40K: Tyranids Hive Fleet Preview: Adaptations

Games Workshop is back with a brand new look at all the Adaptations of the Hive Fleets of the Tyranids! It’s to to confirm some things…

After the windfall of teasers/rumors it’s time we get to hear the real deal direct from Games Workshop. Dig in, cause this is a big one!

via Warhammer Community

The Tyranids are horrifyingly diverse, and now, you’ll be able to build your army as dedicated to one of seven hive fleets (or their splinters). Each of these army-wide rules affects every unit in your Tyranids collection, from Rippers to Tyrannofexes, and each is powerful, distinct, and flexible.

Behemoth: Hyper-Aggression

Hyper-Agression is hyper-simple: Re-roll failed charge rolls!

Kraken: Questing Tendrils

When a unit advance, you can roll 3 dice and pick the highest. But really, it’s the “Fall Back and Charge in the same turn” that has us most excited.

Leviathan: Synaptic Imperative

Leviathan basically has army wide “FNP” as long as you have a creature with Synapse within 6″. Guess what unit pairs really well with this? Tyranid Warriors!

Gorgon: Adaptive Toxins

Re-roll wound rolls of 1’s in the fight phase. These guys are Toxic, man. It’s pretty simple and fits with the theme for sure.

Jormungandr: Tunnel Networks

A unit always gains the benefit of cover from shooting attacks unless that unit Advances or charges. But only until your next movement phase. I suppose this is an interesting work around from just giving them a -1 to be hit over 12″…but that means Big Bugs could move across the field with a 2+ save in some cases…which is kind of awesome.

Hydra: Swarming Instincts

Do you outnumber your opponent’s unit in the Fight Phase? Congratulations! You win re-roll to hit rolls for this fight phase vs that unit. They should have brought more bodies, right?

Kronos: Bio-Barrage

Shooty Nid Players, guess what!? You just got a “new” hive fleet that fits your playstyle! Gunline Nids are a thing now…get ready for Bio-Death to rain on your enemies…

Wow! As a Tyranid player I’m so excited right now. Where do I start!? I can honestly say that all 7 of these adaptations look appealing. It’s going to be tough to decide how I want to play this out. Do I go with Behemoth for pretty highly effective Tyrgon Tunnel Charge? Or do I roll with Kronos and bring on the Devourers all day, every day? What about Hydra or Gorgon for the extra pain in close combat? And let’s not down play the impact of having “Feel No Pain” rolls for my army. It makes those soft, squishy little guys more of a pain and it makes those tough bugs even tougher! But really, how scary will it be to run Carnifexes with a +2 save? Or Genestealers who will be rocking a +3? Decisions, decisions…

I cannot wait for this book now.


Fellow Tyranid enthusiasts, which Hive Fleet is calling your name? Everyone else – what are you thinking of these adaptions? 


  • Andre R.W. Schmeichel

    Solid. Powerful. Force multipliers without being abusive to the enemy. I approve.

  • generalchaos34

    Just like the guard codex, I like how they alter how you build your army list, how it deploys, and how it plays simply based off of your choice of hive fleet. Unfortunately Chaos/Space Marines/Admech didnt get the memo

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Same with Eldar, mostly. I wish Everyone was more like Nids and Guard.

      • EnTyme

        8th edition is shaping up nicely so far. Can’t wait for my Necrons to get a codex so we can join the fun.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Necrons are already really strong. They just need some synergy units/characters/models to make them sing.

        • tau4eva
          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            According to GW, you misspelled Codexes. 😛

        • Fraser1191

          Everyone’s sitting here with their cool stuff and I’m just sitting here with my space marine and Ad-mech codexes…

          • Wes

            Cheer up! You’ll probably get another basic SM codex before long!

          • Fraser1191

            I mean the space marine one isn’t bad, it’s just kinda bland in comparison

      • Justin Pettett

        Eldar got Craftworld tactics as well as their own special strategems for them and the craftworlds. Are you people just not freakin paying attention?

