Vermintide II Looks Bloody, Intense, And Bloody Intense

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Vermintide II has been revealed. Come grab a first look at the trailer, some gameplay, and then dive into a walkthrough/stream if you like.

If you have never played Vermintide, you are missing out. The game is a ton of fun–it’s challenging, it’s got some well-paced melee combat, and it’s co-operative, which is a rarity in this day and age. Basicaly, it’s you and your friends vs. the End Times in the Old World. Though the End Times have been dropped from the title for Vermintide II, it’s still very clearly a bad time to be a person in Fantasy. Which, to be fair, any time is a bad time to be a person in Warhammer Fantasy, that world was just a terrible place to live–if you didn’t die from all of the normal medieval times terribleness, you also had magic diseases, chaos, Skaven, and a whole bunch of other magic BS that hated you and wants you to be a dead person. And for every Karl Franz, there are thousands of “unknown Empire crosswbowmaan #2” (died to goblin doom divers).

BUT while the whimsical and no longer extant world of Warhammer Fantasy may have been a terrible place to be alive (though now even the world itself is dead), it is a fantastic place to adventure and fight hordes of marauders and other villains. Now with added Chaos! Check out the reveal trailer, plus some first-look gameplay footage below.

Right away we know we’re going to see a laundry list of bullet points, but they all seem to be pretty salient improvements to the game. The biggest takeaways are the 15 Careers over 5 heroes–which lets you determine what flavor of character you’re playing. We had a look at the three jobs that the Dwarf will have in the trailer: a Slayer and a dwarf with a helmet, hammer and shield:

Which I’ve just been informed is a “dwarf warrior.” But I’m gonna call him a hammerman. And then we also have a dwarf with a different kind of helmet, and a crossbow. Or, as they are more formally known, a Dwarf Ranger.

Now, having seen some of the crossbow stuff in action, he’s probably going to have a few powerful shots, and like a fast attack, but then also melee stuff. And, there’s even more customization available, as each of the heroes will have a talent tree, so you can really spec the character of your choice to fit the playstyle. We had a chance to see Markus Kruger, who has taken up a career as a Knight in Vermintide II, in action, and he’s a heavy hitter to be certain. If you want a longer taste of what the gameplay is like, we’ve got the full reveal/walkthrough/dev chat video coming up for you.

Gameplay starts at, the dev talk starts at 11:30, gameplay starts around 38:30. The whole thing looks pretty exciting, and I can’t wait to dive in and start fighting back the forces of Chaos with my friends. We’ll be keeping an eye on Vermintide II as it develops, so be sure and stay tuned.

Every single time I see the Dwarf, I can’t help but hear “We make holes in teeth” over and over. Now, hopefully, you do too.

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • EnTyme

      Which bothers you more, that a game you liked was discontinued, or that people actually like the game that replaced it?

      • ZeeLobby

        I guess he just misses the old one. Ditto here 😀

      • Chris Hateley

        For me it’s both. For a while after AoS was released I held out hope that it wouldn’t take off and GW would eventually just go back to the Old World, but that’s obviously not going to happen.

        Although if I’m honest there was also some relief that I wouldn’t have to keep learning new editions to keep up, as I really like Warhammer 8th. Just would’ve been nice to get an updated hardback Skaven book before they axed it.

      • disqus_f38FHrSWkl

        some of us don’t care about the games, just the setting. why are you bothered that people have preferences?

    • Jonathon Runge

      I hope future games expand the Fantasy lore and ignore AoS. AoS feels too generic not only lacking connection to every man or woman characters. Something like the Witcher or the first Dragon Age game would be a great application for the Fantasy setting that would actually grow the player base. AoS competes with the same niche as 40k which is cannabilizing its own base. Perhaps Cathay, Ind, and Nippon could be added by the Total War series.

      • dark-tadpole

        Don’t get me wrong I love both The Old World and AoS, but The Old World was just generic fantasy. AoS is trying something different with the races and background, admittedly not to everyone’s taste but I’d argue it’s less generic than The Old world.

        • disqus_f38FHrSWkl

          old world stole its parts from different fantasy settings, but managed to have a gestalt unique to itself. aos may be different but it somehow doesn’t feel unique, though that may/probably change in time.

  • Chris Hateley

    I only just got around to playing the first one a couple of weeks ago and thought it was absolutely terrible. Mediocre graphics, boring level design, repetitive gameplay, but the biggest irk for me was that it just didn’t FEEL like Warhammer. Without the skaven to fly the flag it could’ve just been any half-baked generic fantasy game. Massive let down.

    I just hope I’m not that disappointed when Space Hulk finally gets it’s console release.

    • blair

      Give it a chance, its a really good game later on. Its all about skill and timing, couple that with its cheap price and replay, its even better. Its not a 70$ high priced top tier game, its a game that rewards team work and skill.

      • ZeeLobby

        I don’t think top tier and skill-required are really anathema to each other.

      • Chris Hateley

        Nah, I played it for like an hour and it just seemed really repetitive. Just not the kind of game that appeals to me. If a game can’t hook me from the beginning, it just isn’t going to at all.

        • GrenAcid

          So you will not like Spacehulk, its like Vermintide but way worse.

          • Chris Hateley


    • GrenAcid

      Hahahahahahahaah good one.
      Especialy that part on Spacehulk.

  • Junior Mitac

    lol i wonder why they dropped end times from their titlte *sarcasm*

  • DeliciousBishop

    Warhammer fantasy took decades to build its lore and settings… Seems only fair to allow AOS more time.

  • GrenAcid

    Cant w8 to play. Loved first Vermintide and there is spear CC.