ToyLand: Collect the Ships of the Final Frontier

Eaglemoss Collections is showing off a ton of new, never seen before star ships at NYCC this weekend.

These die-cast models are hand painted to the highest detail, and have been created in a partnership with CBS to ensure authenticity. The original CG and studio models for each ship were used as references to create each sculpt. They’ve been a favorite subscription for fans for several years.


Eaglemoss’ resident Star Trek expert, Ben Robinson, [was convinced] to start the production of the U.S.S. Aventine NCC-82602, making its U.S. debut at NYCC.  Available for purchase as a bonus edition separate from the bestselling Official Star Trek Starships Collection, the Aventine is a Vesta-class Federation starship featured throughout the Star Trek: Destiny series of novels. Under the command of Captain Ezri Dax (from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), its crew of 750 engages the Borg toward the end of the 24th century.

The Aventine joins the U.S.S. Titan NCC-80102 as the only officially authorized Star Trek starships produced by Eaglemoss with their origin in Star Trek literature. Both will be on display and for sale at Eaglemoss booth #1520.

While there, fans will be among the first to get a glimpse of the mega-sized Enterprise NX-01, the fourth starship to join Eaglemoss’ line of XL Editions, along with the third quartet of Star Trek shuttlecraft, including Starfleet Office Complex Travel Pod 05 and a Space Dock Work Bee (both seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture), the Argo shuttle from Star Trek: Nemesis, and the Type-11 Starfleet shuttle seen in Star Trek: Insurrection. Plus, there may also be a surprise appearance of two of the most eagerly anticipated new ships to join the Star Trek pantheon.


Volumes One and Two of Star Trek: Designing Starships, and full-scale replicas of Starship Dedication Plaques will be available at their booth, as well.


Which federation ship is your favorite?

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Awesomely nice!!

  • miniwar monger

    If thery were to scale, this would be great.

    Since they arent. I ll pass on them.

    • Wolf-Assassin

      i agree, wish someone could make scale models of all the clasic sci fi ships where they are all the same scale. shuttles and fighters in one scale and capital ships in another.

    • BloodAngel

      Back a few years ago, I found one of those Japanese blind box miniatures sets that was in scale. 1/7000 I believe. I sold all mine in an ebay auction about a year or two ago, but you might be able to find them out there. They weren’t Bandai, I don’t think, but it was a company similar, and they had them in the U.S. here at a hobby shop I frequent.
      It was cool having the original enterprise to scale with the D and E. They even had a little battle damaged 1701 or the A (can’t remember which, if it was show or movie).
      Shuttles and such were not part of that collection. Just the capital ships.
      It even had a piece of the DS9 in each box, and you could collect all the pieces to make it which ended up being almost as large as a volleyball.

  • Got some of the ships of the old series. They have pretty flat colour schemes, but they’re overall good looking.