Eldar Are Next – Here’s What The Craftworlds Need

GW has announced Eldar are coming next week.  Here’s what we think the Craftworlders most need:

Cheaper Dire Avengers

The most common foot soldiers of the Craftworld army are WAY to expensive.  17pts a model is a non-starter.  They are costed well with Power Level at 3 for a 5-avenger unit, but the points need to come way down. Probably at least 25%

Crimson Hunter

This one isn’t so much that the Cromson Hunter is bad – as that the Hemlock is CRAZY GOOD. I’m torn as the Crimson Hunter can blow stuff out of the sky, but for the price I’d rather just go for the Psychic auto-hitting S:10 heavy D-Sycthe awesomeness that is the Hemlock. It might need a neutering.

Night Spinners

I can’t remember the last time I saw one on the tabletop.  It’s been a while. They are a bit niche and with the all-rounder Falcon around – it’s hard to compete. I’d either up it’s firepower based on the target unit size (like the Leviathan Dread’s Grav-flux bombard), or maybe even give it a small transport capacity (say 4-6ish).  it looks so cool – but is crowded out by it’s stablemates.


Guardian Defenders

A holdover from the pre-8th edition philosophy of units with 90% of the dudes holding crappy weapons to support the 1 that matters. Seeing as the 12″ Shuriken Catapults get very few rounds of fire before the unit is killed or in assault these units need something. They often sit back the entire game “defending” the heavy weapon platform, so a defensive shield upgrade option might better fit their role – similar to how T’au Fire Warriors got that drone turret to buff their utility in their last update.


So GW already has a mini for this unit and giving Craftworld Eldar a Tech-marine equivalent would be pretty cool.  I’d try him out!

~What makes your list of what the Craftworlders most need?

  • cm023

    What Craftworlds need is to be a mediocre army for at least a year. And remove Ynnari whatsoever while they’re at it.

    • Mr.Fister

      Amen! The punishment for dropping Apocalypse templates in 7th.

      • Punishing players for designer’s faults… dunno if that is a good idea.

        • Paul

          Gotta agree with you there.

        • Except the majority of Eldar players knew exactly what they were getting in to and what they were doing. “Oh, wow, I totally and completely JUST SO HAPPENED to pick up the most OP army in the entire game? Woo, lucky me!” Nope, never happened.

          • Heinz Fiction

            With a faction as old as this, I wouldn’t be so sure about this. Many Eldar collections had been there long before they happend to be OP.

          • So a good solution against idiots is to punish everyone else too. I see.

          • Me

            Eldar have been my army since 2nd (Easter egg with legs dreads). They were not exactly ROFLSTOMP back then. It was more the idea of “space elves” for me. Your “Nope, never happened” is a rather broad brush for a faction this age.

          • magi83

            Eldar were kinda broken in 2nd. They were overrated in 3rd-5th due to some OP choices (heavy 3 starcannons with platforms in every FOC slot, holofields) but the 3rd ed codex was mostly a butcher’s job barely improved by the 4th ed codex. I actually think 7th was great if you remove the blatantly OP stuff and adjust a few points costs.

          • magi83

            Those players are inclined to pick whichever army is most competitive which just so happened to be Eldar in 7th. They’ll move onto the next dominant build in time. On the other hand, there are players who have dedicated years (decades in my case) to the faction.

          • Jens Hahn

            Why do you play with them?

        • Mr.Fister

          It is for this person who did quiet frequently drop this template on me in a 500 point games (and this only one of the broken units/rules in that codex). People like him deserve it! Just 2 months earlier he told me he do not like the eldar at all. Thise are the people who forced everyone to hate Eldar in 7th edition. The old Eldar players who had to blow it during 6th and 7th edition up to the time the last Eldar codex came out where punished in a very unjust manner. Those guys did not field some broken lists but the armies they have collected during the differen editions. I’m now in the same situation as a Imperial Guard player. In 7th edition I had to suck it really hard. Allmost no formations especially no such to reperesent my mechanised veteran company ftom Tallarn. Now everybody is crying about Imperial Guard being back in the game! ALL IN ALL: punish those who exploit those trends and kill the spirit of the game.

    • Defenestratus

      I’d like to share a beer with you.


    • Heinz Fiction

      This doesn’t mean that ultra crappy units like Guardians can’t be buffed to mediocrity. External balance is one thing, internal is the other one.

