Rail Raiders Infinite: Is Great Chibi Heist Fun

It’s a sci-fi train heist on the chibi express. ALL ABOARD!

Ninja Division has a new game coming after a successful Kickstarter –  Rail Raiders Infinite. The Old West meets the Far Future in this Sci-fi Western mash-up!

Rail Raiders Infinite is a dice rolling, point to point movement game set in a sci-fi western theme with a chibi style. Players each take control of a single Raider with a unique power, intent on looting the Interstellar Express. Players move from train car to train car, flipping over Train Car cards to reveal how much loot is ripe for the taking, but also how many Lawbots are protecting the car. When a Raider finds a Lawbot, they must Showdown before they can pilfer any valuable goods.

The Long Arm of the Law cards tell the players what type and how many Lawbots are in each car. Players roll custom poker dice to get a “hand” of cards to determine the winner of each Showdown. Raiders can team up for an uneasy truce, until one inevitably double-crosses the other. Each round, a High Noon card is drawn which may affect that turn’s game play. Once the High Noon deck is empty, the train has reached the station. Then the Raiders jump off the train to find out who got the biggest haul of double dollars and wins the game!

via Ninja Division Publishing

Rail Raiders Infinite $59.95

Rail Raiders Infinite is a chibi sci-fi western board game for 2 to 4 players engaged in a shakedown of the Interstellar Express space-rail. Featuring beautifully illustrated, double-sided traincar tiles and stunningly whimsical chibi Soda Pop Miniatures, Rail Raiders Infinite draws the eyes as players draw their guns in this space-age western stick up. Mixing quick card mechanics and dueling dice battles, players bum-rush the rail to take away the biggest haul of double-dollars in the wildest heist this side of the galaxy!

  • 2 – 4 Players
  • 60 – 90 Minutes
  • Ages 14+


It’s a rootin’, tootin’, beep boopin’ good time!

  • euansmith

    I’m looking forward to getting this from the kickstarter. It is just unfortunate that the delivery seems to offer more to Southern Rail than Japan Railways Group. Of course, as a kickstateraholic I know that delays are pretty much inevitable, but I want my Chibi Lawbots!

    • tfkimmortal

      You should send them a message, I got mine like a month or so ago.

      • euansmith

        I think that the US shipment has been completed. I’m in the European block (for the moment). Where are you living?

        • tfkimmortal

          Ah, that explains it. I’m in the us. Hopefully they get it out to you guys soon!

          • euansmith

            Thank you.

          • Rainthezangoose

            Incase you didn’t realise Euan we don’t have ours because they delayed the shippment of non-US kickstarters to save money on skipping the way of the fighter kickstarter. Sorry if you knew that already and I’m posting gubbins ;3

          • euansmith

            I was vaguely aware that something of that sort was going on. I’m a bit unfocused when it comes to dates and things and stuff; making me an ideal Kickstarter Backer. I can see why people would feel miffed however. Bad Ninja Division! Straight to bed with no sparleburst for you!

  • Rainthezangoose

    They deliberately delayed the non US shippents so they could ship RRI and there fighter kickstarter to the rest of the world, which makes sense on practice but comes across as a bit scummy when you realise RRI is a year late at this point.

    • Gullinbursti

      Combined with the fact that I paid shipping for RRI and did not purchase the fighter game. So lucky me, I get several months of delay so they can save money themselves by ripping me off.

      • Rainthezangoose

        Pretty much my logic. When you make a Kickstarter at $30,000 and make $130,000 do you really need to skimp out on shipping of your INCREDIBLY late Kickstarter?

  • Ulf

    SPM is a terrible company. They make great minis, but can’t design a game to save their lives and absolutely suck at distribution and fulfillment.