40K: Top 5 Overused Eldar Units

Some units stand head and shoulders above the rest…and we’re ready to see something else from the Eldar Armory.

Yesterday we took a look at some of the units that don’t get to see the light of day very often in the Eldar Codex. Today, we’re going to point the spotlight on units that we’re frankly tired of seeing on the tabletop. “We get it – you read about how cool they are and work really well. Way to follow the herd, brah!” It’s not that. The thing is with a new codex literally around the corner we’re hoping that the Eldar units and players will get to spread the love a little bit and try some new units out. So maybe give the following models a break for like a week or something, okay?


I get it. They are good. And cool looking. And are a big points sink. And they are pretty great all around…I can’t fault you for wanting to bring this model to the tabletop – it’s probably your army’s centerpiece model. But please, just for a bit, can you trying SOMETHING else besides the Wraithknight? There are other Wraith-constructs that are pretty cool, too! Maybe dust those off and give them a spin because we, the collective gaming community, are tired of having to deal with Mr. Kimbo-Wraithcannon doing the River-dance on our armies.

Warp Spiders

There are other Aspect warriors besides Warp Spiders. We know those things are metal at best…that’s got to be really heavy! Why don’t you leave those at home for a bit, we don’t want you to throw you back out. Plus…Spiders creep us out. So just, you know…leave those out.

Guardian Jetbikes (aka Windriders)

Look – we know they aren’t Troops now and that you’ve been using that as justification to take your Scat-bikes. But could you try something else in the Fast Attack Slots. You could even proxy those Scat-Bikes as Shining Spears for a couple games! Yeah, you know Shining Spears…the OTHER Eldar Jetbike unit. What’s that? You’ve never heard of them? Oh man…

Fire Dragons

I almost feel bad about this one. Look – I love me some Fire Dragons. I think they are an awesome unit and great at melting armor Trogdor Style. It’s just how many times can you load them up in a Wave Serpent and fly them at their target and blow it up? Don’t you want to try some other tactics? Surely you could use Dark Reapers or maybe a Support Battery or a Fire Prism or SOMETHING besides the Fire Dragons. Heck, War Walkers can be fun at shooting armor up…


Seriously – leave this guy out for A GAME, man! C’mon! Did you know it comes with other weapons besides the Heavy Wraithcannon? Try the Suncannon or the Ghostglaive at least! I think you have a problem – you’re addicted to the Wraithknight. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Bonus: Vypers

…Just kidding. These guys are totally cool to bring.


What Eldar units are you tired of seeing on the tabletop? Why do you think players gravitate towards those particular unit? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: AdamHarry Plays Eldar and uses 3/5ths of the models on this list. He knows he’s part of the problem. That’s the joke.
  • GiftoftheMagi

    So what you are saying is I need to take more Wraithknights. Good to know.

  • Heinz Fiction

    I don’t even have a Wraith Knight. Simple reason: it doesn’t fit in my cupboard.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Really, fire dragons? I think I may have seen them maybe ten times in my life. Usually its Wraith Guard that are way more common or Reapers.

    • Havik110

      Until they became plastic they were VERY VERY rare on the table.

      Back in 4th and 5th fire dragons were EVERYWHERE the way the Wraithknight is today.

      You may find this weird, but people used to play 3 wraithlords back in 4th, and I hated them. Now you would laugh at them.

      Then they had the cheddar that was the falcon…they were absolutely unkillable unless you had AP1 ordinance and even then it was hard.

      • Dulahan

        The lack of Plastic for almost anything in the range that’s decent is seriously hurting the Eldar.

        Why do you think you see so many Wraiths? Plastic. Because Aspects are expensive!

        (and Guardians are terrible with such a short range)

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Wraithguard are still more costly than most Aspect Warriors though.

          Wraithguard are 50 bucks for 5 guys. That’s 10 dollars a model.

          Striking Scorpions are 41.25 for 6 models. That’s 6.87 per model.

          Dark Reapers are 41.25 for 5 models. That’s 8.25 per model.

          Remember, this is AFTER the giant price hike that these models were hit with during the Great Price Hike of the 2010’s.

          • Dulahan

            Wait for the new Start Collecting, not anymore!

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            That is true. 😀

          • NagaBaboon

            Wraithguard are twice the height, and I’m guessing roughly twice the pts cost of a striking scorpion though.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        They used to run Falcons full of Harelquins in 4th edition too.

      • Coltcabunny

        The Falcons were practically unkillable. You could declare Exterminatus on the planet it’s on and it would still be floating there; only having suffered a “crew shaken” result.

    • J Mad

      I see them all the time 😮

  • Steven Walter

    More Wraithknights.

    Got it!

  • Karru

    That feeling when you look at the list and realise you haven’t used any of the listed units once in your Eldar Army.

    • Well… I did use Vypers 😛

      • Dirheim

        My list usually had 3 units of 3 Vypers, because it fits the background and I love the model.

