40K: Vindicator and Predator Charge Into World of Tanks

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Macragge’s Thunder is coming to World of Tanks, and soon Predators and Vindicators will fight alongside Pershings and Shermans and T29s and Panzers.

This Halloween, the World of Tanks collides with Warhammer 40K. We’ve talked about the special Halloween event before, but today we’ve got a couple of sneak peeks (or stealth mountains if you prefer misspellings) at the tanks themselves. Take a look at them, check out their stats, if you’re into that sort of thing, and get a feel for how these things will play in World of Tanks Blitz.

So here’s what we know. The Predator and Vindicator are both getting models, each one comes with two different skins so you can choose if you want to rep the Ultramarines or the Iron Fists when you roll out into Macragge. The new map is a reskin of the Fort Despair map, but it’s been skinned up nice and grimdark for the event. So if you want to practice so that you can dominate the map when Halloween rolls around, then get your practice runs in now. Images and a sneak preview video courtesy of YouTube user Sk8xtrm.

The Predator is a Tier VII Heavy Tank, and has a surprising amount of maneuverability for its category. As well it has an autoloading gun that looks like it’ll make a pretty decent impact, so if you want to try a different playstyle, the Predator seems like it could be a ton of fun to take command of. And for those of you who’ve never played World of Tanks–they go pretty in-depth with their statistics. There’s a surprising amount of complexity to the systems that interact with one another. Take a look at this breakdown of the Predator.

This should give you an idea of how the Predator will play, and the kinds of engagements you can expect. This feels like a decent brawler–especially compared to the Vindicator.

This guy looks incredibly beefy. The thing that most people are excited about is that the barrel is basically a sturmtiger gun–and it’s definitely a great big derp gun. But it doesn’t quite top out the tier compared to other big derpy tanks:


Though it does hit like a ton of bricks if you manage to get in with those HE shells. At any rate–that’s a glimpse of what the two tanks will be like. And here’s the reskinned map:

World of Tanks Blitz is free to download and play, and is available for most devices (iOS, Android, PC, Mac) and supports cross-platform play. So if any of this seems like it’d be up your alley, check it out.

In the meantime, I’m holding out hope that we’ll get to see some of the crazier tanks crop up later on. Battlewagons now! Battlewagons now! Battlewagons now!

  • generic eric

    Iron fist? That’s Imperial Fist, no?

  • Koonitz

    I just started and:

    “WarHammer 4,000”
    “Predator UN or Ultramarines Predator”
    “Legendary Skin, the Iron Fists skin.”

    Gods, at least get someone who knows a little bit about the hobby reviewing it…

    • NihlusX

      Because its a WoT stream not a 40k stream, knowledge of the hobby isnt their focus…

      • Alienerd the unbannable

        Sorry, but it isn’t difficult to spend 5 mins researching beforehand. It isn’t like they had to learn a lot there, come on.

    • Chapter Master Valrak
  • zeno666

    Do these have 360 vision as in the tabletop game?

  • Andreas Noche
  • MechBattler

    As a WoT player, I can tell you the following –
    -The Predator’s cannon has a pretty high fire rate for it’s damage and armor pen.
    -The Vindicator’s gun is actually weaker than a Russian tank’s in the same tier, but it’s still pretty beefy.
    -Both tanks have chunky front armor for being Tier 7.
    -Both tanks have pretty flimsy side and rear armor, which combined with the fact that they’re basically flat sided, will make them very weak from the sides.

    TLDR –
    They’re going to be beastly from the front, but total pinatas from any other direction. Seems like they replicated their tabletop performance from 7th and earlier very accurately, actually.

  • Emprah

    I guess having lascannons would be cheating?

  • This Dave

    Kind of odd that they’re doing SM tanks. Especially as they’re limited to just a few models because they’re the only ones that don’t use energy weapons as their main guns.

    The Guard/Astra Militarum are known for their tanks and have multiple varieties to choose from as well as even having artillery vehicles. They’re even getting their new Codex this coming weekend so it would have made even more sense.

    • Kyu

      The Leman russ even looks like a ww2 tank. It’d fit right in. If I were WoT I’d have taken a Leman russ with a choice of main guns (battle cannon, vanquisher cannon, exterminator autocannon) and a basilisk