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Check out the latest preview of the Sons of Sanguinius. They are rarin’ for action (and also blood). Mostly it’s just blood.

Everyone’s favorite Space Draculas get a preview today. Warhammer Community has a Chapter Focus on the Blood Angels, which is a) a nice throwback to earlier this year when all the other Space Marines were getting their own Chapter Focuseses, but also it’s a good look at the upcoming rules for the speediest of all Space Marines (even Orks know that the red ones go faster).

And given what we’ve seen so far, I’m feeling pretty sanguine about their Codex coming up next week.

via Warhammer Community

For starters these Blood Angels are Thirsty, making these the first models in the Imperium to officially be acknowledged as experiencing an emotion other than grim determination and/or righteous anger. So let’s take a look at what these thirsty boys get, ruleswise:

This is pretty bananas. It’s no unstoppable ferocity, but it’s going to ensure that you’re going to be putting the hurt on something in close combat. Especially good for these draculas.

The Blood Angels codex is also absolutely packed with new units. As you’d expect, Blood Angels now have access to the entire Primaris Space Marines arsenal, but what you might not know is that this codex also broadens the Blood Angels range of traditional Space Marines weapons and units.

You’ll now be able to escort your flyers into battle alongside the Stormhawk Interceptor, transport scouts into the heart of battle aboard Land Speeder Storms, or unleash the might of ancient technologies from the Horus Heresy, like the Contemptor Dreadnought as well as Cataphractii and Tartaros pattern Terminators.

As you’d expect, there are loads of Stratagems to use with your Blood Angels army. These have been designed to open up new and thematic ways to structure and use your army. Death Visions of Sanguinius, for instance, lets you give one Captain, Lieutenant or Chaplain the dubious blessings of the Black Rage:

Aw, we’re back from being thirsty to rage and anger again. Well, there was a beautiful shining moment where that happened. Whatever the Black Rage ends up officially doing, it does mean that you can power up your Death Company a little more with one of your character/hq/command point repositories.

A few more strategies round out this preview:

In case you didn’t know. Blood Angels love jump packs. And they get a pretty speedy redeploy for their jump pack units and can also come in guns blazing. If you’re playing against blood angels, expect most of your opponent’s deployment to happen at the end of their first Movement phase.

Speaking of unstoppable combos. Let’s talk Librarian Dreadnaoughts, which are mentioned alongside one of the new psychic powers for the Blood Angels, who in addition to being able to use the Wings of Sanguinius, can also take some of the relics and warlord traits mentioned later.

Phew. Fly. An extra 12″ of movement on your psychic phase. And you can re-roll failed charges. And it goes off on a 5? No wonder the Blood Angels are so thirsty. On to the Warlord Traits.

These are both pretty gross. Adding 1 to damage is amazing. The feel no pain/Black Rage one is also good, because it’s feel no pain with a reroll.

And finally, let’s take a look at some of these relics. The Standard of Sacrifice, which lets a unit of infantry or bikers get a 5+ feel no pain, as well as the Veritas Vitae which will help you keep your command points filled up.

There you have it folks. The Blood Angels–and we’re going to see more of these guys throughout the week, so time to get your hopes, dreams, and expectations meteorically high with no worries about repercussions or downsides, as we do with every codex release (except Grey Knights), right?

Okay but which Blood Angel is the thirstiest?

  • SilentPony

    As a Flesh Tearer’s player, we BA people have no business with Primaris Marines. Maybe, MAYBE you could argue Inceptors because they’re at least Fast Attack, but seriously without any dedicated CC/Assault Troops, Primaris Marines are a wash in a Blood Angels army.

    Take Death Company, dreadnoughts, assault marines, and maybe use Inceptors to soften up a target before proper assault troops make a charge.

    • ZeeLobby

      Haha. As a long time lover and player of Blood Angels, I love that finally receiving good units for the faction goes against the very fluffy nature of the faction.

    • Dioscuri

      I’m inclined to agree… I’m a BA player and do like the look of the Primaris marines, but I think I’d better just start a new chapter to keep my Angels traditional. With that in mind, though, it’s about time we got Contemptors, Tartaros, and Cataphractii – we’re all about ancient treasures and wargear!

    • BrianDavion

      I dunno, Inceptor squads might be a better option over tac squads if you just need 2 or 3 5 man troop choices to pad out a detachment.