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Yes, they got them.

          The complaint is that the traits for Guard and Tyrandis (especially Guard) are generally more interesting and thematic than Marines and Eldar.

    • Justin Pettett

      Admech got Forgeworlds. Space Marines got Chapter Tactics, and CSM got Legion Tactics. WTF u talking about Willis?

    • Richard Mitchell

      Those adaptations are solid.

  • Apocryphus

    Joyfully, it devours! *makes a circular motion in the air with a fist*

  • Matt Kremkow

    Kronos…Wait, are they making the Dawn of War series canon now?

    • EnTyme

      If you’re referring to the tomb world from dark crusade, that was Kronus.

      • Rob brown

        At first I thought it was from the Rogue Trader rpg but that was Koronus! Lol

        • Navaren

          Its the classical spelling of the chief Greek titan. The one that ate all of zeus’s siblings. Just like all the other hive fleets are named for powerful mythic enemies.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Cronus was Zeus’ dad. 🙂

          • Navaren

            Yes, that’s what I said. Sorta. Chief Titan, father of Zeus Posedion, Hades, etc. Ate Hades Poseidon etc out of fear. Slain by Zeus when he was replaced with a Rock. Romanization gave us the C. Hence why Herakles became Hercules.

  • Fraser1191

    They revealed all of the adaptations in one post?
    They must have something bigger to reveal this week, otherwise there’d be a post a day

    • generalchaos34

      there is necromunda coming

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Someone got a hold of the codex over the weekend. He spoiled a bunch of stuff… But it was all from memory (as he was not allowed to take pictures), so some of it was inaccurate. This mass reveal is all damage control on GW’s part.

      • Fraser1191

        Ah, I see. Now I’m slightly disappointed. Was kinda hoping to hear what those apparent last 2 codexes for this year are

        • I_am_Alpharius

          I imagine that may well get reveal towards the end of the week, on the friday 40K twitch stream or over the weekend.

          • Fraser1191

            Yeah I don’t think they ever revealed a codex before the previous codex goes up for sale, not preorder. But to be honest I’m looking forward to Chapter Approved over a new codex cause I have all of mine. Mainly looking for the rule changes that they have in there. But that also begs the question of how recent are the changes?
            Cause there’s the amount of time it takes to write the book and print all the copies, or are they able to print all the copies over that preorder week?

          • I_am_Alpharius

            Got to remember GW work just over 12 months ahead. Releases are set in stone around 6 months before release, as this is the lead time for the WD. Likelihood is that nearly every (if not all) the Codices are “finished” – in that the it is written, had all the reprographics done and ready to send to the printers. However, the actually printing would be done until about 4-6 weeks before publication. Up until then GW can make tweaks to anything in the publication etc.. based on game feedback – all they do is send the updated copy to the printers by the deadline date.

            Like nearly all retail business GW work using a ‘just-in-time’ stock management system. It is incredibly inefficient to have mountains of stock sitting around in a warehouse that you can sell either because it has not been released yet or you make too much of it. Look the at new HH rule book. That was only just sent to the printers a couple of week back, this Friday it goes up for pre-order – I’d imagine it may well be a 2 week pre-order period.

            Now you may ask – “if they are all don, why don’t they just release them all at once?”. The answer is demand and market saturation. If they release them all at once it would likely end up in reduced sales. Customers can only afford to purchase so much each month.

          • Fraser1191

            Haha no I know why they didn’t release everything at once. I wouldn’t have my Ad-mech codex if they did that. It’s borderline amazing that the got this many out. There’s 28 armies in the tab on the shop (but I doubt the assassin’s will get their own codex, arguably 20 assuming they lump everything like agents of the emperor again, knights and renegade knights together) and they have soon to be 8 released with apparently 2 more this year. That’s half or over two thirds depending in a 6 month period, which is great cause then they can start doing their campaign books so they can start releasing models as they please

      • Rob brown

        If it’s the leaks from Tyranid Hive… Very little was inaccurate actually. Plus he was able to keep getting access to the codex over a few days with a constant feed of information.

