FW: New T’au Tiger Shark On The Hunt

The T’au Tiger Shark AX-1-0 is now available for pre-order from Forge World – These big guns can fly!

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T’au Tiger Shark AX-1-0 £165

Pre-order the T’au Tigershark AX-1-0 and you’ll recieve a free set of T’au Air Caste Pilots.
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On Taros, the T’au deployed a new variant of the Tiger Shark. Codified as the AX-1-0, this heavily armed Tiger Shark replaced its drone racks and ion cannon with two heavy rail cannon and a seeker missile array. These massive weapons, usually mounted on the far larger Manta, turn the Tiger Shark into a formidable ground-attack craft, capable of engaging and destroying super-heavy tanks and Titans.

Designed to cut through the air like a knife while deploying the kind of apocalyptic weaponry that no craft of its sleekness and efficiency really has any business wielding, the T’au Tiger Shark AX-1-0 is a complete multi-part resin kit. It features several modelling options – there is a choice of either long-barrelled cyclic ion blasters or burst cannon for the wing-tip drones, and the undercarriage can be modelled open or closed. Struts and landing gear are supplied for the open undercarriage option, and there are recessed areas sculpted into the underside of the miniature – should you wish to use magnets in order to switch between the open or closed undercarriage at your leisure, the space is there.

Besides those options, the kit is covered in details; whilst obviously dominated by the 2 enormous heavy rail cannon (perfect for puncturing Titans), there are also 6 seeker missiles, upper and lower exhaust systems for each of the 2 engines, 2 electronic countermeasure pods and 2 chaff launchers.

This kit comes as 67 resin components. Rules are available in Imperial Armour – Index: Xenos.

Size Comparison


Download the Rules HERE.

This Titan-hunter smells blood in the water. Get ready to bring the BOOM!

  • nope none

    600pts. hard to fit into any list

    Real question is. What do you take. 2 of these or 1 Ta’unar

    • georgelabour

      It all depends on which you prefer.

      Gundam. Or Top Gun.

      • Apocryphus

        What about Top Gundam?

        • nope none

          Now we’re talking!

      • Matt C


    • I_am_Alpharius

      Is in’t fitting one into your army kind of depend on the size game you’re playing? I mean sure in a 1500pts, 600pts is alot; in 2000pts less so; and 2500pts+ its easy as pie.

  • swiftscythe

    …the macro rail cannons cannot be fired if the model moved unless it has TITANIC keyword? Am i reading this correctly?

    • happy_inquisitor

      No. That is why it has the Titan Hunter rule right there on the datasheet

    • nope none

      Yes you are. Because of that, they added the special rule that allows this model to move and fire. Since it is a flyer and it must move because it has a minimum move distance.

  • LankTank

    Good move here really as I’ve seen Tiger Sharks on the table but yet still have not seen the elusive Manta. Now Tau players will have access to the weaponry without getting a 2nd mortgage on their home.

  • stinkoman

    Sweet. but ill stick with my old one. man it’s been a while since i read the xenos index, but are seekers really that bad?

    • Bonesaw1o1

      In a nutshell yes they are that bad. You can buff the hit roll using markerlights (it requires irrc 3 or 4 tokens per missile and makes them hit at regular BS) but at the end of the day its still only 1 mortal wound. I’m hoping that come the T’au codex release they revise it to D3 or something because at the moment they’re not very useful (and basically irrelevant compared to the much more reliable smite) and it’s made the skyray basically unusable

  • It doesn’t mention the Free daft-looking Air-class pilots that come with it.

  • Warrior24_7

    It takes a 6 to hit with “Seeker” Missiles regardless of a models ballista skill or modifiers? So Farsight and the Skyray are useless? It’s rules like this that make me fear for the new Tau codex. It seems like GW goes out of their way to make something stupid. The Tau have a lot of potential, but will probably be pigeon holed into being played “a certian way” or with a certain type of list just to be competitive or even fun! If this is true it’s shockingly stupid!

  • NNextremNN

    Soooo with a damage of “-1” instead of the usual “1” does this mean the Cyclic Ion Blaster heals units with standard fire mode? And can I fire that on my own units?