    • Dalinair

      Indeed, not interested in Primaris marines at all, only hellblasters are any good anyway the rest are terrible and they dont suit classic agressive combat BA anyway imo

      • SilentPony

        Though I am curious about Inceptors, since they’re jump packers, fast attack, and have some good firepower. They might gel well in a Outrider Detachment as the first hit in a 1-2 punch with an Assault Squad

        • Ronin

          Inceptors are great especially if you drop them behind a screen of assault marines and a captain for reroll hits. I know one dirty vanilla marine player who takes the warlord trait so that it becomes an additional AP on wounds of 6’s so they’re AP-2 wounds.

      • Ronin

        They can be considering they’re 2 attacks per model and you can throw a power sword on the intercessor sergeants. Last game I played, the surviving sergeant charged up to a terminator chaplain and shanked him with the sword. There’s also reivers that can flank and deep strike as well as throw a flashbang preventing overwatch. Aggressors paired with repulsors could work too.

    • No one is forcing you to use them, they are just new units like all the new toys BA get now.

  • Dioscuri

    It’s a tiny thing, but I really hope we get melta gun options for assault squads IN THE CODEX, rather than as a FAQ correction. I had a panic that my assault marines would no longer be legal when I first saw the Index.

    • Fraser1191

      As a vanilla marine player I get pretty jealous when I see stuff like this. Mainly the 5+ feel no pain banner lol

      • Ronin

        I still like my +3 shoot back at you banner. It’s hilarious seeing a plasmagun overheat and inspire the guy to keep shooting it so that it nets a maximum of 6 damage at rapid fire range lol. I did that once and took out 3 terminators. Another time it brought down a wraithfighter. To add insult, the apothecary brings them back up. xD

  • Redhatter

    I just hope they have made the Death Company playable this time around, in the index they were pretty bad.

    • Wes

      I think they’ll be plenty playable. Alpha striking is now pretty much guaranteed. A big unit, armed with basic BP/CS, backed up by the now cheaper librarian rocking Wings and fury unleashed, and a chaplain. All have jump packs. Drop down, use wings to get into position, charge everything. Five attacks per man, rerolling 3+ hits, +1 to wound.

      Sounds playable to me.

  • Kabal1te

    My one imperium army is space wolves. Seeing blood angels gain access to more of the standard space marine range gives me hope that the wolves will see access to some options they lack to plug some of the tactical gaps in the army.

    • BrianDavion

      I suspect you’ll get something, the terminator types at the very least, although the advantages of the unit are lessened considerably given the flexability of wolfguard.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I imagine Stormtalons and the Heresy plastic models will go to all 3 variant marine chapters.

  • Wes

    I am super psyched. Just about everything in this preview makes my build better. Can’t wait to see the rest of the codex!

  • BrianDavion

    so glad to see that blood angels are getting the old heresy era toys vanilla marines have. I always thought it was only fair

  • murgel

    My, quite extensive BA army will receive some Primaris extensions. Fluff wise I’m between Seth and Dante in so far as I think the Primaris will possibly be a good addition. But I do fear for the uniqueness of the BA. I surely hope the Primaris will somewhat integrate and I will insist on using Sanguinius gen seed Primaris. 🙂

    Hobby wise I love the new feel. This will be the 5th incarnation of marines to be integrated into my collection. And it will make my full army a thing of wonder and endless surprises when looking at it.

    • vlad78

      Pictures pls, I always love to look at a well painted BA army.

      • murgel

        Sorry, but no pictures.
        I always plan to take some pictures. But have non so far.
        Most times I’m just to lazy to do a pic when painting is finished and then they are in a box etc…
        Main problem is room to place them and then take the shots.

        But I promise to make some, someday. Maybe when I get a new flat. (I could then put my stuff on display instead of in boxes…)

  • Junior Mitac

    blood angel primaris should not get the blood thirst since they are purified from mutations

    • phobosftw

      We don`t know that for sure, it might yet go all pear shaped for them, give it time 😀

    • TenDM

      They’ve said that the mutations have all but been eliminated in this founding, but they could easily write that out by saying that being reunited with their lost brothers and fighting along side them has drawn their flaws to the surface.

  • Was the rules for Black Rage ?

    • I_am_Alpharius

      Nothing has been said as to if the ‘Black Rage’ is changing from the Index. Gut feeling says that it won’t; as it is, the ability seems to fit quite well.

