Goatboy’s 40k: Protect Yourself from Cheaters

Goatboy here again and the title says it all. I want to go into how people stretch the game to “cheat” you. Forewarned is forearmed.

Not all of these so called tricks are cheating but a lot of them push the edge. These are all things people have pulled on me in my years of gaming. I rarely see these pulled on me  these days due to watching for it and not letting things get pulled on myself. It also helps to talk these out in public so more people are aware.

First of all there are a lot of things that feel like cheating but aren’t all the time. We all forget rules from time to time as well as misread the rules as well. So this isn’t a hack on that, these are things that I have seen that for all intents and purposes are cheats. So lets wade into this pee filled kiddy pool.

Stop and Stutter Movement

I know that sometimes you can make different decisions as you play your movement phase out. I have seen some players move a model, move it back, and then move it again to create an advantage of movement do to the other player not paying attention. Usually when I play, I make my decisions before I even start my own phase. So when I move I know exactly where I want to go.  As a player you can figure this out pretty easily and see yeah – you might get an inch or two and you can plan for it. This stop and stutter movement is really bad as I have seen stuff look like they basically pull a longer movement as the opponent basically leapfrogs his guys around.

Helpful Hint # 2 – If I see this happen more then once I will start to put dice by where opponents moved. If that doesn’t stop them from pulling it then it is the judge time.

Magical Transports – Teleporting to Different Boxes Per Game

I know that sometimes we can forgot what vehicle has what guys in it. It happens. I usually have all my vehicles marked/different so I can tell what squad is supposed to start in there. As soon as they leave the transports I mark that it is empty and when I get back in it again I put one of the guys on top to remind myself. This is just one way to make sure the game is fun and fair. I have played a few people that somehow always forgot what is in what vehicle. It is amazing how the exact weapon you need comes out. It is frustrating and I think a lot of people use this as an advantage against newer opponents that might not watch whatever you do and memorize what is in each of the opponents vehicles.

Helpful Hint # 3 – If your opponent isn’t putting markings or something to define what is in the tank, I usually just put a dice down on my side that has a number on it that coincides with someone on their list or what I know they have.

Secret Lists & Rules

I am one of those players that reads every codex that comes out. I look for the tricks and things that somehow “ruin 40k 2 months before it comes out.” It is just in my nature and that is why most of the time I know what your army can do and how it works. Not everyone can do that nor do they have the time to put in a “war game action figure” game. How many games have you played where this unit all of a sudden just punches the crap out of you? I think this game is a social contract and it is up to you as a decent player to tell your opponent what your plastic dudesmen can do. It is one thing to lose to a better army and it is another thing to lose to an army you have no idea if they can really do the things your opponent says. This goes into the whole army list thing too and I don’t think everyone should have AB, but I wish they did.

Helpful Hint # 4 – Ask questions. No matter how many times they say they are right, look at the book. If you think something isn’t right have them prove it.


Badgering the Other Player

This is a meta one where your opponent starts to fight/bicker in the beginning in order to break you down and make things in their favor later. I have seen this a lot of times especially versus newer opponents. One player basically starts to nitpick on every little thing in the beginning and the other player will not want to cause any further issues in order to try and make a better game and lets the other player get away with things. This is one of those things that frustrates me as I feel a lot of people will try to game the system this way. It is one thing to break the rules and it is another that breaks the social contract.

Helpful Hint # 5 – If someone is being a jerkface, get a judge. There is a good chance this player was a jerk to other players so you want to be safe and use a neutral judge when you can.

Slow Play

This is another annoying one that I have seen happen in two ways. You can slow play the turn by taking forever between each phase. This has happened to me a bunch of times as well as a lot of other players. You can also see this in some people taking armies that play slow ie Hordes etc. This is a tricky one as it doesn’t look like they are purposefully slow playing but it can be frustrating to play against as you rush through your turns and the player is slow moving and making sure all their plastic guys are just perfectly spaced out. I know we play very fast locally and not everyone can burn through a game at that level. This is one of those things you have to watch for and as an opponent you can help alleviate this by not letting more then one turn get effected by this type of play.

