Star Wars: I’m Pretty Excited For Legion

Are you excited for the new Star Wars tabletop wargame?

Ever since its announcement back in August fans around the world have been eagerly waiting for more news, and the release, of Star Wars: Legion, the new tabletop wargame from Fantasy Flight Games. Like many people I cannot wait to get my hands on the game be able to fully immerse myself in it. Lets take a look at why I am excited for Legion.


FFG Knows Star Wars

Fantasy Flight Games has a good history of doing Star Wars right. Every since they acquired the licence they have worked hard to put out a wide offering of Star Wars themed games. On the whole they have been a huge success. Games like X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault and Destiny have won wide acclaim for solid rules and fun gameplay. More than just fun games however, they always seem to capture the essence of Star Wars. The people at FFG, or at least some, are deeply knowledgeable about Star Wars lore. They use this knowledge to bring aspects of the setting to life in detailed and often subtle ways. These are people who know the setting and want to see it recreated on the table top.

Runewars is a Indicator of What to Expect

While Runewars is a relatively new game, it does give us a taste of what to look forward too. In this case I don’t mean the rules of the game, though they do share similarities to other FFG games, but more the models and support.  The Runewars models are FFGs first foray into unassambled unpainted wargaming. And they are good. Now, the aesthetics are a personal choice of course, but from a quality stand point they are spot on. The models feel solid and serviceable, are finely cast and paint up well.

If the quality of Legion’s models matches Runewars they will be quite amazing. On top of that the support for Runewars has been top notch, with a constant stream of releases growing the game from its initial starter set to three fully formed factions and a forth on the way. If FFG supports Legion in a similar manner, which they should, it will be well off indeed.

It’s An FFG Game

Look, there is no two ways about it, Legion is going to be an FFG game. This game uses special dice, and special movement devices. It uses unit cards and upgrade cards to modify the units. In addition the rules share similarities to other FFG miniatures games rules. Now this is either a good or bad thing depending on your view point. If you like other FFG games, you will most likely enjoy Legion. The hallmarks of FFG will reassure you, and let you know you are getting the quality you like.

If on the other hand you don’t like FFG games, well then it may causes you pause. Hopefully the draw of Star Wars ground combat will draw you in. In addition this game is going to be the least FFG-like game they’ve ever made. A ground bases skirmish wargame is like nothing they’ve done before and should force them to think outside the box.


The Game I’ve Always Wanted

When it comes to Legion there are few games I’ve ever been this excited about. Now lets be honest, Legion is the game I’ve secretly wanted my whole adult life, and most of my childhood. A full fledged Star Wars tabletop game? Sign me up. As an avid Star Wars fan I’ve gobbled up various versions of Star Wars games. From brief brushes with the West End games, to exploring the various Wizards of the Coast versions, to simply making up rules with Legos. All of these previous games, with the exception of the West End version which I was too young for during its short life, failed to scratch what I really wanted. As a pretty hardcore miniatures gamer I wanted the full experience, something like Warhammer 40K, with building and painting and massive armies and deep rules. ‘

And now Legion is poised to offer that. 

Unlike most of the offerings we’ve gotten before Legion is a full fledged miniatures game. You’ll build and paint and customize your army. You’ll fight massive battles across varied terrain. You, or at least I, will get the game I always dreamed of.



So what about you guys? Let us know how excited you are for Legion, down in the comments! 

  • Xodis

    Im excited, but Ill wait to see which direction the expansions move in. Not really into ANOTHER Imperial vs Rebel game.

    • ZeeLobby

      Agreed. I really hope there’s 4 factions planned. I think any game really needs at least 4 before it can be considered by most gaming groups.

      • Xodis

        4 at least. I hope that they keep it relatively small, and not go full 40K with it. Then we can still get complete factions of smaller sub groups like Witches of Dathomer, Antarian Rangers, Black Sun Criminals, etc…
        Just bored of the Empire vs Rebel scenario seeing as Disney felt it best to return to that.

    • Papist00000001

      Come on, they have multiple factions in X-Wing, why wouldn’t they do the same here. Hutt clans and Bounty Hunter Guilds are sure to spring up. Plus with Rebels pushing the Mandolorian boundaries I don’t think we have anything to worry about. Not to mention the plethora of Clones and Battle Droids they have to draw upon as well. Give it a year and we will have multiple factions!

    • af

      > Not really into ANOTHER Imperial vs Rebel game

      May I suggest then it’s not a Star Wars game you want? Star Wars is all about Imperials vs Rebels in some form or another. Yes, yes, bounty hunters, rogues and assorted scum, but truly, at its core it’s Imperials vs Rebels. Everything else is a side dish.

      • Xodis

        Not really. StarWars has been about a LOT more than just Empire vs Rebels. Matter of fact, until the Mouse took over and decided to reboot the original trilogy with new characters, the Empire vs Rebel paradigm only set as a staging point for the rest of the universe…and thats only if we are discussing E4 and beyond. Before that we had galactic civil wars, we had Hyperspace Wars, we had Sith/Jedi wars, etc… The Empire vs Rebel theme is over used because Disney is too scared to try another theme after Lucas screwed up the preTrilogy.

  • wibbling

    I want to like it. I think the mechanics are good. What bothers me is the value for money and longevity. There aren’t that many factions in Star Wars, leading to a short life cycle.

