40K: Codex Chaos Daemons – Bring Back Slaanesh

It’s been a long time in the making – Games Workshop, unleash the real rockers of 40k with Codex Chaos Daemons!

Codex Chaos Daemons is slated to be the first new codex for 2018. We’re pretty pumped about it, not because we’re devotees of chaos (that would be heresy), but because it would be the perfect time to bring back the rock-stars of 40k: Slaanesh!

Slaanesh has been AFK from a long time in the 40k universe. Sure, we still get rules for the daemons and it’s hard to argue that the Emperor’s Children aren’t totally rocking – but is anyone else getting tired of the Blood/Skulls/Guts from the Chaos Gods? I know at least one of them is up for some change

After the events of The Gathering Storm and the birth of Ynnead, it seems like the Eldar are gearing up for a fight against their ancient foe. However, it seems pretty one sided. The Eldar have a oft-skipped rule that lets them “do better” against Slaanesh units, but it hardly comes up. Why? Because no one uses Slaanesh! That seems pretty lopsided to me. Don’t you think it’s time that Slaanesh got some love so that the Eldar would have a worth foe?

We all know the story that Khorne and Nurgle historically outsell Tzeentch and Slaanesh. We understand that it might be betting on the long shot to invest in Slaanesh at this point, but something has got to give. Heck, last January Tzeentch got a whole month! Nurgle got some love when the Death Guard came out. And the upcoming codex has Khorne on the cover AGAIN:

So when will Slaanesh get a turn? Folks on the interwebz have been speculating that maybe, just maybe, when the Aelfs get a revamp for AoS and GW FINALLY reveals what’s been going on with the Dark Prince in Sigmar’s turf, that we might see the return of Slaanesh, too. But how long is that going to take?! Forever, that’s how long! I can wait until January, but forever…that’s like at least next June! We’ll all be dead by then from old age!

In all seriousness, I really do hope that Slaanesh gets a turn sometime in this edition of 40k. Mainly because I want to know what’s going to happen when the Yncarne goes heads-up vs Slaanesh. Games Workshop has been moving the plot forward and setting the game up for the next 30 years – we see that in the new lore and background that’s been coming out with each codex. I’m crossing my figures that we’ll see some new info about Slaanesh in the new book, too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Fulgrim even gets a nod in the book, just like the CSM book. It’s gotta be a matter of time, right? I mean, he IS a Daemon after-all…Plus, I’m trying really hard not to judge the book by it’s cover. So come on GW, give us some info about Slaanesh!


What do you think the Dark Prince of the Chaos Pantheon has been up to? Did Slaanesh go on vacation? Maybe sleeping off that food-coma? Tell us your theory in the comments below!

  • Fraser1191

    “Real rockers of 40k”?
    I thought there were some ork models with gitars?

  • Apocryphus

    Slaanesh is hardly kid friendly, and with GW trying to market to an ever younger audience, he simply can’t have any sort of spotlight. I love my Slaanesh army, and use the old (not original old, the nudey ones) metal daemonettes still, but that’s hardly fitting with the PG rating the game has shifted to. I hate to be pessimistic, but I highly doubt Slaanesh is getting anything new model or rules wise, GW would kill him off if they could.

    • Ben Martin

      slaanesh is about indulgence and excess. While yea, the sexual side of that has been the main theme of the range so far, GW could very easily turn it more into an ‘indulging senses’type situation. Taste: Gluttony, cursed food and hundreds of mouths, Sight: cursed paintings and eyes chained open and colours that send people insane, Sound: noise marines and other things, like we already have, Touch: could basically be the toned down version of the current aesthetic, with the whole sexual thing but also line it up with the perfection thing they have. Everything must feel, taste, look and sound perfect. That’s the way they could make Slaanesh more ‘friendly’.
      (I dropped smell cause idk what on earth you could do with that)

      • Apocryphus

        I don’t know if you read the Liber Slaanesh, but they did essentially what you said with that book and it is only vaguely sexual in places. I feel like there’s a stigma about Slaanesh that’s taken root though and GW seems to be trying their hardest to sweep him under the rug. I mean, the Archaeon model doesn’t even have 4 heads, the only hit at Slaanesh is the small mark on his shield.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        Scent would be based off intoxication. Perfumes, incense, fine wine, pheromones. The things that tempt on the wind.