Helpful Hint # 6 – If the player is going slow or taking forever to exactly place his models you can tell them – look I know they are trying to space them out cafefully so we’ll just play it that way so you don’t have to painstakingly move each model for valuable minutes. Just make sure the front guys are moved correctly and we can go from there.

Super Fast Dice Rolling

40k is a game about the weight of dice. The more we roll the more likely we are to succeed in what we want to do. I have seen some players fast roll their dice and not allow the opponent to “see” what they just rolled for, if they succeeded, and what the heck is going on. It is one of the reasons I strive to find dice that are easy to read. One color, usually bright with the pips being extremely easy to make out. It is harder in 40k because a lot of the time you have a lot of dice to read through but it can happen from time to time.

Helpful Hint # 7 – If they are not showing you what they are rolling stop them. If they argue get a judge. It is why I usually find an easy place to see the dice rolls or you need to get a dice box to throw in.

Be Cool – It’s Supposed to Fun!

Look this game is about having fun and I think there are a lot of grey areas that people try to push the game into a favorable match up for the win. There are other cheats too and if you have found some pulled on you write about it in the comments. I might seem like a WAAC gamer but at center of it this hobby is about having fun and getting a couple hours away from the real world full of bills, assignments, and frustrating jobs.

~Have fun and be safe out there gang.  What kind of shenanigans have you seen out there and how do you deal with it?

  • defensive

    Last local tournament I played, last game of the day I was against a guy doing all sorts of crazy stuff. Since I was in last, and pretty tired, I just let him go with everything to see how far he’d push it.

    Ever seen a skyweaver cover the 24″ gap between deployment zones with 16″ movement?
    Or a razorwing fly backwards across the table?
    My favourite was paying basic points for everything, and then playing them as if he had paid for all the weapons they were modeled with.

    Some people, man…

    • Joshua C

      just saying, skyweaver with advance is auto 22” move and he could have confused himself with the razorwing as the hemlock and crimson hunter can both pivot twice essentially making it spin 180”. Not saying hes not cheating, just saying these arent COMPLETELY out of the realm of possibility.

      • ZeeLobby

        And if he’s in last, who knows how well he actually knew his own rules. Not knowing your rules isn’t cheating, it’s just being unprepared, but for your opponent it can seem like cheating. Like my friend who played a Tyranid player who didn’t know how synapse rules worked.

        • Muninwing

          i played one kid who showed up to an 1850 with 1100 points. said he was ok, just wanted to play. someone else at the store let him borrow some models, for the sake of his opponents not having a slaughterfest…

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Yeah. I mean there’s exceptions, and then there’s the, you should really know better, moments. I mean that sounds reasonable.

  • Big Red

    The best ‘cheating’ that I had ever come up against was at my uni club. Being a university we had plenty of access to various laser cutters and whatnot, so most people were using gauges that they had cut (based of a template we made up for use). One the the guys had gone in and scaled up the templates so that every inch became an inch and half. You could not notice it in just a normal fun game, and we only found out when he told us after a couple of games.

    • Muninwing

      that’s awesome. i mean, sketchy… but he came clean. bravo.

  • Simon Chatterley

    I feel like I’ve just been cheated out of helpful hint #1

    • Iconoc1ast


  • Rob brown

    Our convention with dice rolling is to pick up fails and leave successes on the table. So it’s really clear how many have hit for the other player.

    • Simon Chatterley

      I was watching the live stream of Heat 1 at the weekend and I won’t say which game but the following happened pretty clear as day.

      A pile of dice were rolled and some dice were rerolled (the 1’s I guess). Then the misses were picked up in the left hand (about 4 or 5). There was some hand waving and pointing at stuff but the dice never left the hand. Then all the dice on the table were picked up and rolled for wounds.

      Now I’m sure something was said as after that the “missed” dice were noticeably placed on a different part of the board.

      There’s no player audio so I honestly don’t know but you wonder how often that “trick” is used and over the course of a battle what impact it has.

