40K: The Conscription Bypass

Guard Commanders, are you bummed about your Conscripts? Well perk-up! we’ve got some good news that might just make your day.

Let’s get real for a moment – Conscripts got a much needed nerf. Taking a Squad of 50 and enabling them to fire off orders with little-to-no issues was a bit much. By most accounts, the drop to a max size of 30 and having orders work on them only on a 4+ seems like a good fix…But not if you’re a Guardsmen!

That’s the breaks – sorry Guardsmen

That Raw Recruits seems like a pretty raw deal, right? It can really hinder you ability to issue an order to this unit. But remember that phrase: “issue an order” – it’s going to come up again shortly.

So what is a commander to do? “Well what about that stratagem you can use to help consolidate those squads?” You mean Consolidate Squads?

Except – NOPE! That only applies to Infantry Squads (pg 93) which are a separate unit entry. Nice try though. “Okay, so what can we do?”

Give them orders without giving them orders! Confused? Don’t worry, I got you covered. All it takes is a couple of Cadian units which you can slide in your list.

You’re going to want to take an Officer of some type – I personally prefer the Company Commander. Dirt cheap and can issue up to 3 orders a turn (before other shenanigans). Next up, you’ll want your Conscripts and another Infantry unit or two to all be within 6″ of the same Officer. Oh, and you’ll want them all to be Cadians so you can have access to this little gem when you make that Officer your Warlord:

That’s right – each time your Warlord issues an order or tank order you roll a dice. On a 4+ that order can affect an additional Cadian Unit of the same type (Infantry or Leman Russ).

The key words here are the phrase “that order can affect an additional Cadian Unit” – see the difference? Basically, you’re going to issue an order to one unit, let’s say “Take Aim!” and on a 4+ that order now affects the Conscripts! You’re not issuing them an order, they are just getting the benefits.

So now you don’t even need to issue an order to those Conscripts directly – you’ve just committed your first Conscription Bypass! Congratulations, you’re not ready to go forth and put an Imperially whoppin’ on your enemy.

There’s lots more in the book than this little trick – Codex: Astra Militarum is out today – Go read it for yourself!

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    Not a bad idea. It’d still only effectively have a 50% chance of affecting the conscripts, but at least it’d have a 100% chance of affecting the first squad.

    • Rob brown

      We don’t agree. The second order has a 25% chance of affecting the conscripts – 50% for the free order and 50% of it working on the Conscripts. There is still an issue being issued to conscripts which has a chance of being ignored.

      • eMtoN

        Because the second order has 100% success if the first one succeeds, it’s still a 50%

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        But it’s not being “issued.” The second unit operates under the effects of the order, but that unit isn’t being “issued” an order, regardless of how many orders are being issued..

        • Rob brown

          All Superior Tactical Training does is increase the number of units affected by the issued order. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t issued to the additional units. That would be crazy.

  • Rob brown

    Totally agree with YetAnotherFacelessMan. You’re still issuing an order, it’s just potentially affecting the conscripts as well. It still has a 4+ to pass, after the 4+ to see if it affects the unit. I can just imagine the arguments this will provoke at the table though!

    • Jeremy Larson

      The kicker is that if you fail, you can issue a second order to another infantry squad within 6″ of the conscript squad, and get another 4+ chance to have it go off.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      I’m not sure we actually agree.

      I was saying that you’re issuing the order to lets say a Heavy Weapon Squad. It automatically goes off. The warlord trait says that on a 4+, it affects one other squad and that squad is a squad of conscripts.

      This is functionally identical to just issuing the order to the conscripts, which only succeeds on a 4+, with the exception of that unit of Heavy Weapons getting the order.

      I would say that, as long as you don’t target the conscripts with the initial order, you don’t have to roll the 4+ for the Rough Recruits special rule… but it doesn’t change much, since you end up having to roll a 4+ of some sort anyways.

      An interesting option, but I don’t think I’d build a list around it.

      • Fomorian

        The advantage of this warlord trait is, that you have the potential to affect more units with orders, than you have orders, you could give, if enough units are within that range of 6″. That bypass thing isnt’ bad either, but is of course practically the same like, if you would issue an order directly to the conscripts :)! …

        • Kenneth Portner

          It’s a little better because at least you got some benefit from the order even if the Conscripts fail.