      • benn grimm

        Lol, some great ideas for models there; crazed bloodthirsty paintings, evil hands, filthy closed eyes…you should definitely apply for a job on the design team…

    • EmperorOfMankind

      don’t look at page 68 of Index: Chaos then.

      • Apocryphus

        I will say that 8th ed 40k is being a lot more open about what Slaanesh represents, which is good, but you can’t deny that GW has been trying to gradually fade him into the background.

        • Nathaniel Wright

          Y-y-yeah but they’re trying to remove him! Just ignore the giant be-boobed demon in the codex, and the references made to him, and the bizarre eldar that showed up recently, and the Emperor’s Children doing things, and Fulgrim going after Guilliman.

          If you ignore ALL the story stuff going on, yeah it looks like they are trying to remove Slaanesh! Just look at the proof!

          You sound like a desperate junky.

          • Apocryphus

            Uh, yeah, aren’t all Slaanesh followers desperate junkies?

          • Nathaniel Wright

            Yea, but the one that makes the rest of the junkies look bad.

            The one that has wasted away and is skin and bones, but still insists he’s something worth keeping around despite the blown out nature of his essence. He is the shattered husk that everyone sneers at as they pass by.

          • Apocryphus

            Well I was going to diffuse the situation with humor but since you insist on being unnecessarily insulting and feel the need to tear down someone you’ve never met for stating their feelings on a situation, then please, continue. Tell me about how I’m a worthless human being and that because I’ve become disenchanted with the way GW has been making their game more kid friendly and that even though I admitted in a comment above that they are starting to drift away from that, which I’m sure you didn’t read or ignored, I’m still not confident that I make everyone else look bad. Please, say whatever you need to make yourself feel better about the person you are and rest easy knowing that your hard work at the keyboard has payed off and someone else is suffering because that’s all that makes you feel good.

          • Muninwing

            it’s been pitched at a conspiracy theory due to the really lame way AoS has handled chaos…

    • benn grimm

      Slaanesh is super friendly to kidlings, apparently that sweet innocence tastes great…

    • I mean, slaanesh got new models pretty recently, the chariot kits specifically, they’re great models and not explicit in any way.

      • The chariot kits came out half a decade ago. I would hardly consider that “recently.” Also, personally, I can’t stand this generation of daemonettes. In my opinion some of the worst sculpts GW has put out in the last 20 years.

        • The only kits newer are the 2nd wave of chariots, bloat drones, bloodthirster/scarbrand, and the tzeentch wave from last January, 5 years is indeed quite recent in GW terms, slaanesh is 3 kits (greater, herald, fiends) away from being fully plastic.

          • I wouldn’t consider it recent so much as GW just neglecting Daemons as a whole but as gods go, every single chaos god (other than slaanesh) has had multiple major model releases in the last couple years across both games. Khorne has had so many that it is starting to compete with space marines.

          • Yes, khorne’s also the best seller, so it’s kind of a self fulfilling prophecy. Nonetheless, just over a year ago, cult chaos was extremely lackluster, in the last 13 months we’ve had huge waves of minis for both tzeentch and nurgle, saying that’s in any way evidence that slaanesh is being neglected is kinda like looking at the daemons lineup in 2012 and saying that nurgle is getting shafted because slaanesh and tzeentch got new plastic kits. They do their updates in waves. Nurgle daemons will get their wave, so will slaanesh.

          • As a whole every chaos god has had multiple major releases since the last time Slaanesh has had anything, which suggests a pattern of neglect for Slaanesh (Nurgle got a wave of releases during End Times, and another big wave now, Tzeentch has had 2 big waves in the last 1.5 years, and Khorne gets a big wave every 6 months or so)

            I think Slaanesh’s biggest problem though, and probably why it doesn’t sell as well, which is why GW doesn’t release models as often for it is that not only have most slaanesh models been actually really poor over the years (The Juan Diaz era being the exception) but also Slaanesh has rarely been very strong in terms of competitive power. I can’t think of a time, in either 40k or AoS/Fantasy where Slaanesh was considered powerful. Even in the days of the stupidly OP Daemon Army books in Warhammer Fantasy, it wasn’t the Slaanesh Daemons that were the OP ones.