      Of course it may have been an innocent mistake made in the Heat of a tricky moment but call an old cynic but I wouldn’t be believing that….

      • ZeeLobby

        It’s one of the reasons I really like Bushido’s dice system. Each combat you roll simultaneously and compare values (and a whole lot less rerolls). Honestly alternating activation keeps the other player involved enough to avoid these things as well. But there have def been games of 40K where I’m reading news while waiting. Who knows what my opponent did during those times, haha.

        Honestly the sheer number of rolls to hit, wound, save, and rerolls on top, make GW’s systems the easiest to pull these kind of shenanigans on.

        • Simon Chatterley

          Yeah I’m the same. I’m really trusting TBH and I’m sure people have taken the proverbial.

          My general view of cheaters is thy do it til caught and then claim innocent mistakes. Can’t recall the event but you had the Deamon player with drilled out dice that had 2 5’s.

          Accident or intended? I know which camp I’m in and it is the one that would be throwing people to the lions…

          • Ironheaded Painting

            Not drilled out dice.. chessex “cheat dice” mixed into pile of dice. 2 5’s on it.

          • Simon Chatterley

            Yeah I thought that was because the 3’s had been drilled into 5’s? Claimed they were from a random batch from Ebay?

        • Muninwing

          i went out for tacos once during a game vs a horde. told him he was on the honor system and went across the parking lot to a bodega.

          when i came back, a spectator said he talked out how he totally could cheat… but he made a point to talk out what he was doing and why to a witness so he wouldn’t get accused later on.

          shame can be an effective tool to regulate behavior.

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh definitely. As long as your opponent has a soul. Sadly these kind of nerdy niches can attract a lot of soulless people, lol.

  • Dalinair

    Slow play isnt really cheating though is it, unless you go slow on purpose to make the game go to time for a draw in a tournament or to bore the other person so they look at their phone or something then while distracted you cheat with movement or dice rolls or something

    • Gullinbursti

      I think just by the term, slow play is specific playing slowly to draw out games. I’ve seen folks, especially one of the players at my local Friday Night Magic, get super slow if he’s won one match and lost another, he always slows to try and draw.

    • Simon Chatterley

      So what you are saying is it’s not really cheating unless you do it to gain an advantage which is cheating?

      • Gullinbursti

        More I was trying to say playing slowly thanks to things like purely having a horde of a million termagants isn’t slow play, slow play as I’ve seen it used is referring to the act of trying to slow the game down to get an advantage such as a draw on purpose.

        • Muninwing

          playing slowly is not slow play.

          playing slowly is sometimes an effect of army choice. as someone who has fought nids versus Deathwing… 2500 points gave me 32 models, and gave my opponent over 150… i full well know that turns are not the same length.

          the term “slow play” is a specific reference… to the idea of deliberately playing slowly in order to try to end the game at an advantage due to played rounds.

  • Saying ‘is just a game’ after recommending getting a judge on half the issues mentioned.

    • Jake Kerr

      I know right. “Don’t play too slow as it’s crating! Don’t roll your dice too fast as it’s cheating! Don’t forget to ask your opponents questions and ask them to show you their codes BUT DONT BADGER THEM AS ITS CHEATING! Don’t forget it’s a game so it’s supposed to be fun….but make sure you kill the fun by getting a judge involved!”.

    • ZeeLobby

      Still don’t get why judges are seen as this satanic entity. Having been slow played purposely before, it is not a fun experience and the judge got things moving.