      • AkulaK

        It seems according to the preview that they will ignore wounds on a 5+ but they’ll probably have something else.

  • I_am_Alpharius

    All reads like some scary stuff that will give BA a nasty bite*…..

    *I’ll get my coat and see myself out.

  • Gustav

    Great to have a new codex, but I have a Flesh Tearer’s army that will follow established fluff — no shiny new primaris marines, their neat toys, or anything. We’re a chapter on the edge of madness and running out of goodies.

    • Sure

      What’s the established fluff on the Flesh Tearers in the post-Indomitus Crusade era?

      • Gustav

        Not much I think…hunting demons, using chainswords, denying eating people…

        • Punisher

          Spoilers The Devastation of Baal: Flesh Tearers are down to the numbers that can be in a single Thunderhawk. Gabriel Seth do not like Primaris but he has no chapter left. Primaris are not The Emperors creation and therefore he will not see them as his brothers.

          Gabriel Seth is a loyal badass and will take in the Primaris for the sake of him being able to still serve. So he can replenish his chapter and serve The Emperor as Sanguinius’s fury.

          But he will never see them as true spacemarines.

          • Gustav

            Sounds about right, the FT are not a very sustainable chapter. Also, we’ve totally stopped eating people. Not that we ever did. That would be wrong. Totally.

  • David Smith

    My DIY chapter might turn out to be Blood Angels successors.

  • Adam Richard Corrigan

    +1 damage to a Terminator captains Thunder Hammer. Don’t mind of I hit your Landraider on a 2, wound it on a 3 and cause 4 damage per hit. Good. Although sticking it on the flamer on the Librarian Dreads fist would be fun. Damage 2 flamer in your face.

    • pokemastercube .

      in all honisity the flamer thing was my plan 😉

    • AkulaK

      You have -1 to hit with a hammer so that makes a 3+ to hit… and Landraiders are Toughness 8, which is equal to the strenght of a Captain with hammer… So you hit him on 3’s (rerolling 1’s) and wound him on 4’s. I don’t see how you get those numbers 😀

      • Adam Richard Corrigan

        Your right about the hit, forgot about the -1 but still have the reroll 1’s. Pretty good chance to nerf a LR

        • AkulaK

          True, you’ll deal around 7 wounds to the LR, which is almost half its total. That’s a lot for just 4 attacks.

  • pokemastercube .

    well so far the blood angels fit their half of the original pairing of “angels of death”. now it has to be seen if the DA can continue this path for the 2 chapters -cough-legions-cough- to reclaim their tital as the true angels of death

  • Inco Gnito

    While I am not a big fan of Primaris Marines, I do not want to spoil the fun for anyone who enjoys them. So as such, that is anyones business, who would want to field them.
    If they are good or bad, does not matter to me, but fluff wise, I am not a fun.
    Except for that… I am really really really excited to see my first and last army ever finally get a new codex. To me, I dont know if the codex is going to be good, but it looks like it is going to be alot of fun to finally wield some hard hitting close combat units again.
    If my boys will get a perk now that will get them those 9″ across the board after a deepstrike, maybe a bit more often than 1/5 of all the charges, then I am over the moon.
    Cataphractii, Tartaros and new Lands Speeders …by Sanguinius, this nearly makes me forget that time when Mary Sue had to swoop in and safe my boys from some really badly scripted inpending doom by the tyranids…

    • TenDM

      I think with time the lore will work. I understand that the Imperium is a stagnant mess but Guilliman himself isn’t a spud. The idea that he saw the the weakened state of the Imperium post-Heresy and thought it needed more than just reinforcements isn’t far fetched.
      They just need to do a better job of fleshing it out.

    • AkulaK

      It’s an Imperium army, and they have Primaris, don’t worry they’ll be good 😉

  • Orblivion

    Are we really not going to see a Primaris Assault Squad equivalent with this release?

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Nope. They will save it for a campaign book.

  • Thomas

    Anyone knows what those terminators with the double flamers are? I’ve never seen them before.

    • Snord

      Primaris Aggressors.

      • Thomas

        Thank you!

  • Snord

    I do like all that red armour. Maybe the Blood Angels codex will give the Primaris Marines the boost they need.

  • stinkoman

    So all those “new” units are just units we should have had access to. Guess i can put my prospero and calth termies to use now.