40K: Chapter Approved – Vehicle Design Rules Teased

Games Workshop shows off a preview of how the Vehicle Design Rules are going to work – using the Land Raider!

Get ready for Custom Vehicles on the battlefield of 40k! The Vehicle Design Rules (VDR) are coming back in a big way with the soon to be released Chapter Approved.

via Warhammer Community

The Land Raider is one of the most customisable Warhammer 40,000 kits, thanks to five “hard points” that fit a range of Space Marine vehicle weaponry. As such, we decided that the Land Raider would be the perfect candidate for our first set of vehicle design rules.

Designing a Land Raider is simple. Each Land Raider has a main armament that determines its total transport capacity; hurricane bolters, for instance, give you 16 transport slots, while lascannons give you 10. From there, you’re able to choose a range of secondary armaments, from even more sponson weapons, to secondary abilities such as frag assault launchers. From a Chaos Titan-killer bristling with lascannons, to a Space Wolves assault vehicle armed with both helfrost and inferno cannons, there’s a huge range of possibilities available.

It’s starting to sound like the rules for VDR are very different from the VDR rules from the 2001 Chapter Approved. For example, the 2001 version, you could simply pay points to add weapons and it wouldn’t really impact it’s carry capacity. In fact, you could literally toss more points into the vehicle to have it do pretty much whatever you wanted. From these notes here, it certainly sounds like we might have some “standard templates” that we’ll get to work within.

On the flip side, GW could be holding back the info on that part of the rules as they just wanted to preview the Land Raider info today. There will be more info and they have confirmed that Predators or even Tyranid bio-beasts will get options.

One last thing to note:

“You’ll be able to pre-order Chapter Approved (and start designing your own Land Raiders) on Saturday the 25th.”

Now we have a confirmation of the pre-order date!


What are you looking forward to with the new VDR coming in Chapter Approved? What other improvements or changes are you looking forward to?

  • Aurion Shidhe

    From the Community page: “This is celebrated in Chapter Approved, which features rules for designing your own Land Raiders…As such, we decided that the Land Raider would be the perfect candidate for our first set of vehicle design rules…What’s best about these rules is that they’re just guidelines, aimed at providing a strong base for you to build on with conversions of your own. The beauty of open play is the variety and experimentation it allows, and perhaps you could apply these rules to Predators or even Tyranid bio-beasts.”

    Sounds interesting, but I hope the CA has rules for building more than just Land Raiders.

    • ZeeLobby

      That’ll be the Predator in CA2. And sneaker tank in CA3

    • Talys

      There might even be rules for Predators and Tyranid bio-beasts! 😛

      Count me in as excited!

      • LankTank

        It doesn’t say there will be rules for nids and Preds. It says that using the Land Raider Builder rules, if playing narrative or casual games you could theoretically apply the same rules to Nids. I.e A Carnifex with 4 Venom Cannons, paying the points for each Venom Cannon but otherwise just being a Carnifex. Basically that means in non matched play, our whacked out conversions from when we were 10 now have a template to back up the rules

    • Spacefrisian

      Landraider crusader for chaos and redeemer for battlesisters, why create something new ey?

      • LankTank

        But what about Chaos Land Raider with 2 Bale Flamers, 2x Heavy Flamers, a Twin Heavy Flamer, Then a Sponson Heavy Flamer =)
        Judging by the article it basically seems that you take a special Land Raider Sponson weapon which is the big guns, then you can add an additional sponson weapon from the Heavy list, a Twin weapon from the heavy list and a pintle mounted weapon from the heavy list

    • NikosanPrime

      The more I read about this more worried I am. I was a huge fan of the 1st & 2nd VDR’s and the original RT system was quite good.

      I was hoping this would be a little more logical, like choose a chassis, it has this much carrying capacity and your weapons eat this much and passengers eat this much, etc.

      Now it is more looking like you can re-hash existing builds but nothing more. That would also massively limit Tyranids.

      But, hey, I guess I am going to have to wait and see. Although there goes my idea of VDR’ng an Ares Land Raider or creating a new Hover Tank. But once again I guess I should wait and see.

  • Bigwebb

    or a land raider that can transport primaris marines eh!!!

    • SilentPony

      Pfft! A Raider than can transport other Raiders!

    • benn grimm

      No current tank can hold Primaris, they are far too silly to be conveyed by existing vehicles and require a whole new range of flying bricks bristling with lore busting cyber cannons.

      • Aurion Shidhe

        They just need to learn to duck a little more.

        • euansmith

          “You need to be this height or smaller to use this ride.”

      • GrenAcid

        Apply some skub, this will help them fit in.

        • benn grimm

          Go apply some ‘skub’ to your face.

          • dante13

            Not Salty at all huh, Primaris Land Raider Skub incoming..

          • benn grimm

            Not salty necessarily, fully hostile though, towards this guy/girl/troll, nothing to do with Primaris or whatever. To put in context, he/she/it attacked me and the country of my residence in a different thread, for daring to suggest that gw changes the fluff when it suits them. Which they do. So this is just me saying ‘get lost, not interested’. I admit it was probably a bit dumb, but there you go, benefit of hindsight.

  • chris harrison

    So, could I make a predator with a twin assault cannon turret and hurricane bolter sponsons? I would call it the sand-blaster.

  • benn grimm

    So create your own vehicles as long as you pick one which already exists…. mmmkay, I think I’ll go for a Ford transit which is even wider and slower, just to really annoy everyone on the way to work.

  • Marco Marantz

    “From a Chaos Titan-killer bristling with lascannons”
    You mean like the space marine one that already exists?
    Here’s a problem; you over invest in weaponry on a chassis that still only has 16 wounds. If you dont get first turn that 12 lascannon 600 point monstrosity you built goes boom and you lose the game.

  • Gamecock13

    Does this theoretically only apply to Space Marine vehicles? Or would this apply to xenoes vehicles too?

  • SiberianVI

    does this mean that chaos space marines can take newfangled land raiders?

    • yep. they get them in their armylist, so it is all good for them too.

  • Mr.Gold

    Mechanicus Transports…

    • Richard Gadd

      Hell yea

  • Allerka

    I hope I can make a version of the Land Raider Prometheus that isn’t completely useless.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    All this hype for a system that will never be tournament legal.

  • dante13

    sonic, Sonic and moar SONIC Baby, Slaanesh would be proud of my Land Raider Deafinator 😀