Kromlech’s Orc Doc Biker REVVS It Up

Kromlech’s got a Orky Doc Biker you need to see.

Orc Chirurgeon on Bike 34,99 €

This multi part resin set contains one Orc Chirurgeon on a bike with accompanying Goblin Nurses in a sidecar. Resin scenic base included. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.

It is a big set [ mounted on 105mm oval base ], highly detailed and full of character [ check out all those Goblin Nurses in a sidecar 🙂 ] . A true centerpiece model for your Orc army.

~Who’s picking this one up?

  • Chet Atkinson

    Looks pretty good.
    When people say GW is a miniatures company

  • Fergie0044

    I don’t know….it looks too big. Like its off scale somehow?

    • dave long island

      It’s too busy.

      • Aurion Shidhe

        I think that’s the base and it all being one color (unpainted). Makes it look large and busy. Paint it up so we get some contrast between base and model and I think it would be okay.

        • dave long island

          Prolly right.

          • Aurion Shidhe

            This is why painting is so important. Plain plastic dudesmen just mess it all up.

          • dave long island

            Well when it’s too busy, yes painting all the doo-dads will make it all pop to the eye, but you’re then talking about a massive time sink. Making the sculp reasonably detailed but not overly so is part of having a good sculpt. Yes heroes and such can and should have more detail. You’d expect that. But some biker Orks? No, not in my opinion. But yes a great paint job for those who have the time to sink into it can save any but the worst sculpts. This one isn’t bad just too busy. That’s my 2 cents on it.

          • Aurion Shidhe

            Understood. However, as an Ork player, if I were to put this in my army it would be an elite centerpiece that would stand out from my “normal” bikers. I still think the model would look a whole lot less busy (especially side by side with current bikers) if it wasn’t on that crazy base.

  • shabbadoo

    The tires look like they came right off an army jeep, but otherwise that is a fantastic model!

  • Talos2

    That’s fantastic. Scale wise it fits with the fw war boss on bike.