Mortal Empires Coming to Total War: Warhammer II

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Mortal Empires is a new grand-scale campaign coming soon to Total War: Warhammer II. Check out the trailer, and dive into the map!

Get ready to make war, as Chaos looms on the horizon of Total War: Warhammer II. This is a massive campaign that will be available free to people who own Total War: Warhammer I and II. And when we say massive, we mean massive–it brings the tides of war across the world–whether in the Old World or the New. Every corner of the world is going to at least appear a little, so if you want to battle across the world of Warhammer Fantasy, this is your chance. Check it out:

This is a truly massive campaign. Blending the continents from both games, players will be able to campaign across the world, moving from continent to continent. This campaign comes with 117 different starting factions, 295 conquerable settlements, and it is the most dense Total War map that’s ever been made. I believe them, take a look:

As you can see, they’ve had to compress the world a little bit to get it to fit. As far as I know the shores of Ulthuan aren’t supposed to be visible from Estalia–but, again, they’re trying to pack this place full of territories and populate it with objectives. Mortal Empires is a classic Total War style campaign experience. You step away from the narrative experience, and get to have this big open world type experience. Some folks over on reddit put together this image that kind of fills in the maps for now:

This update sounds incredible. Here’s a little more about it from Creative Assembly:

Encompassing the vast combined landmasses of both the Old World and the New World, Mortal Empires enables you to embark upon colossal new campaigns playing as any Legendary Lord from both games, including any introduced Free content packs and any you own as DLC. Players will be able to embark on campaigns as any of the 35 existing Legendary Lords from both games. This includes the Dwarfs, Greenskins, Empire, Bretonnia, Wood Elves, High Elves, Dark Elves, Beastmen, Warriors of Chaos, Skaven, Vampire Counts and Lizardmen.

Unlike the Eye of The Vortex campaign that shipped with WARHAMMER II, Mortal Empires doesn’t focus on one overarching narrative. Instead, it offers the classic sandbox Total War experience in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world, expanding your empire in any direction you choose with no limits. You’ll still experience the escalating Chaos Warriors invasion from the original Total War: WARHAMMER Old World campaign, but with an exciting new twist: the forces of Chaos don’t just attack from the Chaos Wastes, but from other, unexpected directions as well…

Mortal Empires also features many of the new campaign features introduced in Total War: WARHAMMER II. These include treasure-hunting in ruins and encounters at sea; rogue armies, loyalty, rites and army abilities for the four New World races; new chokepoint battle maps; storms at sea; reefs and shallows; universal territory capture; plus numerous UI improvements and enhancements.

That’s a lot to take in. Especially the forces of Chaos attacking from “unexpected directions.” So even if you’re starting over on Ulthuan, you might not be safe from the Chaos marauders during the course of your own personal campaign. Mortal Empires is available on October 26th and requires both Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II.

Check out Warhammer: Total War II – Mortal Empires

Who will you be campaigning as? I’m personally pulling for a BoLS Lizardmen team–but apparently everyone loves the Empire.

  • Angus MacKenzie

    …bring back warh4mmr!!! derpderp blew up the best fantasy world evar!! ‘drool’ GW sucks and stole my baby!!111one ‘armyburningnoises’ Age of Suxmar suxs….etc, etc, etc.

    Now with that out of way perhaps you can all have a mature discussion about this. You’re welcome.

    • BrianDavion

      I never really got into WFB and have always sortta regreated it. it’d be awesome if GW would put out a “The old world” supplement” for AOS, sort of bridging the gap between the two

      • Koldan

        Actually they did. You can download the warscrolls for the warhammer fantasy factions from their website for free.
        So you have supplements for the old world and even the new world. As a dark elf player, i think the old world is just for grabbing some slaves, the new world was the place in WHFB.
        For a true die-hard WHFB fans this should be the correct usage of the terms.
        The rest are just whinners. 😛

    • Grumpy Scot

      That was the least mature comment in this thread, lol.

    • disqus_f38FHrSWkl

      whining and belittling is supposed to spur on a mature discussion?

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

  • benn grimm

    On turn 162 of a Naggarond campaign, just finishing up a successful invasion of Ulthuan, getting ready to invade Lustria before the Lizards complete their final ritual. Best total war game to date imo, usually a little bored this far in and starting over with a new faction, the variety of factions, rites, terrain, missions, rituals and the beautiful map have kept me gripped all the way to the end game. Can’t wait to sail the Black Arks over to the Old world for a good pillage next week.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      I’ve only finished the Asur campaign so far. I turned Ulthuan into a proper fortress island and just held on against the tide of chaos, basically ignoring the outside world. I think I got a really lucky seed, because I sent a basic intercessor force at Queek, but Krok-Gar was already in the process of destroying him. I became concerned that Mazdamundi would get out of hand, but Morathi was holding him down and keeping him small… so I was worried about Malekith, but he was barely surviving…

      So I finished the 5th ritual with Malekith only having completed the first, and Mazdamuni and Skrolk only having completed the second…

      • benn grimm

        Morathi’s locked horns with the big frog in my game also, she’s been incredibly useful at guarding Southern Naggaroth while I’m off disrupting rituals/expanding the Witch Kings domain. Queek and Skrolk have confederated and are a couple of rituals behind. The biggest surprise I had taking Ulthuan was from a random horde-like rogue army composed of Chaos Chosen, Black Dragons and Cold One Knights called Vashnaar’s conquest which had set up residence in Nagarythe and kept showing up to murder my little budding colonies when the main forces were out of range (the warping influence of the sword of Khaine clearly).

        Sounds like you’ve had a very High Elf run through 😉

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      I hope they use the opportunity to explore fantasy mechanics to improve the future historical titles.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        Total War 40k :,D?

        • thereturnofsuppuppers

          rumours speak of a Starwars game next

      • benn grimm

        There are a lot of great mechanics which could also work in the historical titles, a sequal to Empire in particular would benefit from the improved exploration and variety.

    • EnTyme

      Took me about 210 turns on my Kroq-Gar campaign. Both Skaven lords were wiped out by turn 150, I completely held the Southlands, and Lustria was almost fully controlled by Maz and the other Lizardmen factions. The Dark Elves never even finished their third ritual. Only the High Elves posed any real threat to me by the end, but their final ritual failed after the one Ulthuan faction who hadn’t confederated captured a ritual site from them. They weren’t even at war with Tyrion. Still trying to figure out what happened there.

      • benn grimm

        Kroq’gar’s my next campaign i think, hardly been to the Southlands at all so far. Elves betraying elves right at the pivotal moment? Sounds pretty close to the lore tbh 😉

        • EnTyme

          My advice? Grab the Golden Tower early, then work your way down the western coastline. You’ll end up with two ritual resource generators, a highly-defensible choke point, and lots of trade goods including one that reduces the upkeep cost on your big dinos and cavalry.

          • benn grimm

            Cool, thanks for the tips.

  • Lizardmen? Empire?

    That’s some funny ways of spelling “Skaven”.

  • Heinz Fiction

    The oceans seem to have considerably shrinked…

    • benn grimm

      Ah yeah, that’ll be the global warming…;)

      • Hagwert

        Bloody Dwarves with their furnaces and forges ….they should get back to nature like the pointy ears and spend their days eating lichen . HHHmmm…lichen !

        • benn grimm


  • Richard Mitchell

    GW on the tabletop “WHFB just had to die!” GW in digital media “AoS? What AoS?”

    • Watcherzero

      Particularly as Warhammer Quest 2 announced today