            I’m quite fond of all the chaos gods, I haven’t bought a single modern Slaanesh kit though because I detest the models. However, when they did the made to order Juan Diaz ones last Christmas I spent $500 in a day. (Though I’ve hardly had a chance to play them because they were pretty weak in 7th ed 40k and have been weak in AoS up until the latest General’s Handbook, though I’ve been finding Slaanesh mortals to be stronger than Slaanesh daemons in AoS currently)

          • It’s not a pattern of neglect at all, all 4 gods daemons are almost fully plastic now (only tzeentch is complete), and two of the four cults have had plastic releases. Again, looking at that as a sign that slaanesh is being neglected is like saying nurgle was being neglected in 2012, they do models in waves, both cult khorne and cult slaanesh will get waves in the future, just as both the great unclean one and keeper of secrets will be released

          • Well, you presume that they will, GW hasn’t hinted at it at all as far as I’m aware. We all hope a Slaanesh wave is coming, but at this point it seems just as likely that Slaanesh will slowly be completely phased out. Only time will tell. I will be really surprised if we see anything Slaanesh in 2018 though.

            Personally I suspect Tzeentch has another wave coming for a Codex: Thousand Sons. (GW has confirmed Thousand Sons are getting a codex and currently the Thousand Sons line is too small for a full book of their own) I also suspect Nurgle probably has another wave coming as well for AoS that will bring in “fantasy” Poxwalkers, a new GuO, and beast of nurgle at the very least. If that is the case then Tzeentch, Khorne, and Nurgle will have each had 3+ waves since the last Slaanesh one.

          • I’m sure they’ve created a big mysterious disappearance of slaanesh in Fantasy just to not use it as a plot hook for a model wave later, come on now don’t be silly, slaanesh isn’t and can’t be phased out

          • Its hard to say, either it will be for a return later, or it is to phase Slaanesh out without pissing off Slaanesh fans all at once.

            Regardless though, I wouldn’t expect to be seeing Slaanesh return any time soon. I hope I’m wrong, but I think its gonna be either a couple years from now or never sort of deal. If Slaanesh had content in the near-ish pipeline they wouldn’t have gotten rules in GH2.0.

          • Muninwing

            slaanesh is intrinsic to the whole model that the old writers created.

            i honestly think that the modern designers just don’t understand it, never mind know what to do with it.

          • Muninwing

            the complication there is that AoS had Slaanesh disappearing, and either was actually trying to kill IT off, or is eventually going to bring IT back for a major plotline… though every release wave that comes and goes without being Slaanesh makes that seem more and more like a dropped idea…

            as far as power… remember that one ofthe two ways to use the 4th ed CSM codex was Lash… so Slaanesh was at least partially viable. take away Nurgle bikers (like they recently did) and Slaanesh was pretty useful… in terms of that stinker of a codex anyway.

        • GrenAcid

          Birng the OLD DEMONETES BACK.

          They were cute, I want my succubus to be cute, and not look like California population.

    • Muninwing

      slaanesh is what happens when “love” gets out of hand

      and each one is just as valid as the others. so just focusing on the “not kid friendly” sexy parts is… kinda lame.

      what’s more, it’s also reinforcing a pretty creepy double standard. piles of skulls are ok, but any intimation of sex is not? sorry, that argument is not defensible.

      your kid comes home and is acting funny. you ask them what is going on… what would you rather they said:
      – “(s.o.) and i had sex”
      – “(friend) and i stabbed a hobo”

      • Apocryphus

        Violence is not nearly as frowned upon in media as sexuality is. I know what Slaanesh represents, but the image presented by GW for the models had/somewhat still have a sexual tone to them. I worked in a game store for 3 years and never saw parents bat an eye at anything, even Khorne and Nurgle, but the moment daemonettes or seekers came into their view they didn’t want their kid playing a game like that. At the brick and mortar GW stores employees were actually instructed to stand in front of the Slaanesh models when kids came in with parents so they wouldn’t be driven away by the models. I’m not trying to say that Slaanesh is bad, I want more stuff for him as much as anyone else, but over the past 5 years or so, GW has been drawing the curtain over him. Maybe they’re changing, but stigmas are stigmas and blood and guts is easier to write off in a game than sexuality.

