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There’s a new Tyranid codex coming, and the first batch of rumors is bubbling up to the surface.

Like the Shadow in the Warp that follows the hive fleets of the Great Devourer as they snake their way through the galaxy claiming world after world, so too do rumors follow the announcement of a new Codex. The rumors, if true, are promising for the new Niddex, so let’s take a look.

via The Tyranid Hive user ‘Seeg’

Spotted over on the Tyranid Hive message boards via one of their users, we’ve got a possible look at some of the upcoming rules for the news Tyranid codex. Again, these are just rumors, and may not actually be true, but if they are–the new codex is something for Tyranid players to get excited about.

These posts were in a Codex Rules preview thread from Tyranid Hive user Seeg. You can read the whole thread here, but we’ve snipped the relevant information.

behemoth: reroll failed charges
Kraken: can charge after falling back
Gorgon: reroll 1s to hit for fight phase
jormungandr: always have cover bonus (i’m not sure if i read this right)
hydra: reroll misses against units with less models during fight phase
kronos: reroll 1s to hit for shooting, IF the unit doesnt move
Leviathan: looks to be the same as salamander tactic but i’m not 100% sure

Neurothrope is now HQ, a character and no longer part of a zoanthrope unit. zoanthropes within 6″ of a neurothrope reroll 1s for psychic tests. the spirit leech thing now only heals 1 wound for a zoanthrope unit withint 6″

here’s the bit lots and lots of ppl will go nuts about
there are now 3 seperate carnifex entries. 1.) Carnifex 2.) Screamer killer 3.) Thornback
carnifex including 2x monstrous scything talons clock in total at 83 pts.. the 2 pairs of monstrous scything talons for carnifexes are 15 pts, 1 pair is 14 pts. yes.. i know. dont ask me why.
there are individual upgrades for basic carnifexes. +1BS, +1 attack on the charge, -1 to hit from enemy shooting. on the charge carnifexes and screamer killers now get +1 WS on top of the current battering ram rule
screamer killers come stock with “bio plasmic scream” which is 0 points, 12″ assault 6(not sure on the number), S7 ap-1, 1damage. screamer killers come stock with 2 monstrous scything talons as well. 90 pts in total
dont have much info on the thornback other than at the end of combat roll d6 for each enemy unit in combat with it. on 6 deal 1 mortal wound

Psychic scream, WC5, Targets nearest enemy within 18″ does d3 mortal wounds. if the target is a psyker, also roll 2d6. if the value is higher than the enemy psyker’s leadership, the enemy psyker loses 1 spell at random

paroxysm WC5, target enemy unit within 12″ of the psyker fights last. (there’s a whole big ass block of text here talking about exceptions and what not)

*cant remember the name* target unit within 36″ of the psyker essentially gains synapse

here’s a bunch of random (please do not swear)

old one is is now 9 wounds. 200 pts. hits of 6 generate one additional attack. can be equipped with a scything talons relic that +1s ap-3, 3dmg, +1 attack. uses behemoth warlord trait
swarmlord is t7, 12w, 4++. his blade parry makes it 3++. no other notable change i think. uses leviathan warlord trait

hivefleet gorgon warlord trait: enemy units within 3″ of the warlord at the end of the turn take 1 mortal wound each on a 4plus
hivefleet behemoth warlord trait: on 6’s to wound he deals an additional damage
hivefleet leviathan warlord trait: after deployment but before start of game, redeploy your warlord

tyrannocyte is now 100 pts. 5pts for each deathspitter.

hivefleet kronos stratagem: 2cp, when an enemy psyker attempts to cast a spell, make it use only 1 dice to roll
hivefleet behemoth stratagem: 2cp, choose on unit. roll a d6 for each charging model. for each 6 deal 1 mortal wound to the enemy unit it charged. for monsters its on a roll of 2+

2cp stratagem: choose one unit. at the end of the shooting phase it shoots again. (cannot target monsters)

maleceptors total pointage including wargear is 172. T7, 12W

Read more: http://thetyranidhive.proboards.com/thread/53797/new-codex-rules-preview?page=11#ixzz4wug5bWaH

Now again, these are just rumors, but if you read the thread, none of the administration have pulled it as baseless rumors (at least not as of this writing), and a few people are vouching for what the user has to say.

If any of this is true, there could be some pretty spicy changes coming to the Hive Fleets. Time alone can tell.

In the meantime, what do you think of these rumors? Those carnifex changes look mean.

  • Can’t remember the name? That’s a bit odd.

    • DoctorBored

      It used to be that the only way we’d get leaks is someone would be shown the Codex, wouldn’t be allowed to take pics, and would just have to remember as much as they could. Often times the leakers weren’t even players of that particular army.

  • davepak

    The carnifex love sounds like good news – hopefully they address the core problem (of it and many other bugs) in the poor weapon skill.

    • DoctorBored

      HQ’s that grant re-rolls to hit/wound will be the big thing that I’m sure they’ll start benefiting from.

  • J Mad

    My thing and the only thing i really wanted was -1pt to gants (Term/Horm/Goyles) they are so inefficient.

    Bu HT/SL getting 4++ always is a HUGE life saver to those units, they are over 10w so can be target and was to easy to shoot and kill, glad to see some survival buffs.

    The Fleets are a bit disappointing, some are fine, but not very unique/helpful for sure.
    Kraken: is strong with some armies but not with Nids (as an army rule, some units sure, this will be a small detachment),
    Hydra: is going to make Genestealers better, not like they needed it lol
    Leviathan: will be good with Nidzilia units like the Tfex.

    My favorites are for sure are Jormungan, Gorgon, Kronos, can make some good synergy with those.

