Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition Gets Updated

The most celebrated edition of Axis & Allies returns with updated rules, errata and streamlined gameplay.

Axis & Allies is an area control, dice rolling miniatures wargame set in a WWII theme. The Anniversary Edition was initially released in 2008 to celebrate publisher, Avalon Hill’s 50th anniversary. Avalon Hill has announced they will bring the Anniversary Edition back onto shelves with updated rules and clarifications.


“The Axis & Allies community has wanted to see this version back in print for a long time, and we’re happy to be able to give that to them,” said Shelly Mazzanoble, Brand Manager for Avalon Hill. “Fans will be pleased to see that it is the same great game they remember, plus welcome errata and FAQ added to the rulebook.”

via Avalon Hill

Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition – $100

Upon its release nearly a decade ago, the Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition became an instant classic! Now this deluxe board game, designed by Larry Harris, returns with rulebook updates and streamlined gameplay. With over 650 playing pieces including the largest board ever created for an A&A game, this beloved board game is a must have for the strategy gamer enthusiast.

  • 2 – 6 Players
  • 6 Hours
  • Ages 12+

Anyone else feel bad when they win as the Axis of Power?

  • bcguitars

    Ok, I missed out on this ten years ago, but I got Pacific & Europe 1940 when they first came out. Should I get this, or is Global 1940 basically this on steroids?

  • euansmith

    “2 – 6 Players
    6 Hours
    Ages 12+”

    The 6 hours playing time I can believe. I can’t remember having finished a game.

    • I finished a game once. Then decided never to play it again. to me it lacks repeatability. fun enough though

      • euansmith

        An accurate recreation of the subject matter then? After finally finishing WW2, most of the players decided not to start another game.

      • Tshiva keln

        Has a little replayability. You can change countries you control and change opening moves and focuses. But after that you are right, it does become samey. Still loved every game I played though.

        • very much ditto. The game is a lot of fun. I played as Allies against my wifes Axis. She won. But was really enjoyable. But I can, like you said, only see replaying as the opposing teams really.

    • Fergie0044

      Pfffff lightweight. I remember it taking us all weekend back in the day when I had the time for such. We left it set up on the kitchen table overnight. Good times.

    • tau4eva

      Wait, I seem to remember this being a 5 player game. What country is the 6th player controlling?

      • euansmith


        • JL

          Switzerland is SO BORING! It seems fun at the start collecting all that money but wears off fast.

          • euansmith

            There is the fun end game where you try to look surprised that your vaults are full of Nazi Gold.

      • Heinz Fiction

        Looking at the state of the game industry today: Zombies probably…

      • BaboonKing

        I remember a variant that had Italy as a third playable power for the Axis. That helped balance the game somehow (the vanilla version favors the Allies, specially on the later turns). Just a guess, but it makes sense they did the same here.

        • Dan

          Dunno but it was always designed to favour the Allies later on. There’s a strategic bias whereby the Allies start with a huge production advantage over the Axis but the Axis has a larger army and is in a good position to rampage across Allied territory.

          The game is Allies need to hold onto their production advantage and wait out the Axis while the Axis need to seize enough ground that they can at least keep up with the Allies long term. The main problem there that I know of is that Russia is in a position to attack Germany first turn way more savagely than they should be able to which can prematurely stall the Axis advance and screw them over…

          • BaboonKing

            Yeah, that tends to be the general dynamic. It’s pretty representative of the overall arc of the real conflict, but obviously, an accurate simulation can be at odds with having a balanced, fun game. Of course, I’m not saying A&A is not fun! On the contrary, playing the Axis is an engrossing challenge, even if you’ll probably loose in the end.

            The addition of Italy helps balance the game a bit, in two ways: it gives the Axis a small resource boost, and also a third player, which negates the advantage of having Russia play right after America (which essentially gave the Allies two turns in a row). Not a huge advantage, because America and Russia tend to operate in different theaters, but on the later stages it could come up.

  • Peripheral

    How does this game compare to the original version? The one that came out around the same time as fortress America?

  • Dan

    Im not sure what version I got around 2010 but it did not have Research and Development anymore which I think was a pretty fun addition to the game. Yeah I think general consensus online is there’s only a few variations in opening moves that ususally determine how the game goes….