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Take a look inside Chapter Approved, everyone gets updates, even Dark Eldar!

That’s right, the spikiest Elves get an update in Chapter Approved, along with the rest of the factions. Everyone gets a few warlord traits, a stratagem, and a relic to help keep them in the game whIle they await their Codexes. And of couse there are points tweaks and other fixes buried in its pages. Today, let’s take a look at what the Dark Eldar get, and in this way, they’ll stand in for every army that doesn’t have a codex.

Like their Craftworld Counterparts, they have access to the Webway, which can be super helpful for getting your units where they need to be. And at 1-3cp for up to two reserve units, it’s a fantastic value, given how much that first turn safety matters. Can’t kill your units if they’re not on the table to be charged on turn one, after all.

You’re mileage, of course, may vary. My (exhaustively) local meta consists primarily of my units getting Genestealered turn one. Or having Wraithguard pop up with their D-scythes, and again, turn one tabled. But I digress.

I know that sometimes relics tend to be either amazing or not worth it, but this one seems pretty cool. Pistols are one of the most underrated weapons in the game, and seeing one that can help your warlord keep hanging in the fight is amazing. Especially since you’ll be wounding on 2s.

Finally we have the Warlord Traits. These ones are kind of amazing. I’d be hard pressed to pick between the three–Hatred Eternal is probably the one that ekes out a win in the end, but it is so refreshing to see some warlord traits that don’t feel so generic. These definitely feel Dark Eldar-y, and,  above everything else, it makes me excited to see what their Codex holds in store.

And that’s basically what you can expect from any faction entry in the book. All in all, there’s a lot of fun stuff there to dig into, so check it out.

Which faction are you hoping to see get buffed?

  • Koldan

    Some nice things in it, but i still don’t get, what they intended with the warlord trait Blood Dancer, Succubi come with a close combat weapon, that gives -1 to hit.

    • Nightshade878

      They’re probably intending us to override it with Serpentin (+1 WS), or are implying that this warlord trait always procs on a 6 to hit regardless of other modifiers.

      • Ninety

        It’s +1 WS and not +1 to hit, though. And bonus effects come after modifiers. So currently, only Lelith Hesperax can use that WT.

        • Havik110

          Replace the pistol with an agoniser…
          use agoniser…profit

          • J Mad

            Yes, lets make her cost even more when she is already overcosted to use a worst weapon to be able to gain a benefit from a WL trait. sounds good.

    • Dkay

      I’m thinking on lelith it’s going to be a beast with the right combat drugs

      • Gamecock13

        Unfortunately the ‘right combat drugs’ is +1WS which is much better placed on a larger squad of models.

        • deris87

          Lelith already hits on 2’s and +1 WS wouldn’t affect the Warlord trait.

      • Spacefrisian

        I hope that gets corrected when the dex drops, she should have all bonuses without that stuff. Or at least most of it as it used to be and as lore claims it to be.
        Or just always hit on a 2+ and at strength +1 in combat with rerolls to hit and wound, aka ‘a league apart’.

        • Havik110

          Lelith used drugs from 3rd edition until 5th…she has never been great…she was basically only ever to have a set of wyches with whatever drug you needed for the game…5th wasnt aweful but with drugs she would have been awesome…

    • J Mad

      I think its more for Lilith, to make her (125pts 4 base attack, s3/t3) model worth it, when she just needs to cost 90pts and succubus needs to cost base 50pts unless they change their rules.

  • Jared Swenson

    I love the strategem. Got my WWP back, nice! The relic is good, especially since it’s essentially free. No reason not to take it. The warlord traits are pretty mediocre, except the wych cult one (i dont run any wych cult warlords). The haemonculus one is pretty worthless, because I have found most of the time when my haemonculus gets hit with something, it’s enough to kill him off completely. He’s either alive at full health or dead in one shooting/combat. So I will opt for the additional 6+ save from the rulebook. Even the ‘all other’ trait is pretty meh at best. You usually don’t want your warlord, like an archon, to get into combat, unless it’s something you know you can wipe out. This gives a slight boost to that, but nothing really to write home about. All in all I am glad for these things, but I still eagerly await my codex.

    • Kabal1te

      The wych cult one is the worst actually. Because the succubus is now required to take an archite glave, which can’t be traded out and it comes with a built in -1 to hit, you can’t roll a 6 on a to hit roll until turn 3 when power from pain cancels out that -1.

