Tabletop Gallery: Avatar Adequacy Issues

Sometimes a wraith-cigar is just a wraith-cigar…

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  • FreshBumCheeks

    This is more sad than funny, but non the less funny

  • Mike Tuchfarber

    The old flock base brings back such fond memories of the really early 90’s.

  • Gustav

    Well, I own the original Avatar, who’s even smaller…but that is a big spear in his hand…

  • zeno666

    Its quite fitting since the Avatar is not on the same (power) level as Morty at all.

    • Tyr

      Which is really kind of weird… background-wise, they should be roughly on the same level. One is the demonic copy of a hugely powerful human, one is a literal shard of a god…

      • zeno666

        Yeah I agree!
        But I think I know why this is the case…
        Morty is a new plastic kit, the mold has to pay for itself, fast.
        So he got amazing rules, so that model will sell well.
        The Avatar is an old model, probably only available in Failcast.
        Failcast require more hands on work (spincasting and all that).
        If they could they would remove The Avatar from the line. But they can’t
        Because Eldar sells, average. I have no proof of this, but I do think they sell about average.
        So while they’re busy trying to make plastic stuff for the popular and not so popular stuff (to make them more popular), they decided to give the Avatar very bland and quite average rules.

        Just a theory.

  • euansmith

    It isn’t the size of the blade that matters; it is where you stick it.

    • palaeomerus

      Avatars should have Wailing Doom spears anyhoo.

  • palaeomerus

    Wait until you see the new primaris Avatar that Cawl is working on. Sigh.