        • Muninwing

          i worked at a GW store when the metal daemonettes were sold, and no such instructions were ever given. i’m pretty sure that was either an oversensitive manager, or an urban legend.

          • Apocryphus

            Ah, okay. I’ll take it as oversensative manager then, as I know several of the employees well. Good to know it wasn’t a GW policy at least.

          • Muninwing

            there were occasional elements… but it was not a company wide policy.

            there was a regional manager in the midwest about whom some interesting rumors were circulated… especially after he became a VP…

            one of the prevalent ones, cited by people who worked for him, is that the reason the Kasrkin-turned-Scions have “hot shot” guns instead of hellblasters is because he insisted they be called “heckblasters” in front of him.

  • dave long island

    Malcolm Young died today, one of the co-founders of ACDC with his brother lead guitarist Angus. Very sad. May he RIP

  • KnightShift

    Based on some of the errrrr ummmm… “customized” Slaanesh minis I’ve seen over the years, no doubt there ARE games being played with his/her disciples.

    You just have to ask the FLGS owner for permission to go past the black curtain into the “mature” game room 😛

    • GrenAcid

      I dont get this, why plastic books ofend kids/moms ect but there is no outcry when any blody shampoo company have more naked skin in their comercial than playboy magazine?

      • eMtoN

        Well obviously that’s different. 😉

  • Matt Mo

    I’m personally holding off starting a new army until Slaanesh gets the Rubric Marine/Death guard treatment it deserves. We better get some awesome plastic Noise Marine kits >:)

    • BT

      In a way, 30k has given us those kits..

      • Matt Mo

        Plastic? Detail like Rubric kits and recently death guard kits?

  • BT

    I need a Emperor’s Children Codex!

  • LankTank

    I would suspect that if there are any new models for Daemons it will be GUO and Beasts of Nurgle to compliment their recent DG release. This will also work with all the players who have started that army. This codex is 40k, no AoS so would make more sense.
    Then come mid next year they can release Slaanesh to work with AOS.
    However it is possible they go for both GUO, KoS, Fiends, Beasts and Furies. That would work with both and tidy off the last remaining old sculpts in the codex.
    Ultimately it is not Daemon Slaanesh that needs the help as they have AMAZING Daemonette and chariot kits. It’s Slaanesh Marines that are really needing the love and that window has passed until a whole Fulgrim release happens

    • BT

      I think it will be a while though… Guard Codex came out a bit ago and if you want to use Rough Riders you have to custom them up or use the crappy old metal ones yet.

      GW kind of put themselves behind production with the Death Guard Codex and all of the new figs released for that as well as all of the Primarus figs. They have no time to redo old sculpts that are needed.

  • Matt Mo

    Incoming rant: This chat of panning Slaanesh to make the game more appealing makes me lament the current state of 40k. I’m sorry but 8th did some good things but has mostly been more of the same. The codex creep is in full effect and are being rushed out sloppily and lazily with typos and codices that require immediate FAQing. It’s a perfect example of the duality of 8th edition. On one hand it’s great to get feedback from the community and see quick turnaround for implementation of changes but come on… I have yet to buy a codex for 8th (coming from someone who literally owns every single 7th codex in hardback) because of the way things are invalidated 2 weeks (sometimes days) later with a hastily written FAQ. The bloat they worked so hard to get rid of seems to be rearing its ugly head as suddenly you need codices, chapter approved, indices and their associated FAQs to play your army.

    On the game side of things, while the game did get streamlined I feel like it’s kind of at the expense of tactical depth. Sure positioning is now tactically important (which in its defense has created some new and fun scenarios), but it just doesn’t feel very 40k anymore not having to worry about facings, the way deep striking works now (not to mention charging from Deep Strike first turn -_-), loss of templates and scatter dice, and the whole 3+ to hit thing.