    • Dulahan

      Or, you know, just make a goal that every army is balanced as possible. It was bad Eldar were OP in old editions, and it’s bad if they’re (OR ANYONE ELSE!) is Underpowered or OP in this one!

    • Arthfael

      What about those of us who only ever played a single wraithknight, and still fielded units based on the rule of cool rather than usefulness?

  • nope none

    I agree that the units above need improvement. Falcons also need some sort of boost. I’m hearing the Eldar meta now is the return of serpent spam. Its just too bad that spam has to exist as a tactic. I really wish they would take the time to ensure that all codex units are viable.

    With the craftworld rules, does anyone else see the return of bike spam? I would speculate that if you play Saim-Haim (sp) that you’ll get bikes as troops and they won’t suffer -1 to hit penalty for heavy weapons.

    • Defenestratus

      Last edition Eldar had all units “viable” and look at the un-ending wave of insecure nerd angst it fueled.

      • The problem for Eldar in 7th wasn’t so much Eldar as it was a slew of other inferior codices. Inferior products are going to produce angst, particularly when compared to something done well.

      • Thomas

        Strength D spam combined with some of the best powers and abilities in the game is a bit more than “viable.” I know you’re an Eldar fanboy but they were spectacularly broken.

      • Troy G

        I guess nearly every Eldar unit was viable last edition, but the Eldar meta wast very, very, very limited because Warpspiders, Jetbikes, and Wraith Knights were broken, and so they were essentially the only Eldar units that got table time.

        I think we’d rather have an internally balanced codex than a codex with many decent choices and 3 easily spammed broken ones.

  • Jabberwokk

    My favorite Craftworld was Malan’tai

    • neverness

      Mine too 🙂
      …while on that thought, has GW ever described or shown what Malan’tai’s colors were?

      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        Black with splashes of red everywhere.

      • Jabberwokk

        No idea. My guess is they look suspiciously like hive Fleet Behemoth now.

  • Dirheim

    The shield upgrade for Guardians were always Warlocks with Conceal or similar power, I hope I comes back

    • But it never had been any good.

      • Defenestratus

        eh… it was good against armies that didn’t have “ignores cover” everywhere. Guardians with conceal could sit in a 4+ ruin, near an objective and benefit from a 2+ cover save.

        But as soon as anything more than guardsmen got anywhere near them they folded like a cheap tent.

        Guardians have sucked ever since the designers decided that the only rule in 40k that is written in stone is “shuriken catapults shall have a range of 12″ and no longer, ever”.

        Note that the wingspan of my Vampire lander is 17″. Thats right, a guardian can’t shoot from one end of his transport to another, and an Avenger can do it just barely.

        • True indeed.

        • euansmith

          Shuriken Catapults should have exploding 6s to hit at least.

          • zeno666

            They give a -4 save when you roll a 6 to wound.
            Perhaps they should get that on the to hit as well.

        • Heinz Fiction

          Their range was ok in 3rd edition as moving 6″ and still fire 2 shots at 12″ was something special that you couldn’t do with a bolter for example.

          When they changed rules for rapid fire weapons in 4th they should have increased shuriken catapults to 18″ asap.

        • Matthew Manall

          Battle focus extends their range…

    • zeno666

      It already exists.
      But its a waste of the warlocks power. Because the opponent won’t bother shooting at the guardians, they are not a threat.

  • majbjörn

    Night Spinner? Id say Fire Prism, Falcon AND Night Spinners are all crap compared to Serpents. Especially Fire Prism.

    Hope Night Spinner get its “flamer” firing mode back tho. 🙂

  • Paul

    The way this is being released with no new models makes me think that the Ynnari release – whenever that is – will be with a new model range.

    GW does like a reboot and looking at how nice the new models are, I am ok with this.

    • Farseerer

      Looking at the aesthetic of the only 3 Ynnari models released so far, it does seem like they are going for somewhere between CWE and DE. Seen as the Eldar Corsair range is basically discontinued… Plastic Corsairs with Undead elf demons?

  • Spacefrisian

    Well.._ Iyanden could get Iyanna Arienal back, and GW could show some brown skinned eldar in, see what certain peeps who dont play the game think about when a very diverse setting gets even more diverse.

  • Chris Hateley

    How about sorting out new minis to replace the terrible 20+ years old Avatar and Phoenix Lords that are the oldest models GW produces?

