40K: Our 5 Favorite Eldar Relics

The Eldar are getting 13 new Remnants of Glory (aka relics) and we’ve filtered through them to pick out 5 that we can’t wait to try out!

The Remnants of Glory are unique for the Eldar. There are 5 unique Relics and there are 8 more “generic” relics, too. They are an ancient race and so it makes sense that many of their relics have lots of backstory and history to go along with them. We picked out a handful of our favorites from the codex. Some we chose based on the lore and some we picked because we just liked their rules! That said, let’s dive in:

Shimmerplume of Achillrail

The Shimmerplume of Achillrial has a massive block of text yet the actual rule benefit is a single line. That just seemed very “Eldar” to us. At the same time this actual rule is really simple and effective. A -1 to be hit. Note that it works in both the Shooting and Fight phase! If you stack your cards right, you can end up with a -2 to be hit in the Fight phase and a -4 to be hit in the shooting phase (Alaitoc + Conceal + Lightning-Fast Reactions)!

The Spirit Stone of Anath’lan

No one knows what it’s like to be the sad gem… Unless you bring the Spirit Stone of Anath’lan. Honestly we just though text was entertaining and the reason that it stops you from casting is because of sadness. Now, here’s the thing – most Psykers that can take this can probably only cast one or two powers anyways…So is it really that much of a penalty? It only lasts for the rest of the phase.

The Phoenix Gem

Speaking of gems…The Phoenix Gem is a get out of jail card. Or maybe it’s closer to the reset button. Metaphors aside, when the bearer “dies” for the first time you instead explode causing D3 mortal wouds to each unit within 2″ of you. If at least one mortal wound is inflicted then the model sticks around!

The Shiftshroud of Alanssair

Hey look – an Alaitoc version of the Shimmerplume! Wait – does that mean you can take both in a single army and have two characters running around with an additional -1 to be hit? Yes. However, this one “only” works in the shooting phase. Which…I mean, awesome! You could still run around with a -2 to be hit by shooting over 12″ away (you’re already Alaitoc). Oh and you’ve got a neat re-deploy trick.

Shard of Anaris

We didn’t want to skip out on the fact that the Eldar also have some pretty cool weapon options. The Shard of Anaris is back and just as deadly as ever. It’s a -3 AP, D3 Damage attack that allows you to re-roll all failed wound rolls for this weapon. This one is kind of a big deal because most of the Eldar models that can take this only have a base strength of 3. That re-roll is going to come in handy. Now there are other weapons that boost your strength. There is a Saim-Hann lance weapon that can allow you a str 8 charge for example. But we went with the Shard because we happen to like the lore about the weapon more.


Those are our picks for our favorite Eldar Relics. We’re really looking forward to causing a -4 to be shot at by a unit with plasma weapons…

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    Phoenix Gem is the best of these, the others apply to Autarchs mostly which is a sub standard guy anyway. Spirit stone is good, would be better for Ulthwe really. Shard of Anaris on a Storm guardian would surprise someone.

    • fenrisful2

      How about the swooping Hawk Exarch? 😉

      • Adam Richard Corrigan

        Don’t want to get your hawks into combat unless it’s to quickly tie up artillery.

    • Vepr

      Like the old Carsten ring and heart of woe combination from back in the day in WarHammer Fantasy. “Boom! Hey its me again!”

      • Adam Richard Corrigan

        I always liked a frostblade on my Vampire Lord. For Eldar it was the Executioner blade and psychic power combo. Exarch with wings and web of skulls and a couple of powers to get lots of hits in.

    • Spacefrisian

      Autarchs…Sigh, you can start collecting dust now, cant walk with sword, fusiongun and banshee mask anymore…

      • I_am_Alpharius


        Fundamentally, you are still allowed to keep using datasheets from the Indexes. GW have said as much when 8th was launched. If you do then when special rules change, like Path of Command then you maybe stuck with the old version of the rule; although, typically so far, GW has FAQ’s Indexes with alterations. The only real issue may come at organised events. At which, list may be restricted to Codex entries only.


      • mark

        except you will want the path of command skill

    • Da Gargoyle

      How would you give a Guardian a Remnant? They are restricted to Asuryani Characters, Guardians don’t have one.

  • garry

    Spirit stone i think might be my go to. Giving that warlock a way to get thier buff or debuff off reliably is just too good. Playing against hariquins or need to kill a guilman you really want to reroll that -1 to saves. Want to get a turn 1 charge off rerolling quicken for that second move is going to be important. Lots of high toughness opponents with eldar’s relatively low strength weapons?? +1 to wound in melee will be gold that game. Rerolling those are just too good.

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    Adam Harry… again. C’mon man.

    You can’t combine Lighting-Fast Reflexes and Alaitoc; one is a craftworld-specfic stratagem and the other is a different craftworld’s ability.

    • garry

      What? Lightning fast reflexes is a neutral st4a5egen for craftworld eldar.

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        Withdrawn. I was confused for a moment by the Asuryani keyword. I should have realized it was the keyword for space high elves (Asur in fantasy), but my mind read it as the name of a craftworld.

        I apologize.

  • Arthfael

    “all but one remains”… sorry GW, that is not how it’s done.

    • Me

      Yeah, I caught that. Based on the rest of what’s written, it should either be “only one remains” or “all but one is gone” or some such.

  • Da Gargoyle

    Stuff the Relics and Warlord Traits, I bought the Eldar Codex today and my conclusion is that the Codex is to the Xenos Index what the second bull elephant was to Nobby in Brothers Grimsby.