    I realize that progress and change are inevitable but I’m sort of at a bit of a crossroad seeing the hobby that I love so much change into what it has become today. If you had shown me 40k 8th edition 5 years ago I would have laughed at you and said please no. Never. Slaanesh and Noise marines got me into this hobby many many years ago. It was so cool seeing those guys with gun guitars and daemons with boobies everywhere. That had me completely hooked and I never looked back. Sacking an iconic piece of the grimdark like The Prince of Excess to make the game more appealing to kids would be the ultimate slap in the face. Not to mention I was a kid when I was exposed to GW and the Slaanesh aesthetic and look where I am today, thousands of dollars and hours later.

    TLDR talk of sacking Slaanesh has this old beard sad about 40k 8th edition: age of sigmar

  • Alexis Muscat

    In truth Slaanesh is awaiting for his fight against Ynnead to finally wipe out the entire Eldar race.

  • Kasper Haagensen

    if i dont get a real slaanesh army i will sell my army of this is getting old. ;(

  • Michael Cameron
  • Dmitrij Pozdniakov

    With sex ed being pushed in schools at ever younger age and in ever more “diverse” forms, I really don’t think Slaanesh can be considered kid-unfriendly nowadays.
    After all it’s #thecurrentyear!

    • Mathew G. Smith

      Or #anytimeinthelastthirtyyears, really.

  • Twil42

    I was saddened when the diaz daemonettes were exiled from the catalog. I was destroyed when I finished my Doomrider kitbash and then found he’d been killed off while I’d been busy. Now I see new models for every other Chaos army, and a couple sculpts for Genestealers that seem like a better fit for Slaanesh. Thankfully 8th has left my beloved daemons weak enough that changing armies will be an improvement no matter what I pick.

    • Well, he’s only killed off for now (or rather, kept alive). Seeing how Chogoris has been having trouble as well, there’s nothing stopping a future Codex line or short story about his head getting smashed in and allowing his soul to reincarnate later.

  • Senexis

    I endorse this product or message.

  • benn grimm

    This old chestnut…Slaanesh went nowhere, except in the minds of Bols writers, it’s never been particularly risqué, again apart from in the mind of a Bols writers. Will there be new models? Are there typically DG or Primaris involved in a Daemons book? No? Well there’s your answer.

  • MightyOrang

    Slaanesh is boring. It’s drawn from the same sexually-frustrated-WEIRD SCIENCE neckbeard crap that leads to every comic book heroine being 36DD in spandex…which is dumb and juvenile.

    GW should stay focused on the WARgame part of 40K and leave the goofy fantasies about over indulgent sensuality to written prose. More Nurgle, more Tzeentch… less boobs.

    • No, Slaanesh is Games Workshop’s take on seductive chaotic evil mythological creatures that show up in many ancient mythology. (For example Sirens and Harpies in Greek/Roman myth)

      I can’t think of a single Slaanesh model, in history that was a nod to the traditional giant boobed classic fantasy heroine in a chainmail bikini. The closest would be Juan Diaz daemonettes but none of them had particularly large breasts. They were not sculpted to be sexual fantasies though. (And if they are one for you, I suggest getting professional help). They were designed to be sexually horrific. (hence features such as multiple sets of breasts coupled with talons and twisted faces.)

      As for the current ones they don’t even remotely resemble classic giant boobed heroines in any way shape or form.

      • frank

        Haha that is so true. It sounds like orang would be offended by just about everything with boobs so its hard to take him seriously when he says its all about sexually repressed fanboys….

    • GrenAcid

      Pls dont touch my chaos, there are stormcast eternals for people like you.

    • frank

      How are Khorne and Nurgle more exciting than Slaanesh? nothing about Slaanesh is like what you are describing except the fan made stuff. I’m sorry to hear that breasts offend you. Sounds like your discription of supper heroines shows that you have got way more hangups than just Slaanesh. Love that you think everyone who disagrees with you has to be some kinda troglodyte but this is just my neck beard opinion.

    • Rasheed Jones

      Khorne is so boring. Its drawn from the same power fantasy CONAN THE BARBARIAN necbeard crap that makes every comic book hero based on idealized Greek sculpture which is dumb and juvenille

      GW should stay focused on GAME pare of 40k and leace the goofy fantasies to young adult fantasy fiction. More Slaanesh, more Tzeentch… less skulls.

