Not The Emperor’s Beard #1: Sick Day

“The Nurgle Plague gets the best of us. Feel Better Tore!”

Tore is under the weather – we blame Nurgle. Help make him feel better by visiting his website:
The emperor’s beard


  • What?

    • Angel Grinder

      pleased it’s not just me thinking that

    • euansmith

      I assume the artist is poorly.

      • Okay. Not that the Emperor’s Beard is particularly good anyway. Good job to the creators though for trying a different kind of 40k humour. Get well soon.

        • euansmith

          As someone who has written gag strips and cartoons, I would say it is trickier than it looks. Having to create the context and the payoff in a single panel, with minimal dialogue, can be difficult. As a result, I tend to cut cartoonist (especially the free ones) some slack and laugh as much as I can. 😀

          Edit: Sorry. That might sound like I was having a go at you for not liking their humour, but I was just trying to explain my approach to the weekly Emperor’s Beard.

          • Yes, I understand. All {well, most.} 40K players are generally nice people, at least Youtube commenters, and the guys up here are honest Blokes. I’ve tried my hand at cartoon strips as well, it is hard-ish…

  • Darkcat

    Embrace the gift of Nurgle!

  • euansmith

    I hope you get well soon.