  • Martin B

    GW Manchester has a fair few “This Guy” characters but there’s this one guy that sticks out from the rest with his homebrew IG regiment that seem to have the stat line of marines and he nearly always brings a carnosaur (I think that’s what it’s called) to games represented by one of the forge world dragons. I’m pretty sure a carnosaur is apocalypse only and even then, from a couple of editions back and I don’t think IT could ally with it if it was actually a thing (if not it begs the question “Why we’re the staff letting him pull this). I’m loathe to play against This Guy but on the odd occasion I’ve beaten him it’s been worth it for the enormous man tantrum that happens. I remember another occasion too with another This Guy at the Manchester store, big Saturday game, and I was playing my Thunder Ravens space marines (read Blood Angels) the guy across from me had chaos (no worries here, good player fun to play against) but next to him was a guy playing Tyranids. His haunts got a bit close for comfort so I peppered them with rapid firing bolters and pretty much scrubbed the unit. He ranted at me for close to five minutes about why that was a dick move and actually called staff over to acuse me of cheating and attempted to place the unit back on the board before being stopped by staff. Next to me on the line (and facing this fool) was a young gamer of about 16or 17 she (yes she) was really enjoying herself blasting away with her IG at whatever was in range (and taking casualties off just as any sporting player should). Opposing players turn comes around and Tyranid guy pulls some of the most unbelievable s%$t. Tyranid warriors charging nearly 36”, models coming back from the dead, IG players models not being allowed to fight for some reason. The girl player was quite obviously a new player and Mr Tyranids had clearly seen this. Needless to say me and the chaos player opposite me are not new players and called him out on his blatant disregard for core and codex rules. He absolutely exploded shouting and swearing, screaming “It’s catalyst it’s F$%#ing catalyst. It does that”. To which chaos player says ” show Mr the rule then” he outright refused because he knows how it works and he’s an expert with his army (lol). By this point staff have become involved and told him to calm down or he will be barred. At which point he slams his hands down on the table flattening many of his own models before swinging them to his left flinging half of his army across the shop along with several other players models and knocking over a few pieces of terrain which promptly land on yet more players gear. He was then wrestled out of the shop by chaos player myself and staff and the police called he was arrested for array (Or possibly criminal damage or maybe breach of the peace. Not sure I don’t know much about law). As far as I know he is still barred to this day. (This happened in 2013).

    • euansmith

      It sounds like That Guy could do with some professional help.

      • Hagwert

        To be honest that guy sounds like the kind of person who might benefit from the kind of ” unprofessional ” help that gets handed out for free by big blokes with large fists on Saturday nights !

        • Muninwing

          i don’t think i’ve seen anyone that bad, worthy of a beating. a couple close, but a simple dreadsock would suffice.

          the angriest i ever saw someone was legitimate — it was at a younger WHF player who misread the rules, and was getting way too big a boost from a spell, it was the beginning of why summoning was a bad idea for GW (Vampire Counts in the mid/late 00s). when someone who would have had an easy win realized that it was that one misread (he thought it was on purpose… i knew the kid and knew it was a mistake) rule that lost the game for him, i swear i saw smoke coming out of his ears.

          luckily the kid had left half an hour before, or we would have had a scene.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    I know these shenanigans* do happen in games, but it continues to boggle my mind that they do. All these sort of antics are what you’d expect from children; not grow adults playing with toy soldiers. On many levels its very sad that some gamers feel the need to try these antics.

    *love this word

    • ZeeLobby

      Me too! It’s a great word. And yeah. It’s sad. Luckily I’ve found 95% of tournament players to be great opponents, often buying beers as we go, or afterwards. That 5% can ruin a day though.

    • Luca Lacchini

      Unfortunately I’ve seen grown ups (as in their fifties) try to pull all kind of tricks – rethinking moves, repeating moves, moving the wrong pieces then going back to the right one and bringing the first to a different original position, etc.

      It’s something that becomes ingrained in that person behaviour, sometimes it’s not winning alone (although it’s a big part) it’s just showing to himself that he’s able to trick and manipulate someone else as he wishes.

      The game is just an excuse to get a “I’m better!” confirmation.

      • ZeeLobby

        I mean better than being a serial killer, but still pretty messed up. Definitely sociopathic tendencies in both.

