40K: Unboxing The Plague Marines

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The new Plague Marine Models are pretty sick.

Or if you want to pretend that we’re back in the late 80s-early 90s, these Plague Marines are the illest. Or at the very least, they are licensed to ill, making them and the Beastie Boys the only ones in history to hold that honor (and have you ever seen them in the same room). Even Mortarion doesn’t have that license, and that’s because of all of Nurgle’s Champions, his flow is the least fresh. It’s his blessing, and his curse. But nobody gets funkier, iller, or as down on the mic as the Plague Marines.

So come join us as we unbox them. Or celebrate their new album release. I kinda forget which one is real and which one is the joke that I wish was real. Either way, here, have a video:

These are definitely the units with the biggest entry in the codex. Their entry sort of exemplifies the New Style of GW Releases these days. Seriously though, they have a ton of options–do you want to build up some heavy weapon-toting shootmans? You can. Want to do up more of an assault squad armed to the teeth with plague weaponry and capable of punching above their weight? You got it. Load ’em down.

They are expensive, however. Especially if you take a squad of 20 of them–but you can really use them to anchor your army. The Death Guard already have a ton of tools they can use to back up whatever build you go for with your marines. Back them up with some long range firepower from the Plague Burst Crawler or Defilers. Or give rain down death with some foetid blight drones. Or throw them behind a unit of buffed poxwalkers and watch as you add to your zombie horde. Basically there’s nothing that doesn’t go with Plague Marines.


The one thing these Plague Marines can’t do is conduct a sabotage (because that’s a different album).

  • Szymon Szypulski

    ‘VIDEO GOES HERE’ you mean this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_N249-DeyY?

  • Ebsolom

    Great video.

  • Charon

    “Especially if you take a squad of 20 of them–but you can really use them to anchor your army. ”
    If you take a squad of 20 of them, this is your army.
    The trouble is that durability and toughness is nothing wort if you do not have the firepower to make it work. A unit of 20 plaque marines is still just killing an equivalent of 11 Imperial guard soliders/conscripts. Thats like between 44 and 33 points per turn in rapid fire range. So roughly 10% of their own value a turn while not even beeing so resilient as you like to think.
    You need 27 Lasguns to kill one Plaque marine (which is 56 points in non-conscript lasguns in rapid fire range) and 18 Lasguns to kill an ordinary marine (which is 36 points in non-conscript lasguns in rapid fire range)
    If you factor in their really really slow movement, you basically end up getting shot more often, thus the same number of members arrive where you want them to have but you end up paying more for the plaque marines.

    • LankTank

      Few things to consider. Blight bombardment hurts alot. Also when they can advance and still shoot blight launchers with no modifier and start double tapping from 18″ with plasma you will realise that they closed in faster than you were expecting. But having said that imo squads of 7 to maximise the anount of special weapons seems to be best. Even blight bombardment still works at 7 when a biologis is nearby

      • Charon

        2 Problems:
        While yes, putting even more points in makes the unit hit harder, it also eats a lot more points.
        the double tapping plasma has an incresed chance on killing your guardsman over a Bolter but at the same time, it is also 15x the cost of a bolter. So you would need to kill 4 guardsman alone to account for that plasma gun.
        I am not arguing that DG doesnt have some quality shooting ans seems like in a good spot vs other elite armies due to plasma, crawlers and MW spam. But horde is meta atm and they lack options to deal with them.
        At the moment Imperial guard doesnt even need to fire a single shot as DG lacks the firepower to do any measurable damage to them.
        Blight Bombardment is a gimmick. Sure it seems fun and looks good on paper. But if your opponent is still breathing he will not let your 4″ movement DG close in handily at 6″ and just watch as you throw in grenades.

        • lemt

          I mostly agree with you, However, a Plague Marine is 19 points, a Plasma Plague Marine is 32 points. So saying a Plasma Gun is 15x the cost of a Bolter is… not actually true. You have to count the cost of the soldier+weapon to compare them.

          • Charon

            Just talking about the gun. If you add the plaque marine, nothing really changes.
            Bolter Marine is rougly 5 Imperial soliders (this is the amount he has to kill to break even), Plasma Marine is roughly 8 imperial soliders (so he has to kill 3 more to break even).

          • Damos1212

            or you could have fun for once you tool
            go do some math homework and let people enjoy the game

          • LankTank

            Bit mean =( horde armies do concern me as a death guard player. Not so much AM but ork green tide is leaving me scratching my head, and I have a game against that in a fortnight

          • LankTank

            You don’t need to kill them all. Thats the problem with theory hammer as opposed to playing. I might happily sink 600pts of shooting to take out 200pts wirth of conscripts. Is it a mathematical trade off? No. But if the flank is open and the command units like commissars are now exposed, the guard player is in alot of trouble. They will either have to concede ground pulling ranks away from objectives or lose their crucial units which means they will flop. Bug horde armies are also less able to swing the other flank over to block as they are across so much of the table.

          • Charon

            Se and thats the problem with “I just do X”.
            It is a game of numbers and in the end the better numbers win.
            Take out 200 points with 600? Well ok… But why is his flank now open? Where are his other 400 points? If we play 2000 points vos 750 points I also happily take out his 750 points with my 2000.
            But as a matter of fact – he also has the same points. So if your 600 points busy shooting his 200 points, there is 400 points shooting you (for example in the form of Basilisks).

          • LankTank

            No they don’t. Tactics and lists matter because we have all had games where an 80pt unit played right will take out 350pts. A warptime from a sorceror ally to suddenly get something in range, a stratagem to attack twice after consolidating into a 2nd unit you declared in the charge. A million variables. I can take 1,500pts and stomp a teenager with 2k due to experience in list building and strategy. Now between adults that experience gap is obviously more or less even so you need to use your strategy to up over your opponent. Obviously with perfectly equal skill and points, then yes unit efficiency becomes incredibly important. But im finding particuarly with 8th, strategems allow you to exploit a weakness or advantage

          • Charon

            We do have to assume equal skill or any discussion becomes just a “my opponent is so bad that i can even make work and table him without any sweat.
            So yes unit efficiency and numbers are important to establish a fair common ground to start from to make skill actually matter. If this is scewed from start, you will never be able to tell if it was your tactics, your opponens shortcoming or just the overwhelming cost efficiency of your army that made you win.

          • LankTank

            Yes but you are not only looking at the cost efficiency of the unit by itself are we otherwise conscript morale would suddenly mean they have no staying power. Hence we are taliking about DG as a whole against IG horde as, as fairly stated, DG do have difficulties against horde

          • LankTank

            Also “I just do x” is not different than “this unit cant be kilked in 1 turn so I auto win”. DG do strughle with horde but then you need to play different and taking conscrpts will not give you an auto win. And btw the flank is open due to the space 30units tske up. When they die, there is your pocket to move into. Not saying that is an auto win but that is the best strategy against command/horde guard

        • LankTank

          Bloat drones do quite well vs horde and you will break a flank quick enough to get to the command units. Plague marines are more about dominating centre field to allow bloat drones or mortarion to go at it. Ive taken on horde guard (albiet only 1,500) and while greT, not unbeatable if you either break a flank or assault with flyers to pull units away from characters then fall back next to command and unleash hell. The big loss though is rapiers no longer allowed in DG. Still have the double butcher array leviathan though =)

  • DeCold

    Is it me or there are only 2 bubonic axes?

    • Fergie0044

      Official description says three. Which is still disappointing. You’d think they’d have four to match the number of plague knifes.

  • Who’s disappointed? I am. I get it. Death Guard. Now some different stuff please. If you could, an updated Havocs kit.