Geekery: The Giant Robot Fight Has Been Won

The much anticipated fight was held last night – come see who won!

Two years ago Suidobashi Heavy Industry and Megabots announced that they were going to face off in a giant robot smack down. It’s taken some time to get the robots ready and everything set up. They ended up being a month behind schedule, but the fight went down last night.

In one corner: team Suidobashi with 4-ton, 13-foot tall  Kuratas. 

In the other: Team Mega-Bots withIron Glory and 12-ton, 16-foot tall Eagle Prime.

The battle was fought over 3 rounds – to win a round the bot’s opponent must be KO’d, disabled, or the pilot has to bail out.

  • Kuratas takes on Iron Glory (4:30)
  • Eagle Prime takes on Kuratas (12:55)
  • Kuratas and Eagle Prime duke it out one last time (26:40)

If you missed it you can watch the full broadcast here…

That was better than it had any right to be. There are teams lined up to take on the winners when they’re ready, so we’ll be seeing more of these in future. The future of Battlebots is huge, apparently.


Now that it’s done – what are your thoughts? Do you want to see more?

  • SilentPony

    Not exactly Robot Jox, is it? Never thought mech duels could be SO BORING!

  • DoctorBored

    No matter what anyone says, no matter how many people complain, no matter what your opinion is, you cannot deny that this is the very first true piloted robot duel in the history of mankind. Many sci fi dreams came true last night, and it can only get better from here.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      fair crop, lets see what evolves

    • AEZ

      I don’t think I like them being piloted. I mean.. paintballs? I’m surprised the chainsaw was even used due to safety issues.. but it was used very cautiously. I’d like to see unpiloted robots this size so they can really give it all and destroy each others. Also: the movements where to slow, something should be done about that.. and the weight difference was just stupid.

      • DoctorBored

        Honestly it’s not even just pilot safety that they’re worried about. Those robots are expensive to build, and giving them one shot before wrecking them to pieces would really increase the price of this competition. Unless it draws in a lot more money, we won’t see these robots ripping each others arms off just yet.

        • AEZ

          I know.. but tbh… then it’s just a sort of slow boxing match.. the thing robots have over people is you can let them destroy each other.

      • Randy Randalman

        They won’t let them destroy each other unless it becomes a profitable, multi-billion dollar franchise (which it won’t).

    • Spacefrisian

      If you dont count that horrible show from 2013 than you are correct, robo fighters or something.

      • Michael Cameron

        Robot Combat League didn’t have pilots inside the bots. They had an external rigs for the operators to use. This is the first example of piloted robots fighting.

    • euansmith

      If it is piloted, it ain’t a “robot”; its a mecha. 😉

    • Crablezworth

      It was scripted..

  • Heinz Fiction

    Duel of the case modded tractors

    • Michael Cameron

      True. But look at some of those high end tractors used on the big farms, they are perfect platforms to build a fighting robot on. They have full cockpits, big engines and the ability to control tools (or limbs) already built in. I want to see fighting robots on two legs, not tracks or wheels.

    • stinkoman

      funny though, a front end loader would wreck both of them and be more agile. i’ve seen skid steer drivers that could probably drive circles and flip each one.

  • Kyle Stetson

    Car racing grew in a few decades from a hobby of a few rich playboys to a national multi-billion dollar spectacle. Those huge stadiums and tracks did not spring fully formed from the earth as soon as somebody came up with the idea, rather they grew with demand for the sport. I hope the same is true with robot fights like this. To people disappointed with the world’s first contest of this kind, get over it. Not supporting this now means we will never see more.

    • Muninwing

      depends on the country… NASCAR draws its roots from the old bootlegger cars that were modded for speed. not wealth, but thrillseeking and accrued illegal skill gave way to the legit racing it became.

      and it wouldn’t have taken of in many european countries if there weren’t all those unused airstrips after WW2.

      wealth is nothing without opportunity.

  • megatrons2nd

    They should have swapped for a sword for the Kuratas. I think their biggest mistake was paintballs, rather than something a touch heavier. The Kuratas has the speed to have run circles around the Eagle Prime. A tactical decision was made for a strait on assault. He could have tracked the eagle prime, then shifted to weapons, rather than aiming towards the cockpit. Learning to fight is part of the battle.

  • BrianDavion

    Welcome to Solaaaaris!

  • euansmith

    Currently less exciting than the more physical forms of car racing; but I guess it can improve with time.

    • Manwiththedogs


  • Crablezworth

    It was scripted garbage, if you actually believed the “impromptu” destruction of the hosts desk.. well, perhaps practice your critical thinking skills.