      • memitchell

        Wait till YOU are in your fifties. Play once a month, or so (because, well life). And, if some young guy thinks re-thinking moves, repeating moves, moving the wrong pieces is pulling tricks, then sure, I’m a frick’n evil genius. Just like I just used a rule I half-remembered from 2nd edition nearly 25 years ago. Or forgot a rule buried deep in this shiney new codex (literally, the fourth I-Guard codex I’ve owned). Oh wait, they aren’t even called I-Gurad anymore, are they? Just wait till you are in your fifties. You might be an evil genius,too. 😉

        • Hagwert

          Love this quote. Reminds me of when I play chess with my grand father … I can never figure out if his game style is genuine forgetfulness or if he is taking me for a ride to put me off my game !!!

        • kobalt60

          There are days when I feel I’ve spent every one of the 10 000 years my iron warriors have been in the eye. What does a bolter do again?

      • Muninwing

        that ego-stroking is probably the source of so much of the terrible behavior of players.

        it’s what creates the extreme meta.
        it’s what creates the win-button lists, and the netlists that come from them.
        it’s what creates cheaters.

        but if your life is so sad that you have to stroke your own ego, then maybe i should just let you win, huh?

    • Bakvrad

      I don’t get it either but it happened to me while playing an apocalyptic game one on one. When the catastrophe hit the board I had almost 2/3 of my Space Marine army removed due to s10 ap 2 on every model on the field. But I thought, it will happen to him as will, since he is playing eldar.
      We did it simultaneously so I didn’t check his throws but he swore, that he had thrown that many 1‘s so that he just had to remove about 20 models (15 because I was done and started watching).

    • Xodis

      Age doesnt always come with maturity, sometimes Age comes alone.

      • Muninwing


        actually, in the opposite direction, i’ve become wary of those who claim to have “matured early” — they are often correct, and were more mature for their age at an earlier time… but many stop there instead of continuing.

        by the end, they’re behind.

    • LankTank

      Haha just love how we have the view of “these cheaters are childish. Excuse me while I, a grown man, plays with my toy soldiers “maturely”. *procceds to make lazer sounds*

      • Mira Bella

        Those are some very different things.

  • ZeeLobby

    Movement shenanigans + “it’s just a game” is always the worst. You’re at a tournament. Have some respect for your opponent. When I was real young I was cheated out of first place at a Games Day small point event by someone twice my age doing this because he made me feel like calling a judge over would be “ridiculous”. His models meltaguns we’re all of the sudden plasma guns that game as well. What a shame.

  • markdawg

    Slow play is a huge problem. The simple fact is if you are ahead or the guy has a late game army there is no down side to slow play to win only benefits.

    It’s really hard for the players and the judge. If you call a judge over too early you’er a dick and if you call him too late there is nothing a judge can do to save the game.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. While timed turns or chess clock seem extreme to some, it has weeded out all of these people from the WMH scene.

      • Apocryphus

        Unfortunately Death Clock has bred a tactic of questioning every move your opponent makes and asking to view the rules of every model each activation to run out the clock. I love Death Clock, but it has its own problems too.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah, but most events that use death clock have rules for disqualifying those who abuse it. You also have the option to turn the clock over to them every time they do these things. I mean it sucks that you may have to bring a judge to deal with it, but in the end the number of times i’ve ran into something like that is extremely small. The number of players who plan to win via skill tends to be very high at death clock events, while other events tend to have more individuals planning to win by ulterior motives.

          • Apocryphus

            It’s kind if a problem in my area, unfortunately. There’s always one or two at an event and I somehow end up playing against them. I’ve never run into an event where players get disqualified for it either, so it sounds like you’ve got an awesome community. 🙂

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Might just be your area. I’ve never seen it at national events in the US either, I’ve heard of it, but it still seems like a 99/100 chance. Sounds like you live in a rough hood.

      • markdawg

        I don’t know if Chess clocks are the answer but something needs to be done. The issue is with Chess clocks is you need to have data to say who is slow playing by the time the data is in the time has passed that you can do anything about it.

        Or what if a guy plays fast until he thinks he is loosing and then puts on the brakes.

        • ZeeLobby

          Huh? With chess clocks it doesnt matter how slow your opponent plays. They only have X number of minutes for whatever they’re doing. If they purposely play slow, they’re only hurting themselves. If each player is given an hour and a half total, and they spend an hour on their first turn, they’re likely going to clock out and you’ll win. It’s great for tournaments as well, as it pretty much guarantees how long a round will actually last.

