40K Unboxing: The Tallyman & Plague Surgeon

These two new characters have got the right stuff to make your Death Guard hang tough. Come check out the Tallyman & Plague Surgeon.

We got our hands on the new Tallyman and Plague Surgeon kits and these new character kits are fantastic!

We’ve talked a lot about what these guys can do already in terms of rules but here’s a quick recap.

The Tallyman

I really liked this model and his ability is “statistically” important. The reason you keep the Tallyman around is that every time you spend a command point you’ve got a 16.67% chance at rolling exactly a 7 – it’s the most common number to roll on two dice. If you’re feeling lucky, spend those command points and get them back. If you’re feeling REALLY lucky – head to Las Vegas and hope Nurgle is on your side at the craps table.”

The Plague Surgeon

“An OG Apothecary, the Surgeon allows you to re-roll 1s on your Disgustingly Resilient rolls on units within 3″. He’s also better against marines in close combat on account of his Gene-seed Thief ability. I think he’s a great support character that can jump out and take on Marine Characters in a pinch.”

In terms of models, these two are great character kits. Yes, they are monopose models – but ideally, you really only need one Tallyman in your list and the Plague Surgeon is a cool character and his abilities are good – but I don’t think anyone is going to want to run more than 1 of them in a list. Re-rolling any Disgustingly Resilient rolls of 1 isn’t bad, but not game breaking. I think the Tallyman is more useful than the Plague Surgeon if you’re looking for something geared towards the competative side.

Both of these kits are packed full of details and look awesome once assembled. The models themselves fit together fantastically, and if you follow the assembly guides, you shouldn’t have any crazy seam as the cuts are all hidden. Really, if you’re a Death Guard player adding either or both of these to your collection will just give you some more options.

These two kits are coming out this weekend and are available to Pre-Order now from Games Workshop.

Nauseous Rotbone, the Plague Surgeon $25

Scribbus Wretch, the Tallyman $25


Rusty Weapon: Does This Look Infected? – the Buddy-Cop movie with Scibbus Wretch and Nauseous Rotbone, coming soon to a theater (of war) in the Grim-Dark near you!



  • ZeeLobby

    So assuming I want all 5 of the 32 mm Death Guard characters in this release I’ll be spending what, $125? Or are there 6 now? Part of me has to wonder if they’re just setting us up for a common price point for eventually going to a standard of $25 per mini.

  • Arthfael

    Monopose is sad, but then again, nothing that a loyalist apothecary model, a hobby scalpel, lots of green-stuff and a hot iron cannot remedy.

  • eMtoN

    Is it me or does the surgeon and tallyman look like the painter used a liberal amount of biel-tan green on it? That armor is a bit bright compared to the normal DG paint scheme.

    • They’re meant to be more Kid-Friendly, like every semi-posessed traitor of the Dark Gods should be nowadays. God I miss Realm of Chaos…

  • Crablezworth

    The ever increasing amount of mono pose or heavily keyed models is a downer

  • No GW, do not name your random characters! It was this bad when the Island of Blood came out, and new players thought every master moulder was called Greel! Just label them Death Guard Tallyman and Death Guard Chaos Surgeon, or something like that!