Geekery: ‘Bright’ Adds Some Magic to Gritty Cop Drama

This new trailer provides a closer look at the magical part of the universe – lots and lots of elf ears.

For those not on the up and up: Ward (human) and partner Jakoby (the first orc LAPD officer) find a dangerous relic while out on a routine patrol. Now it’s up to them to protect the relic, which could destroy the world as they know it if it falls into the wrong hands. All while dealing with one another’s differences.

There’s really not a way around it. This is essentially Shadowrun the movie – minus the tech, plus some gritty 90s cop movie. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, mind you.

Beyond Smith and Edgerton the movie starts Kenneth Choi, Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, Jay Hernandez, and a host of up an coming faces. Netflix spent an estimated $90 million on this project; it looks it and it has all the names attached. The question is: will director David Ayers and writer Max Landis’ story to back it up? I’d certainly like it to.

It’s not necessarily original, but it’s something different than what’s been offered recently. For that I’ll give it my time.

Bright hits Netflix on December 22 – just in time for that long, boring layover you’ll have to sit through to get home for Christmas.


Elf ears and gang wars? You in?

  • zeno666

    A lot of Shadowrun in this one for sure. Looking forward to it!

    • Richard Mitchell

      Hopefully it spikes interest in the IP and we can get a formal Shadowrun movie, show. Been playing the Hairbrain Schemes Shadowrun games on steam and damn…what a solid ip.

      • zeno666

        Yeah, those are great games. I love the connection to the old SNES game 🙂

        • Richard Mitchell

          Ya, that was the game that introduced me to SR the RPG. So good, so much fun and a cult classic of console gaming.

          • zeno666

            Yepp, same here 🙂

      • Donald Wendt

        But what about all the academy awards that Johnny Mnemenic won?

        I love that terrible movie. “Halt sinners!” WHAM!

  • D. B.

    Bit like Rogue Trader 40k – the planet Helsreach in the Eye of Terror (1st ed rule book, pp. 224-228) sounds very much like that.

    • Richard Mitchell

      Are you talking about the same article? You really need to get out the bubble man there are other IPs out there. Have you heard of/played Shadowrun?

      • D. B.

        With all due deference to Shadowrun, so what? It reminds me of Rogue Trader, what’s the big deal here?

        • Richard Mitchell

          I mean, its in the future man but its not that far in the future. Shadow Run meets Blade Runner, meets the Shield yes. but Rogue Trader. That is way too far in the future.

  • Dave Taira

    I would’ve gone with Alien Nation Fantasy Battle.

  • dcgamers

    Why oh why didn’t they just call it shadowrun the movie…

    • Tyr

      Probably couldnt get the rights. Also, cyberpunk wouldve meant theyd need to have more techy props and effects, which is more expensive than the purely pake-up based stuff here. So, basically: It was cheaper.

      • They spent $90 million on this – I don’t think saving money factors in.

        • Tyr

          Saving money *always* factors in. You always have to decide wether to go for option A, option B or option C and D. No budget is unlimited. And going with your own IP makes things a whole lot easier and cheaper. No need to worry about pre-existing stuff, contract clauses, etc.

  • frankelee

    Max Landis! When isn’t his writing amazing?

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Funny how this is like Shadowrun in all but name, lol

  • euansmith

    Fingers crossed this is going to be great; though I have just discovered that I need a “trigger-warning” for any trailer that includes “Suicide Squad” in the director’s credits. Hopefully Netflix is a better studio than Warner Brothers.

    • Ayers seems to have let the studio thrash that one, although it didn’t help that he spent months filming joker scenes that didn’t make the final cut