  • These same things were a thing when I did tournaments a decade ago too. They will never die. Don’t forget about the loaded dice!

    • Vachones

      Aside from slow play (where its not really an issue), I’ve seen this behavior plenty of times in casual games. A poor sport is a poor sport regardless of the venue. The difference of course is that you can refuse a game against someone, but that first time you play them you may not know what you are in for.

  • Apocryphus

    I think the most outrageous instance of cheating I ran into was back during the 13th Black Crusade campaign, a Space Wolf player dropped a unit of 20 Wulfen with jump packs that also had FNP and 3+d6 attacks a piece. This was at a GW brick and mortar store and I grabbed the manager, but as neither of us owned the book, the manager let it slide. Never played that guy again.

    • Ironheaded Painting

      No book? Then dont play the units/army. No I dont wanna read it on your phone/tablet: I know how to use Photoshop and export to PDF, pretty easy. And dont get me started on “battlescribe lists”.

      • EmperorOfMankind

        What’s wrong with battlescribe?

      • Muninwing

        printed and checked by a TO should be fine…

      • Apocryphus

        I fully agree, but I couldn’t prove him wrong, even though I knew he was making stuff up. The manager of the store didn’t want a scene so he just let him do as he wished with the unit.

  • Malevengion

    Telling an obviously new player that he doesn’t understand the rules for his army and pedantically explaining to them how they are playing their army wrong is one I’ve seen. We had an older player with a pro-painted army convince a kid that his Tau plasma rifles had the gets hot rule.

    • Vachones

      That is pretty low, the kind of thing that runs new players out of the hobby. To me, that’s the worst kind of behavior.

      • Malevengion

        We thought so too. My friends and I (who have been playing this game since Rogue Trader) were playing on the table next to them and really enjoyed setting him straight. It was stunning that he tried to argue that it was a USR for all plasma weapons. We sicked our resident “rules lawyer” on him LOL

        • Vachones

          Nice, best way to deal with this kind of thing is to confront it!

        • Koonitz

          I love being our local resident “rules lawyer”. I’ve smacked a few people around that tried that.

          If I ever find myself playing against someone new who may not know his army, I’ll always make sure they are completely comfortable taking extra time to look up rules. I will also encourage them to look the rules up (best way to learn is to look it up yourself, not to be told what it is by me). In the case of the overheating tau plasma rifles, if I wasn’t sure, I’d say we should look it up, together (specific wording that is inclusive and welcoming, instead of accusatory).

          I’ll also be extra helpful when I DO know my new player opponent’s army, suggesting viable options. Just last weekend, we had a 10 minute discussion on whether his Cult genestealers and patriarch should consolidate into my Tzaangors after destroying their Rhino. I didn’t have a lot of guns to levy against them, and I would almost assuredly get two free full attacks on the genestealers with the tzaangors if he did.

          Against other people, I live by my simple motto when it comes to someone pulling unknown rules on me. “It is not my responsibility to prove him wrong. It is his responsibility to prove himself right.” I know the rules. If you pull a rule out that bends or breaks those rules, I will call you on it. Better have your codex handy.

          • Malevengion

            Our rules lawyer is of the “That Guy” stereotype mold. It was an act of viciousness upon the cheating player to sick him on him. It was glorious to watch though. Our resident RL was watching that game for a while and nailed the cheater on a couple of other points too (like moving his bikes 24″ and shooting while still claiming an invulnerable save. This was 6th ed). Turned out the guy had bought a beautifully painted and customized army but never bothered to learn the rules.

  • Doug Crawford

    We had one where he had written several different army list. Had submitted one to the TO, but with each different opponent he pulled out a different list suited to take on that army had all the correct models armed as required. He was only found out when player started talking how he had the perfect army to bet them. It was only when they went to the TO that they found he had used a different army list against each of them and he was promptly asked to leave. We haven’t seen him since.