  • Kabal1te

    So wych cult warlords get a useless warlord trait that can’t even activate until either turn 3 minimum or if you take a very specific combat drug which is far from the best option. Granted alternatively the succubus could give up her pistol for a second melee weapon that is inferior to the othet one she is forced to haul around now and use it out the gate but that’s bending over a dollar for a dime.Though the other two warlord traits aren’t bad. The webway option is nice but in all honesty the inability to deep strike vehicles in this new edition coupled with a lack of jink saves still leaves the dark eldar feeling very limited. Also since characters count as seperare units now you can’t webway them into the backfield practically any more either which is also disappointing. The parasite kiss is about what it was before minus the potency of instant death which isn’t a thing any more. All around this is better than nothing but mediocre feeling.

    • Gamecock13

      Pretty solid synposis. If I’m bringing a succubus, I want it wielding an archite glaive, which is -1 to hit, ostensibly meaning that you’re incapable of rolling a 6+ until turn three, unless you want to waste a phenomenal combat drug on one model.

      The webway stratagem is…fine. Pretty run-of-the-mill for 8th ed codexes, but very unimaginative given that Dark Eldar are based around transport-driven raids and – to your point – it won’t impact transports.

      I’m underwhelmed and hope this isn’t an indicator that GW used up their creativity on the Tyranid codex…

      • Kabal1te

        If a succubus could choose to go agonizer and pistol like in last edition then maybe blood dancer would have some mileage. Debatably one could look at the revised designer commentary pdf and say by virtue of the last page they added the old weapon options are valid through those rules even though the index doesn’t let you take that option combination, but again that is debatable. The same could be said for some of the atypical options space wolves grey hunters could pull off last edition that are not legal now. (Boltgun, bolt pistol, and special weapon on one guy, or frost sword, storm shield, and storm bolter all on one dude, and several other odd combos because of how the grey hunters options were worded). All this is kinda bending the intent of the designer commentary though in my opinion.

    • Koldan

      The drug gives WS+1 not to hit +1. So it is actually quite useless on a succubus, a 1 fails always, even if you have WS 1+, and you still cannot roll a 6 with the glaive.

  • Matthew Manall

    How are you getting turn 1 tabled by deep striking wraithguard with D-scythes? They don’t have the range to use them when they arrive.

    • Necrontyr

      They can move as a result of a psychic power (I forget which one) thus putting them into d scythe range. Yes it is only one unit a turn but that unit has an extremely brutal attack. Especially now the faq covers the d scythes

      • Matthew Manall

        I’m fully aware as CWE is my main army. That requires also having a warlock/Spiritseer in range and successfully having the spell go off. Not exactly simple and not mentioned in the OP.

        • Necrontyr

          Fair point. I prefer to use serpents for my scythe wraiths and webway my wraithcannon and wraithblades as they can shoot and charge the turn they appear. Which I deep strike depends on my opponents make up. Tanks mean guns and hordes mean swords

        • Spacefrisian

          Plan your moves, its not that hard to do, been doing that with a chaos sorceror with less movement than a warlock and its only in 3inch…Or as some kids say ‘git gut’

  • euansmith

    I think it is a shame that the Web Way Portal isn’t a physical thing any more; being, instead, another name for Deep Strike. I liked the old idea of having a device that created a stable whole in reality, giving an enjoyable deloyable deployment zone.

    • Kabal1te

      While the deployable deployment zone was nice it isn’t practical in the new editions so much and being a variant deep strike isn’t the worst way to handle it. I would just rather have something like last edition where I can spend more points on a unit to deep strike them as opposed to limited to 2 units and no vehicles. I mean the ability to deep strike beasts is nearly useless because one unit of one type of beast and a beast master as a separate unit now would be 3 CP for just that. Best use for this is going to be getting bikes and or scourges with heat lances in to where you need them to hit something like a vehicle or big character.

      • AkulaK

        Eldars have a relic to deepstrike a Character with those units… DE will probably have it aswell, but not now, maybe in the codex.

    • Spacefrisian

      At least its not a 50 point psychic upgrade for a farseer like the one from the previous eye of terror campaign, the one where Eldrad got blown up and Cadia remained.

      Still no clue on the 40k Flash though.

      • euansmith

        The answer is, “It is all Barry Allen’s fault”; now, what is the question?

  • Painjunky

    As a long term DE player i can say these rules are sloppy and borderline useless.

    I doubt i will ever use any of these mediocre, poorly thought out rules.

    • Gamecock13

      Agreed. Been playing 20+ years…I hope this isn’t foreshadowing the mediocrity to come for our army. Dark Eldar deserve better.

      • frank

        Dark eldar were released in 1998?

        • J Mad

          New in 3rd edition, got updated late 5th, coven was updated in 7th.