        • I_am_Alpharius

          It can only affect one additional unit, not multiple.

          “…On a 4+ that order can affect an additional….”

          It is the use of “an” that tells you than. ‘An’ the form of the indefinite article of ‘a’ used before words beginning with a vowel sound. ‘a’ meaning one. 😉

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            One at a time. 3 Orders per turn is still 3 Orders per turn, and thus 3 chances to give something else the same order. Oddly enough, if you used different Orders with this trait you could, if I’m reading this right, stack those 3 Orders onto the same unit, although whether you want 3 of the generic Infantry Orders on the same unit is an odd corner case.

          • I_am_Alpharius

            Oh for sure. You’re about to double down on the order front and get more out of the Officer. You can’t stack Orders. Any AM unit can only ever obey one order per turn. From the final sentence in the Voice of Command ability:

            “…A unit may only be effected by one Order per turn.”

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            Didn’t catch that. I stand corrected.

      • Jory4001

        the major benefit is that if the order doesn’t “Affect” the conscripts on a 4+ they can still be issued or affected by another one, where as if a conscript was issued an order int eh first place and failed the 4+ then they could no longer be issued any more orders that turn

        The warlord trait also says you can only put the additional order one the “Same unit type” so if you issue an order to a HWS you have to give the extra order to another HWS, if you issue it to an infantry, the 2nd must be given to another infantry squad. The only way to get the free order to affect a squad of conscripts to to issue the first order to a different squad of conscripts.

      • Kenneth Portner


  • David Clift

    Lets just wait till the faq.

  • Marco Marantz

    Great, so before the codex is even out the nerf has been circumvented. GFG GW.

    • LankTank

      Oh heavens forbid that a player takes an HQ with a specific warlord trait to have 50% chance of a Conscript getting an order. How could ANY player stand a chance against such effortless in game savagery

      • Marco Marantz

        Well conscripts benefiting from orders was an issue, which GW addressed on one hand, but didnt on another. I think its funny.

      • Moonsaves

        And also the regiment has to be Cadian, don’t forget.

  • Munn

    I’m not really seeing how this is that much better than just the 4+ order. It requires you to have as many non-conscript units as conscript units, enough orders for all of them, for the orders to beneficial to the conscripts AND the unit in question (FRFSRF on a unit that can’t benefit is the same as just putting it on conscripts) and it’s still just a 4+. It’s 15-20% better at best.

    • AEZ

      It’s a sort of partial fix (if you consider it a problem) and it does make some sort of sense.. supported by other units you have a bigger chance to get orders on them all including the conscripts.

  • Nathan king

    It’s still a 4+ by another name. Your odds are no better of getting the order to go off on the conscripts unit, though you do get a guaranteed effect on the non conscript unit, so I suppose it is a net gain.

    • AEZ

      If you can do more of these orders (say 2 – not sure if possible, don’t play them) then you can do 2 other units for sure.. and havea 2x 50% chance at getting the conscripts as bonus.

  • Ebsolom

    “Congratulations, you’re not ready to go forth and put an Imperially whoppin’ on your enemy.”


    • Commissar Molotov

      It’s the new hamburger at Burger King.

      • euansmith

        Apparently, reason they call it, “… an Imperial whoppin'”, is because of the metric system.

  • Spacefrisian

    Yes please bring more conscripts, i dont want to run out of targets turn 2.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Well it’s still a 4+
    Of course it’s nice to get a free try – that is what the respective warlord trait is there for.

  • Chris Hateley

    Awesome. So as long as you collect Cadians or are happy to have a mixed theme force, you’re good. Not so good if, like me, you collect another faction like Catachans and want to stick with that theme.

    • Frostasche

      And what about the poor sods, that are collecting a completly different army? They cannot issue orders at all. Shocking.
      It makes the game intersting, if not everyone has everything. And Cadians have only strength 3 infantry for example.

      But i am not sure, this circumvention was intended. Let’s wait for next FAQ

      • LankTank

        Of course it was intended. It’s a Warlord/Warlord Trait/positioning tactic and in the end it’s only 50% chance of a single order on a conscript unit.