  • Jabberwokk

    This article Brought to you by Michael Bisping

  • Defenestratus

    Since I usually only play with my friends, and a rare pickup casual game, I really don’t *care* that much if someone cheats. If they have to cheat in order to feel good about themselves, then I feel bad for them and let them get their kicks.

    It’s all about having a good time, and if I’m pushing plastic and pewter crack around a table with awesome looking terrain then I’m happy.

    The only people I get upset at are the grey-brigade. I don’t care if there’s a unit in your army that you just bought and put together that you want to play with for the first time, but if your whole army is unpainted then sorry, I’ve got better people to spend my time with.

    • Xodis

      Same here. I quit getting wrapped up in winning or losing long ago (doesnt mean I dont try hard), but the best thing ABOUT this hobby is the look of a table with solid terrain and 2 armies, that are painted at least somewhat, blowing each other away….the Grey brigade saddens me.

      • Muninwing

        it saddens me even more that that’s been me more often than i like…

        especially now, time is a premium. i can choose too either paint or play. lately i’ve chosen paint so i can be home and on hand, but in the past i’ve almost always chosen play.

        then again, i also make more work for myself. rather than paint 50 chaff models, i’ll spend a weekend trying to get the wood on a chariot to look juuuuuust right, even if it takes me 12-15 steps. then i’ll do it to two more, but leave the fourth primed only because i don’t have the time to match the other two.

        i just put six models on bases last weekend. six. of a whole Iron Hands clan, i’ve gotten six. i’ve been working on them on and off since 6th ed. all the bases are custom, all the models have FW shoulderpads, every model has bionics… and i’m batch-painting using the FW recipe. i hope to have time to actually finish them by next summer.

        so yeah, sometimes i play with unpainted models. because i paint myself into a corner otherwise.

        • Koonitz

          But you’re clearly putting effort in. I remember one time following a friend into one of his co-worker’s gaming rooms and seeing three separate armies, WELL over 10,000 points of models (in 6th-7th ed’s days), and NOT A SINGLE MODEL HAD A DROP OF PAINT ON IT!


          I’ll take you having a few models primed or half your army unfinished over that any and every day of the week.

        • Xodis

          It happens to all of us, me included. I think the difference is the mentality behind it. Myself and apparently you as well, dont WANT to play with grey models, and while we may choose to play with them sometime, I think the effort shows even if not complete. People like that dont bother me at all, and in fact I encourage it. Sure we all want to be done painting….but has anyone ever really been done?

  • Commissar Molotov

    The “spacing them out perfectly” sounds like this is a recycled article from a previous edition…

  • For fast movement, measure the distance for one of the models in the front rank. Then move the others so that they are in sensible coherency with him. Done, and with barely any measuring.

  • SilentPony

    What ever happened to going over your list with your opponent? And none of that BS ‘All the trimmings’ or ‘A few bells and whistles’ tell me what you brought, and where.
    I want to hear before a single model is deployed is that a meltagun or flamer, what squad goes where, what wargear the Warlord has, how many Boyz per mob, brightlance or starcanon, what psychic powers, etc….
    Too many times I’ve had opponents suddenly pull a combiflamer in overwatch, or suddenly this unit has a 5++, or knows a completely knew power he’s never cast before
    Once after getting by butt kicked in a 30k match I added up my opponents list and oops, he was over by an entire 10 man plasma support squad and rhino.

  • eMtoN

    I agree with the dice colors. I use dice with a very high contrast so that it’s easy to see what’s what. I also pick out the fails and leave the successes alone. Every so often I’ll manage to knock a die over – when I do that I just pick it up as a failure so that I don’t have the appearance of a problem.

    I’d rather not win a game only to have my opponent think I cheated them in any way shape or form. That just isn’t worthwhile.

  • Marc Berry

    Grey areas: like the los for vehicles 🙂

  • Diabuddha

    I’m relatively new and so my turns always tend to take way longer than I would actually want them to. Any tips to speed up my turns so that games can go faster and it can be more fun for both me and my opponents?