40K Lore: Relics of Sanguinius

The Primarch of the Blood Angels has left his children many priceless relics used to this day.

8000 years after his death the relics of Sanguinius still reverberate through the Blood Angels and the Imperium.

The Red Grail

The Red Grail is said to hold the blood of Sanguinius and is part of a Blood Angels ritual where one of their Space Marines must drink this blood, to, so they say, become closer to their dead primarch. Once they have drunk from the Red Grail, they become a Sanguinary Priests, the most senior of which is named Corbulo. It is from these priests that the blood is taken to be used in the rituals of transforming aspirants into Space Marines.

The Red Grail is often taken to the battlefield where it provides a source of great inspiration for the Blood Angels, it also incorporates a powerful force field generator to protect the bearer from attack.

The Blade Encarmine

The Blade Encarmine is a relic of the Blood Angels. Wielded by the Blood Angels’ first Chapter Master, Belarius, the sword is said to only respond to those who carry the gene code of Sanguinius. It was given to Belarius by the Primarch himself.

It was lost to the Ork warlord Garshul the Destroyer. During the battle in which it was lost, the Blood Angels present were under the command of Captain Leonatos. Leonatos was exiled from the Chapter by Lord Commander Dante himself, until such time as he recovered the lost blade.

In his quest to recover the Blade Encarmine, Leonatos and his group of fellow exiles tracked down the Ork warlord’s fleet, only to discover the warlord himself was host for a daemon of Tzeentch. Following the daemon’s Traitor Marine allies into the Eye of Terror, Leonatos once again searched for the sword across a daemon world. Eventually recovering the sword, but at the cost of his own soul. The sword was returned to the chapter’s homeworld of Baal by the two remaining exiles, who refused to rejoin the chapter. Instead they themselves undertook a quest to rescue their commander from servitude to Tzeentch.

The Death Mask of Sanguinius

The Death Mask of Sanguinius is an incredibly life like golden mask, that is said to have been modeled upon the features of the the Blood AngelsPrimarchSanguinius. The Mask has been incorporated into the armour of the Blood Angles’ current Chapter Master, Dante and when he is in battle it appears to come to life. A halo of golden energy plays about his head, that strikes terror into the hearts of his enemies.

The Spear of Telesto

The Spear of Telesto was a weapon wielded by Blood Angels Primarch Sanguinius during the Great Crusade.

He was shown using it against the Slaughter-Lord Morroga on the Tapestries of Riga which hang in the fortress-monastery on Baal. Its blade is shaped like an elongated tear with a hollow in the centre to represent the single drop of blood Sanguinius shed when he swore fealty to the Emperor. The haft is sculpted to show the primarch as a hooded angel of blood and beneath that is a Purity Seal handwritten by the Emperor.

In combat, the spear can emit a blast of energy which vapourises anyone who doesn’t have the blood of Sanguinius in his veins.

It was originally thought to have been lost during the Horus Heresy but the Blood Angel’s Battle Barge Bellus was sent to recover it following the discovery of documents relating to its whereabouts on Evangelion. The weapon was found among the ork-held systems on the borders of the Segmentum Obscurus by a team led by Inquisitor Ramius Stele.

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  • Micha┼é BLN

    “Say what you like, I will not fight alongside these madmen. The past proves nothing, except that the Blood Angels are cursed and but a single step from damnation.”
    – Brother Captain Yuron od the Adeptus Astartes Patriarchs of Ulixis

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    I thought the word was lost in the Vengeful Spirit, when Sanguinius died. In the most popular artwork of that battle, the sword appears to lie broken besides Sanguinius. However it would be nice to have it as a relic in the next Codex, along with the spear of Telesto.
    Sanguinor with the spear perhaps?

    • euansmith

      That spear looks a bit High-Elfy to me.

    • Redhatter

      Yeah the sword is broken, in the latest black legion book Abaddon breaks the blade and give it to his generals.

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      The fluff surrounding that blade is out of date anyways. For instance in the current fluff, Raldoron was the first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels, not Belarius.

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      Yep, Blood Angels were my first 40k army way back in 3e and are still my favorites.

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        Mine too, from the Rogue Trader days before they became space vampires. I started them because I thought all space marines were red like the back of the blister packs. Then I got the rulebook. I’ve kept coming back to them ever since. I wonder how they’ll cope with the Primaris marines assigned to them? Or whether they will have the Red Thirst and Black Rage or if Cawl corrected it with Sanguinius’ DNA.

        • Aurion Shidhe

          Meh…I’m not too interested in adding the Primaris to my Blood Angels. Maybe the Captain in Gravis Armor because he looks cool.

          There are so many nice BA models out there that have all the “blood and bling” (see euansmith’s awesome post below). I’m more interested in some updated rules for the unique BA units.

          The Primaris models are nice but I hope they keep their influx to a minimum.

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    there is a lot of talk of primarchs having spears but hardly any model carrying them.

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      I find the story behind the Spear of Russ particularly interesting – that it was an unwanted gift from the Emperor. Considering that the majority of Emp’s bodyguard wield spears of their own, I like to think the Emperor originally intended the Primarchs to be armed/armoured similarly to the Custodes, if he had been able to raise them himself.

      It would be a fun acknowledgement how a fair few of the Primarchs owned legendary spears which they so rarely wielded.

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