      • MightyOrang

        If Games Workshop remove the skulls from their miniatures they would eliminate 30% of their line

        • Rasheed Jones

          No it wouldn’t it would just mean fewer skull bits in the kit and maybe chaplains could wear wholesome pope hats instead!

    • Muninwing

      worst thing about this comment is that you are both right and wrong… because nothing you say is actually relevant to the argument at hand, bt that never stops it from being the formative experience for certain people’s opinions.

      khorne is slasher horror
      tzeentch is lovecraftian cosmic horror
      nurgle is body horror
      slaanesh is psychological horror

      if you think that all slaanesh stands for is cheap sex gags, then you either missed everything to the contrary over and over again, or you are so offended at this small aspect that you haven;t yet gotten to absorbing the rest.

      • MightyOrang

        I’m not offended by it. I’m saying it belongs in the fiction not on the table top

        not least of which because 40 K never had a good psychology mechanic. WFB did. But we all know how that turned out

        40 K is an inherently visual medium – – and all the push for exposed breasts and such comes across far more strongly than the psychological horror you speak of

    • dante13

      This is why Slaanesh will never be understood, people like this have zero clue what slaanesh is about and continually go on with rants like the above…

  • DonRitchie

    The bennies for the space elves don’t signal a resurgence of Slaanesh. The bennies for the space elves signal that GW is finally killing off Slaanesh.

    • I’d argue the very opposite. The Eldar getting their Ynnari twist allows for Slaanesh to grow. Heck, the Ynnari aren’t even that widely accepted by the Eldar of either Craftworld or Commorragh origin. A bunch of ’em folks see them as playing right into Slaanesh’s hands.

      I mean, come on. Ynnari are carrying around Spirit Stones in bulk. They’re bringing Slaanesh’s favorite snacks right to the battlefield. A decisive defeat would have devastating consequences.

  • piglette

    There’s so much you could do with Slaanesh devotion beyond the tired old stuff GW has been doing for the last few decades.

  • Marco Marantz

    Make Slaanesh Great Again….has Slaanesh ever been great? Slaanesh should be decent and could be, if not for GWs lame imagination when it comes to rules and mechanics for poor ol’ Slaanesh. Given their propensity for affecting willpower they should be quite strong, although such abilities could border on game breaking.

    • GrenAcid

      Dark Prince was fun in 3,5 with combat drugs chart and demon bombs, also great psychic powers.
      But mostly Combat Drugs….I miss you old friend.

      • Muninwing

        daemonettes then were great too — all their attacks had rending — a squad of six charging a landraider would roll three rends on average, one would probably get a roll on the table (glance or pen). a squad of 12-18 (sacred numbers) would virtually guarantee glancing/penetrating even a landraider to death in one charge.

        and Noise Marines have always been expensive but quality.

  • Aaron_The_Ys

    Unfortunately, like so much in this game, the lore goes far deeper than the rules and models represent. At a passing glance Slaanesh is just sex, sex, and sexyness with a dash of guitars added in. Its hard to design new sculpts when the rules designers are as narrow minded in their approach to Slaanesh as the average passer by. Where are my fat daemons wielding cleavers and forks? Where are the proud warriors who have honed their skill to rival any Khorne champion? sonic weaponry on vehicles, dropping the bass should be a Strategem. None of these things are sexy, sex Slaanesh and yet totally in keeping with the themes he represents. Also, there’s nothing kid friendly about the Khorne daemons, they’re terrifying, and if they can sell bondage wearing space elves then they can sell Slaanesh. It takes effort, though, something GW is famous for not doing.

    • Rasheed Jones

      Well we actually do have the honed warrior, his name is Lucius, he’s just got such a horribly ugly mini I don’t blame anyone for skipping on him (or well, really a lot of Chaos characters). As for fat demons, corpulence (and when I think about it cleavers kinda) are more Nurgle-y.

      • Muninwing

        see… there’s a problem. because if a model is fat and weaving around a cleaver, if it’s just ravenous then it’s supposed to be Slaaneshi. only if it’s bloated with corpse-gas or some other toxic disease should it be a nurgle thing.

        that your mind associates these things is not the problem — that GW has muddled what is a surprisingly complicated 4-way dynamic so much that people don’t see the differences is the problem.