    • AntonisLak

      i play mass swooping hawks with striking scorpions fire prisms and some guardians, never used any of the above as well but when my wallet look better i really want some wraiths

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Wraithknights look cool? Since when? They look like starved evangelions (and those things were anorectic to begin with) and have that tau-weeaboo feel. I get they kick arses in the gameplay department but the looks? Derpy as hell, even more than the old Khaine model, and that’s saying something…

    • EnTyme

      In all honesty, the entire Eldar range just seems a little odd in my opinion. I mean, obviously it appeals to a lot of people, but I just don’t get it. Though for some reason, I like the Harlequins despite only being slightly different aesthetically. Now Dark Eldar? Those are some awesome models.

      • 40KstillRulesTheTT

        The Eldar range looked ok 8 years ago, but in 2017 eldar is now by far the oldest and ugliest range of models (along with sisters) in the whole 40k universe.

        • Mr.Gold

          Chaos Marines…

        • Defenestratus

          You know what they say about opinions…

        • Dennis J. Pechavar


      • Rafał Pytlak

        Yup for some reason i like the looks and esthethics of DE and Harlequins but Space Elves? I dunno but it’s something with the design of their armors and stupid weapons that i just can’t bare.I like fantasyelves and dislike fantasy orcs. In 40k it’s reversed

      • Me

        At least they don’t have the walking Easter eggs (a.k.a. dreadnoughts) any more.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      I not sure what kind of Wraithknight you’re looking, as the kit is gorgeous…each to their own I guess. If it don’t push your buttons, then it don’t push your buttons.

      • Tyr

        I modified mine a bit to limit some of the weirdness (modded the cannons to be underslung, slightly changed the chest armour to look a bit sleeker), now its absolutely fine. Wasnt a huge fan without those mods though.

      • Wyatt Q Alvis

        Yeah what are they expecting from elves in space, it looks like an elf mecha, and all the better for it

  • I_am_Alpharius

    An aside…but, why hide the footnote by using teeny tiny font for it? Makes literally no sense.

    • Tyr

      … there was a footnote?

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Note: AdamHarry Plays Eldar and uses 3/5ths of the models on this list. He knows he’s part of the problem. That’s the joke.

        • Tyr

          I did actually see it afterwards, shouldve made it a bit clearer I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek there. 😛

  • Shelltoon

    Still taking jetbikes, but they’re shuriken bikes. Also, I’m going to say if the Saim-Hann rumors turn out to be true, expect to see a lot of Vypers on the tabletop! I’m pretty much building a murder race list, that will have a place for Shining Spears, and an Autarch on a bike. All plastic, which means kitbashing all around!

  • J Mad

    Havent seen Vypers in the table… ever.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Really? They are strong and fun.

    • Shelltoon

      Vypers actually have a chance this edition. The dex will probably make them excellent choices for Saim-Hann detatchments.

    • BigGrim

      I love my Vipers!

  • majbjörn

    The nightmare would be a if all the failcast models became the meta for Eldar : // Especially Warp Spiders, Shining Spears and the Avatar.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      There’s an Ultima joke here in need of graphics.

  • Arthfael

    Meeeeh, stop taking good uniiitseuh!

  • Bigalmoney666

    To make things worse, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fully painted Wraithknight on the table.
    If you’re going to auto-include it in every list, at least take the time to paint it.

  • Spacefrisian

    Dunno but i think Dark Reapers are good now, 36 points for a model with some serious firepower ( and an exarch cost 30 instead, but can dish out even more hurt)

  • Randy Randalman

    There’s no such thing as an overused model…which is designed to be used.

  • Yves Ewen

    Is this an article from 7th or what?
    The knight is completely overpriced (no seriously go compare it to an imperial knight) and doesn’t offer a lot at the moment, so i hardly see any in 8th. Warp Spider shenanigans are also gone, and Scatterbikes are outright bad without any of their jink saves or psychic power protections.

    The problem is that these units were so broken last edition that entire Eldar armies consist of them. I have seen none of these used lately, at least not by Eldar players that want to be a bit competitive.

    • Vachones

      That was my exact response to this article. Clearly the memories from 7th linger for many players.

  • Defenestratus

    I can’t remember, did BOLS do an article where they shame space Marine players into not using models that they like?

    I don’t think so…

  • JohnnyTrombone

    Our Eldar players, me included, use the Lynx w/Sonic lance (3d6 autohit shots! yes please!) more than the WraithKnight. And the Scorpion tank in large games.

  • BigGrim

    Nice to see the ridiculous stigma pointed at Eldar is alive and well.

    I’ve been an Eldar player for 20+ years. Not gonna bow to the internets sill take on things.

  • “What Eldar units are you tired of seeing on the tabletop?”

    Simple. All of them.

  • Commissar Molotov

    Let’s hope the new codex brings back proper Biel-Tan Sword-wind forces made up of various aspects…

    Or just brings back Biel-Tan, for that matter.

  • Ryan Miller

    Eldar is overused