increasing their Strength and Damage by 1 when he’s nearby, and even allowing them to deal mortal wounds! Combine yours with the Blight Bombardment Stratagem on a unit of 20 Plague Marines, and you’d be putting out 20 d6 (an average of 70!) Strength 4, Damage 2 shots at close range – Emperor help anyone caught in that crossfire.

Having seen the receiving end of that,  it’s all the more reason to try and shoot them off the table before they can get in range.

At any rate, the Death Guard will soon be at full strength, so maybe stock up on chicken soup and multidamage attacks.

  • SilentPony

    OMG Sassy Nurgling in a Mrk 3 helmet is the best!

  • Randy Randalman

    That Nurgling wearing the character’s helmet is hilarious.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Guess we know what happens when you’re too disappointing to remain as a Marine, but not enough to get Spawned.

      • SilentPony

        You kidding?! He’s a sidekick! He’s gonna be a full Plague Marine when he grows up!

        • Crevab

          Sidekick? The Nurgling IS the Plague Champion. That guy behind him is his attendant

    • Dooms Day

      shame hes £15

      • ZeroOne

        I honestly think £15 for a mono pose model is okay. I plan on popping into my local GW this weekend and getting one of that captain, just to go with my DI Death Guard.

        • Dooms Day

          £15 for a model that should just be with the plague marines? IF it was a character Id understand.. but its not, its a plague marine champion. It being mono pose is just the same with all DG models

          • ZeroOne

            A fair point. We would have only a few years back have expected to be able to build a squad leader like him from the box, but we have been getting less and less of that recently. For me, I still think that the model is worth buying and the £15 price point is acceptable. Horses for courses.

  • Navaren

    All that’s left now is the blight haulers right?

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Wish they’d hurry up on those.

  • Rainthezangoose

    “Why is one fist bigger”

    erm mate I’m pretty certain thats because hes got a powerfist XD

    • Ben_S

      Just what I was about to say…

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Don’t you know its “crack” reporting….

      • memitchell

        “Why is one fist bigger”

        SARCASM. Humor laced sarcasm. Guys, get a sense of humor. Your attempts at aloof critique are not nearly as clever as you think.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          If it were funny in the first place, then you may of had a point….

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            We can’t dare criticise the “articles”

          • memitchell

            That’s not criticism. “Crack reporting” is just a snarky comment that passes for enlightened disdain around here. And, its aloof premise is wrong. It was sarcasm, not a statement of fact. At least know what you are criticizing. If you’re defending daring to criticize, defend daring to critique the criticism, too.

          • Son_of_Corax_XIX

            Hate to put this but you don’t know it was sarcasm as the way it’s written doesn’t show that premisis at all or clearly.
            You interpret it one way and others another. Unless stated or shown clearly in the war the sentences written words are arranged that’s the problem. It’s aka the problem with reading articles there’s no inflection, face expressions to read or tone of voice to accurately asses how a sentence is written unless stated.
            So how you can say one is wrong and you are right is beyond me as only the author knows how it was intended to read.

          • ZeeLobby

            I hate to say it, but it didn’t come across as sarcasm for me either. BoLS has previously shown their ignorance when it comes to models or wargear, so I wouldn’t be shocked if the author was simply confused.

    • Son_of_Corax_XIX

      Usual high levels of research there by the writer

  • D. B.

    You kinda failed to mention that Nurgley Charlie Brown & Snoopy plus that very nice icon bearer are sold individually and differ from the options offered on the sprue.

    • ZeeLobby

      Of course they are, haha.

  • memitchell

    Dammit! I was thinking I had bought and painted my last Plague Guard Marine. Alas, more to come. If I’m not VERY careful I’m going to end up with a Plague Guard army instead of a couple of PG squads for Space Hulk.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    -Papa, i wanna be a “Defff Guard too…-
    – HaHaHa…of course my child (puts helmet on nurgling)

    Seriously, those minis are cute. And i’m kinda warming to the pistachio green color scheme…

  • Shadowstrife

    Anyone else not hyped for Plague marine troops now that Primaris exist?

    It’s like the Buzz Lightyear vs Buzz Lightyear (with utility belt) effect.

  • Koen Cambré

    I’m really anxious to see the pricing on these…

    Will it be 7 for the price of 10 with having to buy extra parts?

    Or 7 for the price of 5 but you have to pay a bit extra for additional bits?

    • I_am_Alpharius

      £30, €40 and $50(us) respectively, for Plague Marines.

      • Epicurus


  • Tushan

    Middle pic. Is that nurgle or slaanesh?

  • luke-vdv

    The Biologous Putrefier looks great (minus the colour scheme). Give my troops Standards again!

  • ZeeLobby

    So wait, is the helmed nurgling part of the unit box set? Or a separate purchase?

    • Josh Shua Kelley

      He is a separate character. Both he and the banner man are bought individually at $25us

      • ZeeLobby

        Damn. That’s unfortunate. Skipping most of this release. Purely because most of it is $25 characters.

        • frank

          I dont like it but seems to be the direction GW is going like you know heros should cost at least half as much as a typical squad…

  • Stephen Henry IV

    Only 7 guys? It better not be more than $35-40 or I’ll be pissed. Knowing GW though it’ll probably be like $50-60.

    • Josh Shua Kelley

      They’re $50 a box.. I’m not happy about it either, but won’t stop me from getting a bunch of them… I’ll just have less than I wanted

      • Stephen Henry IV

        I was planning on getting several boxes because I have 2 of the dark imperium nurgle sets and I hate having duplicate models. So I though I’d get like 2-3 boxes to intermix bits, but I’ll probably only get 1 now and eBay the other bits if I need them that badly.

  • becizzle

    The worst part of the Guard codex are the orders. There are so many, it slows down an already slow army.

    That and the fact that with orders your basic IG soldier has the potential to move 24″ in a turn. That’s faster than: eldar/drukhari jetbikes(I believe), jump troopers, all bikes, all trucks, almost all Tau battlesuits (I think the ghost Kheel can make 26″ on an advance), genestealers, eldar, marines, orks, everybody.

    I know they can’t shoot or whatever, but that’s too fast. Stupid really. I picture a Genestealer and a Harlequin in a race and some IG conscript runs by like they’re standing still.

  • Why do you need to buy an extra squad to get a properly-sized squad? I know about the seven is Nurgle’s number and all that, but the last time they did this, we were forced to have 8 Khorne Beserkers in a unit. I don’t want this to come back…