  • Defenestratus

    The hemlock competes with rangers AND the crimson hunter.

    Who needs snipers to take out characters when you have a plane that can fly almost anywhere on the board and drop autohitting s10 bombs of doom on the heads of characters who thought they were nice and safe behind their lines of meat shields?

    • zeno666

      That works once or twice, then people learn to wrap their characters up.

  • euansmith
    • Jabberwokk

      Wub into the abyss long enough, and the abyss wubs back into thee.wub wub.

  • Rich

    Honestly, I love the aspect warriors but I feel like there isn’t much NEW that they can do with Eldar because of all the things that are already there.

    That being said I would like to see the Tempest heavy grav tank in the codex.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    First craftworld look is up folks.:

    I suspect Bonesingers will be effectively dropped ala Rough Riders. Yeah is has model, but it is not normally available (although will be for a week as part of the next made-to-order run).

    • memitchell

      Thankfully, “Stoic Endurance helps shore up the Craftworld’s vulnerability to Morale tests.” Because NO army should be vulnerable to Morale tests. GW can’t rest until Morale tests have absolutely no effects in 40K. How can YOU help end the scourge of Morale tests?

      • ESPECIALLY not the space elves. They can’t have any weaknesses at all. *rolls eyes*

      • Muninwing

        it’s the new “ignores cover”

        they make or change a rule that affects playing the game, then get rid of the concern for so many people that only those who still deal with it have the disadvantage.

      • LankTank

        There are other craftworld disciplines…

  • Erich Schoenholtz

    Wraithguard getting T6 back is huge. T8 on wraithlords is good too. It won’t stop smite spam, but the Iyanden Trait keeps the Wraithlords and Wraithknights fighting at a better stat line longer.

  • In all truth this article should have been one word:


  • Muninwing

    they need to be better. but part of that is better priced. and if points cost comes down, that needs to be because they are losing effectiveness.

    if Dire Avengers keep their abilities, they need to be that higher in points.

    • Dulahan

      They’re overcosted right now by 33%. Seriously, almost every unit in the game comes out to @20 points a power level – give or take. Dire Avengers are the only one I know that comes to 30 a PL! That’s why they work fine, and are balanced, in PL play. But point based they’re a bad idea to take.

      • Muninwing

        in the last edition, they were underpriced due to their “kill terminators” ability (bladestorm?) giving them a boost past their cost.

        all i was saying is that if they have all their old abilities they should be priced accurately. and it should line up with power level. if that means they lose an ability, cool. if that means they gain power levels, cool. but it needs to be balanced.

  • Dulahan

    Guardians getting at least 18″ on their Shur Cats, even if they turn into Rapid Fire or something, is what they need. A weapon that gets to shoot once before you’re charged is a terrible idea. Especially since they need to survive long enough to get to shoot in the first place!

  • Raven Jax

    What do Eldar need most? Plastic. Half their range is still in resin.

  • Bradley Macduff

    dire avengers are fine

    • Dulahan

      No. they objectively aren’t if you play points instead of PL. They’re 33% more expensive than similar things. (Seriously, most units work out to @20 Points per PL give or take. DAs? 30!)

    • majbjörn

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha xD

  • MechBattler

    I’ll tell you what they need. A Babel Tower sized Nerf Bat to the face swung by Barry Bonds.

    Their codex is probably a gatling gun made of death stars that fires out mortal wounds at 10 billion shots per second.

  • Matthew Manall

    Some of these points are off. Nightspinners are actually the best main battle tank we have. Doesn’t even compare to the falcon (which is bad and not seen on the table) or the Prism (which is also terrible right now). Against almost all targets the spinner puts out more damage than either of it’s heavy tank brothers. The spinner still needs a buff/balance, but so do the other two battle tanks.

    Guardians are actually just fine. Catapults are one of the strongest basic infantry weapons in the game. If anything warlocks need to be able to more easily get powers off (conceal) and perhaps allow a heavy platform per 5 models and/or give them the ability to move and fire heavy weapons (without penalty) again.

    I don’t find the Hemlock that powerful. It’s just the new spam since it’s just averagely better than other options.

    The idea about Avengers was on the mark. They need to be around 14 or 15 pts and/or gain more abilities as standard kit (ala old bladestorm of shooting an extra shot)

  • I like the bonesinger, it’s a shame it doesn’t even have rules.