        • Gamecock13

          Sorry, not playing DE the entire time…but have been playing probably 22 years. Picked up DE as soon as they came out.

    • frank

      So same as most incarnations of Dark Eldar rules?

  • eMtoN

    All I know is that I’m looking forward to DE leveling up a bit. Glad to see something coming down the pike for them.

  • NeinNeinNein

    Pretty bland and uninspired, it’s basically slapping the same things that many other armies have with a different name. It shows little effort and thought.
    A really nice and flavourful stratagem would have been spending x command point/s so turn 1 has night fight rules in place (and obviously having DE ignoring it). Goes perfectly with the DE fluff, it’s useful and only took me a couple minutes to come up with it.

  • Luca Lacchini

    My Succubus, modeled with a blast pistol and an agonizer during the 7th ed days, still has an illegal loadout.
    Maybe I should move her into Archon territory.

    • J Mad

      Just use a Haemonculus with a Electrowhip, its better than both and gives you Anti-psyker damage

  • J Mad

    Having seen all the point changes but not datasheet changes, and as someone with a large DE force that would like to play HQ’s and anything over than Vehicles spam.

    DE didnt get anything they needed to help them at all.

    The problem witht he HQ’s are they just dont do enough for their points at all, they dont have good aura’s either in anyform. The Archon LD aura isnt even needed as DE only plays MSU units while in vehicles, the Succubus aura isnt to good either as it only worths on turns 1 and 2 and if you are -1 to hit in melee, but sadly its not worth it anyways due to the fact that wyches are not taken for damage, they are super cheap and throw away units to charge vehicles or tie up units like Tau Suits.

    The WWP is the only good thing, and it is a really good thing, tho it still wont solve DE’s problems, one of the better infantry units already can DE (Mandrakes) and Wracks/Grotesques just dont do enough for their points, Wracks are good, but not made to DS, Grots on the other hand would be perfect if they were cheaper or had more attacks, as is they are over costed/under powered.

    The other units that would LOVE to take the WWP are Beasts and they dont have PFP so they will always need a 9″ charge without any help.

    Not taking vehicles or Kabals/Trueborns would be a neat idea if Splinter weapons did more damage to infantry, DE is king as killing MC’s and Vehicles, sadly they dont have any AI weapons, if the Shredder was cheaper (its 5pts overcosted, it REALLY needs to be 3pts) then this would be a fun idea to do, but GW is always scared to give DE a “real” AI weapon, Posion is NOT good at killing infantry, Bolters are better (S4 vs t3 = 3+, poison always 4+).

    Reavers and Hellions also would be great if they were cheaper, Reavers are one of the worst units int he game atm (Not counting FW units), they are the worst bike. A Shiny Spear is the same cost as Reavers and Reavers only have 3 Splinter Rifles….. they are a 90pts T4 bike with 3 Bolt guns, think about that, they cost so many points b.c PfP and drugs, but they can only get 1 weapon per 3, where all other Aeldari bikes get 1 for 1, are cheaper, have cheaper weapons and can define a role.

    DE biggest problem and its always been this problem is that they are locked in the “we can do everything, so we pay for it more”.

    • NeinNeinNein

      I agree with everything you have said pretty much, and I’ve been playing DE for a long time including tournaments.
      Shredder has always annoyed the hell out of me, potentially good in the previous editions it only needed 6″ extra range to be a solid alternative to blasters. This edition got worse and more expensive though (1d3 hits, really?). Splinter weapons need a redesign in my opinion, maybe S3 rerolling wounds or wounding on 4+ as they do now but with rerolls to wound for target T3 or less..
      And last but not least in terms of weapons, the heat lance, 25 points for an S6 fusion gun, considering that the eldar version costs 17 and has S8 (less range but neither of them can be in half range when deepstriking so..) I now see it as a practical joke only…

      • J Mad

        Yeah, its sad when its completely obvious and yet gw cant see it.

        If they fix, Shredder, Poison, Heat Lances, and Reavers i would be happy, but until then IDK if i can play DE for another codex. 6/7th was already hell.

  • Fueldrop

    DE player here. WW portal and relic is the only thing remotely worthwhile to come out of this.

    Succubus cannot use her warlord trait.
    Archon’s warlord trait gives our shooty HQ reroll 1’s to hit in the fight phase (already hitting on 2+, so at least accurate) and reroll 1’s to wound in the fight phase (on a strength 3 model. reroll 1’s to wound on S 3. really?)
    Haemie’s trait is good… but should be stock.

    Points changes are a joke.