Geekery: New Retro Stranger Things Teasers

If you thought 1983 was strange, take a look at what’s about to happen in 1984.

Netflix is really playing into nostalgia with their latest promo spots – I’m totally ok with it.

If Stranger Things were a John Hughes movie it might look like this…

We have three weeks to go, plenty of time to (re)watch season one…

Season to adds new locations, bigger monsters; and Dacre MontgomerySadie Sink, Sean Astin, and Paul Riser to the cast.

Stranger Things 2 premiers on Netflix on October 27th.


Are you ready to return to the upside down?

  • Ebsolom

    I can’t wait. This has been one of my favourite series of all time. I would have been 13 in the first series. The nostalgia factor and memories it brings back is amazing. Well done to the writers : )

  • GridlineRacer

    Loved season one but Wynona Ryder was such a weak link. She can’t even look convincing on the magazine cover above. Big eyes is NOT acting.