    • Jesse Sinclair

      I think Behemoth might end up being the strongest. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t spend at least 2-3CP on charges for their Nids a game.

      Still, Leviathan is crazy good for Monsters, ranged or melee, and Jormungandr might be amazing depending on how it is actually worded, and whether Momsters can take advantage of it.

      • J Mad

        Not saying your wrong, i agree to a point, but i’m looking at it from a full army composition, Nids are going to be force to take multi-fleets now, i was “Trying” to say (after re-reading it i miss the mark, english is hard for me), that Jorm, Gorg and Kronos synergies with a full army better.

        Tfec, HT, Warriors, Hive Guard, and a few others are great with Leviathan, gants, genestealers, biovores, Ravagers etc.. are not.

        Gorgon will really help high attack melee units like Genestealers and Hormagants, but not larger ones like a Melee Tyrants, Swarmlord etc..

        That is what i was trying to say, not much synergy between Large and Small units without doing multi-detachments.

        Didnt mean to make them all sound bad.

        • Jesse Sinclair

          True, but combined arms has always been a struggle for Nids. Due to multiple overlapping factors Nids really need to choose whether they are going Monster Mash or Swarms (with mid-size bugs slotting into either with medium success).

          You are correct, but traits aren’t the only, or even biggest, reason Nids should choose one set up and go ‘all in’ with it.

    • TCM

      Definitely agree about making gaunts cheeper. Hormagaunts have 2 attacks and can only cause damage in cc. Sure they are fast, but still they almost always take significant casualties before getting to do anything. Meanwhile guardsmen can get 1 attack at 24″ and be useful for most of the battle and then 2 at 12″. think it’s nuts that hormaguants are more expensive than a clearly better unit and should at least be lowered to 4pts. Termagaunts have the same issue with only 1 shot at 12″, though having what is basically a bolt pistol is pretty nice. Still I’d take S3 at 24″ over S4 at 12″ any day. Devil gaunts are fine though and probably costed pretty correctly.

      • J Mad

        Yeah look at Orks, 6pt for more attacks, ccw/p, re-roll charge, S4/T4, but less movement, tho they can get transports and teleporting, and they dont need synapse.

        • TCM

          Wow I didn’t realize orks had gotten such a buff (know next to nothing about orks). To be honest I’d take a +1 pt increase on gaunts for a profile like that. Saw that orks also got ws 3+ which made me bite my lip like 🤤 “mmmm…. dat weapon skill”.

  • Marcet

    Hydra confirmed:

    “Hydra, for example, can re-roll hits in close combat against units they outnumber (which, with Tyranids, shouldn’t be too tricky!).”


  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Feel a bit dodgy about the Nu-fleets, as GW hasn’t committed to rules support for sub-factions drawn from whole cloth before.

    • Jesse Sinclair

      All of these have been mentioned in the fluff before, just not in a starring role. Most date back to at least the 5th ed Codex, except maybe Kronos, they might have gotten their first mention in the 6th ed book.

      • Davor Mackovic

        Well GW just mentioned the name of all the Fleets. Take that as you want. Since the Awesome Seeg mentioned this before GW released the article, I will believe what he says. Of course salt taken, but so far he is proven correct.

        • Jesse Sinclair

          Are you the Davor from the Tyranid Hive boards?

          • Davor Mackovic

            Yes I am.

          • Jesse Sinclair

            I’m JesseS on the forum.

          • Davor Mackovic

            I thought so, but wasn’t sure. 🙂

  • Jesse Sinclair

    Seeg showed 3 of us proof that they have access to the Codex, but asked we not share that proof.

    A store was delivered a copy turbo-early it seems, and Seeg is allowed to look at the book (discreetly) but not take pictures or take it home.

    As such while there is the chance that Seeg is remembering things wrong, they are certainly not lying. I would also like to point out that Seeg posted the Hydra trait half a day before it was confirmed by the Warhammer Community site.

  • TCM

    It’s cool old one eye is becoming 9 wounds for targeting reasons, but the points increase + only getting more attacks on 6+ is a pretty bad nerf, unless they give him more attack or something to balance it out.

  • Luca Lacchini

    8th edition is starting to sound like “re-roll edition”.

    Not sure what it will mean in the long term, but every faction and subfaction has at least one re-roll ability, possibily more thanks to auras/stratagems/CPs/else.

    • Rush Darling

      Think its just a core mechanic of these types of games mate. 7th wasn’t exactly light on it, and at least with re-rolls happening after modifiers they’re generally a little bit worse than they were in the past. I think 8th has it right in that you can either run a big unit of something, or you can run a smaller unit but support it with a character to improve its effectiveness. Yes there’s native re-rolls dotted around, but I hope I’m right in saying that the vast majority come from paying the cost for supporting units etc

      • Luca Lacchini

        Maybe it’s just that they’re more in the open, but I honestly can’t remember as many chances to re-roll in 7th edition (most often from twin-linked), at least with the armies that I used.
        All of them not optimized, not even super competitive, I admit that.

        • Jesse Sinclair

          5th Edition Nids were essentially “re-roll everything” so this is about standard for Nids. They’ve been an army really heavy on re-rolls for at least 4 editions.

          • Luca Lacchini

            Ah, OK. That’s more clear now.
            I went on hyatus after 2nd and up to 7th edition.

  • David Clift

    I’m thinking a unit of 30 Devilgaunts popping up and shooting twice a shooting phase-thats 180 shots.

  • Jabberwokk

    Tyranid Hive where I lurk is exploding with new intel..

    and from the looks of things…

    Good times, these are the good times
    Leave your cares behind, these are the good times
    Good times, these are the good times
    Our new state of mind, these are the good times
    Happy days are here again