        There’s an awesome summary page on that thread and to be honest it looks great. Nothing obviously broken but lots of improvements to most things.

        Hive Tyrant with 12w and T7 and 4++ is probably my favourite for no points increase.

        Major decrease in Tyranocyte points

        Major decrease in Haruspex points

        Improved BS option for carnifex and +1 to Hit on the charge

        Finally the Tfex can come of the shelf now the rupture Cannon is d3 S10 AP-3 1d6 damage shots without all the ‘must hit twice shenanigans’ plus it still gets to fire twice! Finally reliable anti-tank, particularly if combined with the Kronos adaption above.

        All really welcome.

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Could be the Necromunda factor, equally could be in response to info someone posted after seeing the codex. Personally, I imagine it is simply because there is alot of aspects of the codex they wish to highlight – afterall in the first article on Monday WH-Com did make a point of saying the Tyranids have seen the biggest changes and tweaks when compared to the Index datasheets.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Good stuff. At reading, the thing that really popped into my head and struck me, is how these Tyranid Adaptations are very ripe for designing army lists which utilises 2 or 3 of them; unlike the previous Codex’s where you’re generally better of focusing on one army specific ability.

    • Rob brown

      You’re right. The difficulties with that would normally be synapse creatures only affecting the same Hive Fleet and the relative expense of HQs making multiple detachments very expensive. However the cheap Neurophrope and the improvements to Synapse range/softening of Instinctive Behaviour make this more possible.

  • zeno666

    Well, well, well. GW actually suprised me here.
    I thought they where going to go: This one ignores cover saves. The opponent get -1 to hit against this one.
    As in reusing traits from earlier releases.

    Glad they didn’t!

  • Jabberwokk


    All of this looks fan-friggin-tastic. Got some decisions to make for my ravenor army. Also Leviathan gives me even more 4th ed flavor when synapse gave eternal warrior.

    sidenote and unrelated:”The Tyranids are horrifyingly diverse”


  • LankTank

    Wait are they saying +1 to armour extended carapace is back? As they reference a genestealer with it in cover for the 3+ on warhammer community

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      This codex is going to be like 4th edition, where all those cool bits have meaning again.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Looking like Behemoth or Jormungandr, because Charge, and cover, even while engaged, are good things.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Cover… add 1 to its models’ saving throws
      against shooting attacks to represent the
      cover received from the terrain (invulnerable
      saves are unaffected). Units gain no benefit
      from cover in the Fight phase.

      • Rob brown

        The other disadvantage to Jormungander is that you’re not getting any benefits from the actual terrain on the table. Which you would otherwise benefit from maybe half the time.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          I would rather have cover everywhere than be limited to specific pieces.

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        Not what I’m saying. I’m saying that they do not need to be in cover to get this benefit and more to the point, unless they charge in the previous turn, they can even gain this bonus against shooting attacks directed at them while they themselves are locked in combat, even against the Pistol shots directed at them by the units they’ve engaged in close combat, making anything less than a pure assault unit have a harder time dealing with these units. it really makes them better at tarpitting shootier armies.

  • Angus MacKenzie

    Behemoth all day, e’er day! Old One Eye has been my little Tyranid darling since 3rd ed. and he’s not leaving my lists anytime soon!

  • Wes

    Really dig these! Little bit of overlap with other sub faction abilities, but still cool! I love Kraken, but I’m really thinking about Behemoth lictors!

    • Wampasaurus

      Lictors already can reroll their charge rolls on the turn they arrive on the battlefield thanks to their Hidden Hunters ability. And you cant reroll twice. No need for Behemoth really on these particular models

  • Richard Jones

    Newish to 40K and especially Nids but want to check whether Tunnel Networks stack with other cover? Doesn’t state that doesn’t and in other traits GW have specified when something similar cannot be stacked.