    • LankTank

      Catachans don’t have conscripts thematically. Anyone who survives on Catachan is an experienced soldier

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Background wise Conscript don’t have to (or not at all, when it comes to famous regiments) come from regiment homeworlds. Indeed, the vast majority are drawn from either planets that are under assault or from planets in near by systems to an area under attack. They are raised at the behest of planetary Governors, who more often than not are order to do so by the Adeptus Minsitorum, as and when needed. So you’re very much incorrect in saying its not “thematic” for Catachans to have conscripts fighting besides them.

        The thing I find a little odd with Conscripts is they have the keyword, when means the get to use the doctrines. I suppose it can represent a unit of Conscripts having be trained by the regiment they are attached to, but it just seems a little weird.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Hmmm. I disagree. I can see where you’re coming from but is very much a stretching of the meaning of the rules and their wording… Let me explain…..

    The Conscript Raw Recruits ability states:
    “…and no other orders can be issued to this unit for the rest of the turn.”

    All good. Clearly saying that a Conscript unit that fails to obey an order can not be issued any further orders that turn. Now, to me it is clear and very precise, that the Conscripts cannot benefit from Orders, and their effects, for the remainder of the turn

    The Cadia Warlord Trait Superior Tactical Training states:
    “…On a 4+ that order can affect an additional….”

    And therein lies the rub. You’re summation is cherry picking the words and not taking in the rule in full context of the rule. You miss out two very important words “that order”. The trait, essentially, is allowing, on a 4+, a ‘free’ order, of the same type, onto another unit that is close enough. Its not simply conferring only the effect i.e. what the Order does. It is saying that the Order, issued to an additional unit – you’re getting a two for one off the issuing of one order i.e. a free order. There is a subtle difference between the meaning of the words affect and effect, but its an important one.

    Hence, since,it is clear that Conscripts can’t obey any more orders for a turn, when they fail their Raw Recruits roll. They can’t be caught and affected by the Cadia Warlord Trait. Similar, you can’t use this trait to issue two different (or same) orders to a single unit, as units can only obey one order per turn.

    • Heinz Fiction

      I would say that you are the one cherrypicking words here. Maybe it was menat that way but it is clearly not worded that way and there is no way to tell if this is intentional or an oversight.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        Not cherry picking. Just reading the rule in the context of the whole sentence of said Trait rule.

    • LankTank

      Can’t agree. Voice of Command “Issues” orders to units. Raw Recruit stops orders being “issued” to the unit. Superior Tactical Training states you “issue” a order to one unit and then a second unit is is “affected”. It does not state that a second unit is also “issued” that order.
      Thematically I think it still works as well. An order being sent to the Conscripts who have no idea what it means until they see the unit next to them doing it.

      • I_am_Alpharius

        You think you’re right. I think I am right and that’s cool to disagree 🙂

        I can see where the ambiguity lies and comes from. I am sure we’ll see it answered in an FAQ too.

  • memitchell

    An officer could issue an order to Conscripts directly. Or, a Cadian officer with the Warlord trait could issue an order to another unit (or the Conscripts for that matter). On a 4+ roll, he could issue the same order to another unit (which could be a Conscript unit). In EVERY case, when the Conscript unit(s) is issued an order (directly, or as a result of passing the Warlord Trait 4+ roll), the Raw Recruit ability requires a 4+ roll to take effect. It’s like an “order armor save.” That roll is made even if it required a previous 4+ roll to issue the second order. So, to successfully issue that second order to a Conscript unit would require TWO successful 4+ rolls. The advantage is if the order was initially issued to an infantry unit (other than Conscripts) it would always take effect.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Ha yeah. I didn’t consider that if the Conscripts had yet to be issued an Order. Then they would still need to pass their Raw Recruits roll, as they would have been indirectly “issued” an order.

  • FCBullsht

    So instead of rolling a 4+ for the conscripts you play extra points for another squad to have the conscripts then profit from the others squad order on a 4+… Wow, thats really gamebreaking!

    The problem with conscripts is still commissars… 30 dirt cheap guys besically being immune to moral