        • Rasheed Jones

          True, its just that every singly thing im the game thats fat is Nurgalite. I do know that in the lore there are some massive slanessh princes, but with the way they’ve done things so far the visual language is fat = nurgle.

          • Muninwing

            swollen = nurgle, not fat. bloated disease corpses. not gluttonous. and corrosion.

            and multiple breasts is about as common as only one… perhaps far more recurrent anywhere but the WHF boob-worm or the old Diaz Daemonettes.

          • Rasheed Jones

            Ya got me there. Honestly i really dont like the multiple breasts or the current daemonettes but like the idea of Slaanesh so thats why i stick to Noise Marines, and to level i think that some fat daemon with a cleaver and fork wouldnt look good alongside them…actually i probably have a bigger objection to the fork than anything.

          • Muninwing

            to be fair, i think that the aesthetic would have to match in some way… a glutton daemon next to a lust daemon would look off. but a unit of “indulgences” or some similar thing would work well. it’d have to be a careful considered choice how to put them together, but it’s definitely doable.

    • Andrew O’Brien

      I get why Khorne is on the cover as they are the most daemony daemons when you think about stereotypes. With that said, I would like to see a combination of the chaos gods on the cover and maybe from a game perspective, see them more oriented to specific gameplay types.

      • Muninwing

        khorne — melee high-strength frontal assault
        tzeentch — heavy on magic
        nurgle — slow and resilient
        slaanesh — fast and precise

  • Muninwing

    Slaanesh is necessary to make the four-point comparisons that are continually reinforced in the other three. it’s just not a systemic representation without Slaanesh.

    – prime emotion: love
    – twisted natures: desire, craving, indulgence
    – the debauchery of the Nobility
    – the ephemeralness of the air
    – the horseman of famine (unmet hunger)
    – horror tropes: psychological horror

    – prime emotion: hate, anger
    – twisted natures: bloodthirstiness
    – the brutality of the Soldiery
    – the all-consuming nature of fire
    – the horseman of war
    – horror tropes: slasher flicks

    – prime emotion: hope, curiosity
    – twisted natures: obsession, drive
    – the knowledge-seeking of the Clergy and the Scholars
    – the constant flow (and mystical and unconscious associations) of the water
    – the horseman of death (the “great mystery”)
    – horror tropes: lovecraftian, cosmic horror

    – prime emotion: despair
    – twisted natures: weight of futility, or the freedom from that weight
    – the hopeless drudgery of the Peasantry
    – the solidity of the earth
    – the horseman of pestilence
    – horror tropes: body horror

    tzeentch creates, while nurgle destroys… both psychologically and physically. thus, opposites. and slaanesh appreciates and experiences, while khorne endlessly consumes without experience, meaning their opposition.

    but… tzeentch and khorne are mind vs body vying for strength, meaning that they seek separate realms of experience. and slaanesh is too focused on the distillation of experience for the commonality of what nurgle offers, almost like class warfare.

    and on the other axis, tzeentch and slaanesh are both obsessions, but one is ostensibly for self-betterment while the other is for pleasure. and khorne and nurgle both look to destroy, just at different rates. this is probably the best pairing for each.

    • Rasheed Jones

      With the exception of thr elemental part i largely agree with you here.

      • Muninwing

        the elemental thing isn’t actually mine… it’s the generalized version of the expanded estates. i only added it after seeing it mentioned elsewhere. the air-vs-earth balance is intrinsic to the nobility-vs-peasantry dynamic, and the other two just fall into place.

        though i’m surprised that nobody jumped on and tried to sound smart with the “well, actually, the white horseman of the apocalypse was conquest, not pestilence…” despite that being interpretive.

  • Apocryphus

    Lucius is the only Slaanesh specific model outside of the daemons, and no, weapon swaps for noise marines don’t count. Lucius also feels extreme pleasure from dying and then possesses the body of his killer. Explain that to mom and dad. Violence is commonplace in American media, but sexuality, regardless of how commonly it’s used in advertising, is still scandalous. Mom will shrug at giant armored soldiers, she won’t shrug at scantily clad women.

  • dante13

    Agreed Bring back Slaanesh, my Chaos army has been sitting in unopen boxes for too long…