    The contents are also duplicates. I don’t mind that, costs are costs, but it’s rumoured to be over £90. That’s a lot of money for 20 models.

    • ZeeLobby

      There are tons of Star Wars factions if they don’t limit themselves to the movies.

      • Txabi Etxebarrieta

        I thought the movies were the only currently established canon, and everything else got wiped? Or am I misinterpreting what happened?

        • zeno666

          The movies, the newer books and comic books.
          Still a whole lot more than two factions there.

          But in X-Wing FFG have picked up things from the Legends-series (ie old expanded universe), so they might do that for this one as well.

        • ZeeLobby

          As zeno said, ignoring the new factions in the newer books and comics, X-Wing has things from the older legends series as well. Don’t think they’re necessarily off limits, though I’m sure they’ll be pushing stuff related to the newer movies as things move along. The origin movies should introduce a lot more from the civil war era.

  • vyrago

    I was huge into X-Wing, Armada and Imperial Assault. I got burned out on FFG’s style of making miniatures games that play like CCGs. I got sick of the synergy combos and power creep. Legion will be a huge hit, but it will suffer the same fate.

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      Same here really hope they don’t go into that X-wing upgrade cards system that really killed the game for me

      • Drpx

        I didn’t think I’d miss Codexes until I started trying to build lists out of cards.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      whats really sad is that GW have started making 40K very much the same way. Not a CCG, but with similar meta churn based on combos.

      • Drpx

        Eldar: “Remember when we were the only ones who did synergy?”

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          a bit of synergy is ok, but too much and the game stops feeling like a wargame and starts to feel like a CCG.

  • ZeeLobby

    Dude, so pumped for this!

    • James Kurokawa

      I’m excited to try the rules as FFG intends, but I agree with Vyrago – I’m not a fan of seeing power gaming lists. Worst case scenario, I can play WEG’s version

      • Richard Mitchell

        Don’t really care about the factions but as a person who is not even into Star Wars, I am excited to play this game.

      • ZeeLobby

        eh. FFG is only power gamey if the people you play with power game. For our group, this will be awesome. It’s something many have always wanted.

  • Stonewall

    Hmm I have that west end games Starwars miniature book somewhere. I remember when my brother and I played it as kids.

  • The Bob

    Miniatures in a new scale! proprietary dice! Looks like everything I don’t want in a game, cant wait to see the price point in the latest FFG star wars cash grab

    • Richard Mitchell

      80 bucks?

    • ZeeLobby

      LoL. I love how even when their games are affordable people hate on FFG for their “dice”.

      • zeno666

        At least the dice is not red and green this time 😉

        • ZeeLobby

          I just love how people don’t bat an eye at paying twice the price for GW dice which are just basic D6. Plenty of game systems don’t offer enough dice in the starters for the full game. But when FFG does it is a money grab sin! Haha. I dunno. Just odd.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            it is a tad mind boggling.

  • Shenordak

    Feel like the Emperor’s new clothes here… come on: can’t you see how bad the Rune War minis are?! Poorly designed and poorly sculpted with strange poses. They look like cheap action toys. Just look at the cavalry. And the garish colour scheme doesn’t do them any favours either. Sure, the Star Wars minis are better, but the sculpts are still hardly top notch.

    I’m sure it can be a perfectly good game, and I am kind of interested in it. But, as a painter first, gamer second, I would never buy the minis because I like them, only because I like Star Wars

    • zeno666

      “Cheap” action toys, strange poses. I guess you don’t play 40k either?

      • Shenordak

        I play several wargames. Runewars is new, so perhaps its unfair to compare it to established lines, but yes I get a saturday morning cartoon/toy line vibe from sculpts, design and paint job. If you like that design, that’s not a problem of course. GW is far from perfect, but not only AoS and 40k, but warmachine, dark age, confrontation, bushido, hasslefree are bettet sculpted and better designed than Rune Wars. Rune Wars is probably par with or slightly worse than Mantic, in my opinion.

        • ZeeLobby

          Oh wow. I would never put Runewars below Mantic. A lot of the look is due to the paint job. Sorastro makes them look pretty good.

          Personally I like the less detail and flatter surfaces. As a painter I think they give a lot more opportunity for free hand and wet blending. I also think they’re more realistic when compared to some other companies models (how some GW models walk is beyond me).

          • Shenordak

            Allright😀 As long as we can agree to dissagree and hate Mantic

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Agreed. I dunno. I found Runewars minis a refreshing take on fantasy. Personally I think they’re a step up from paint 100 baubles. I’d def put them on par or even a little higher than some of PP’s older range. Of course infinity and Bushido are a definite step up, but their also limited sculpts done in metal (painted a fair amount of both). But honestly as far as massed unit combat goes I think they’re pretty solid. I’d say GW would take the lead, but boy do they go from amazing minis (blight kings) to straight up goofy (Typhus), and in some cases straight up mechanically wrong (fyreslayers).

  • Marco Marantz

    FFG: so that means its card oriented crap? I HATE cards. I hope it isnt because I really want to ditch 40K and find another TTWG.

    • dinodoc

      It is.

    • ZeeLobby

      Eh. No worse then where GW is headed imo. The new 40K is more combo-y than any edition before. Unless you mean warscroll vs cards, in which case I find both equally easy to carry around.